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Portland Police Bureau
Notables: Sean Renard
Nick Burkhardt
Hank Griffin
Drew Wu
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The Portland Police Bureau (colloquially the Portland Police Department or P.P.D.) is responsible for law enforcement in Portland, Oregon. There are three precincts: South, North, and East.

The attack on the North Precinct by Trubel, Hank, Wu, Eve, and Nick resulted in the deaths of many officers there. ("The Beginning of the End") It should be noted that an article later published in the Portland Tribune stated that this event, which was blamed on Conrad Bonaparte, ("Oh Captain, My Captain") caused "serious upheaval in the Portland's police department." ("El Cuegle")

City of PortlandEdit

  • Chief of Police: Mentioned, no name ("Bears Will Be Bears")
  • Assistant Chief: Not mentioned
  • Commander: Not mentioned

South PrecinctEdit

North PrecinctEdit

Image GalleryEdit


  • The various departments of the Portland Police Bureau correspond to the following office numbers:
Department Office Number
Burglary Division 301
Robbery-Homicide 302
Special Deployment 304
Operations 305
Cyber Crimes Division 306
Tactical Unit 307
Records 209
Mounted Patrol 202
Traffic Division 218
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