Oh, my God. I can feel how bad this stuff smells.

Monroe, in "Good to the Bone"

Parfum de la Mort
Owned by: N/A
Others: Rosalee Calvert
Purpose: Mimic the scent of death
Location: Exotic Spice & Tea Shop

Parfum de la Mort (pair-FYOOM dey lah MOHR; Fr. "smell of death") is a substance that mimics the scent of imminent death. As a Barbatus Ossifrage is particularly sensitive to this odor, it can be used as a way to lure one into a trap. However, the actual scent of imminent death will overpower Parfum de la Mort, even from far distances. Despite being a powerful impersonation, the substance is thus not as convincing as the real thing when both are in the air.

The fumes of Parfum de la Mort are extremely noxious and practically unbearable to all non-Barbatus Ossifrage that get a whiff of it, which only takes being within a few feet of it. The potent smell causes numerous physiological reactions to those exposed to it, such as getting a runny nose and needing to spit out saliva. Wu, after smelling it for the first time, notably exclaimed, "My brain is on fire."


Making Parfum de la Mort requires the creator of the substance to wear a respirator mask. Additionally, wearing safety goggles is highly recommended, likely due to the caustic nature of the involved ingredients. Regarding the latter, Parfum de la Mort should not be sprayed or applied directly on the skin, only on one's clothes. Those to whom the solution is applied, via a perfume bottle or similar device, also need nose plugs to help endure the horrible smell.

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