Template:Episode Template:Episode Quote "Organ Grinder" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Grimm and the tenth episode overall. It first aired on February 3, 2012 on NBC.



Geier Stankavitch1

A geier.

Deep in the forest, two half-dressed teens run for their lives with two vulture-like creatures hot on their trail. When they hit a river, one of the teens, Steven, slips in and floats away. Before Kevin can help him, he's grabbed from behind by the Geiers who pull him, screaming into the woods. Kevin is dragged past a fire pit into a barn, where the body of a young girl is being thrown into the flames. The next morning, we see Steven's lifeless body float down the river and fall down a large waterfall--just after a crow appears and pecks Steven's eyes out.

Over coffee, Nick confesses to Monroe that he wants to tell Juliette about being a Grimm. Monroe warns that nothing good can come of it and notes that Nick should breakup with her for her own safety. Nick refuses to give up on Juliette, determined to find another way. Monroe admits that Wesen can be seen by normal humans if the Wesen decide that they want to be seen, but most humans simply can't process the gravity of that event. Wogeing for Juliette would likely have devastating consequences.

Steven's body is discovered washed up on the river. He's strikingly pale, his eyes have been replaced by blood-circled sockets, and two puncture wounds on his neck lead Nick and Hank to believe that the body was drained of blood. The only thing on him is a puka shell necklace. According to Dr. Harper, the cause of death was drowning, but he probably drowned because he was incredibly weak from loss of blood. Since nobody puts I.V. needles in their neck by accident, this is definitely a homicide.
Steven Bamford

Steven's body

Nick and Hank discover Steven's identity and learn that he was homeless, with no fixed residence, only a P.O. box. In the post office, they find a kid with a similar necklace, which leads them to the sellers, two young teens. These "street kid" siblings Gracie and Hanson knew Steven well; he got work at a ranch a month back and they haven't seen him since. Their last encounter was at the local free medical clinic. Nick and Hank go to the clinic to follow up, but Steven's medical records don't provide any clues. The clinic's doctor, Levine, says she regularly treated Steven for a variety of health complaints that are fairly standard for homeless kids - malnutrition or mild infections arising from poor hygiene - but said he was generally in good health, and she cannot imagine why he or anyone else would insert an I.V. needle in his neck.

Nick and Hank are called to a particularly unusual car crash. The contents of the crashed SUV are strewn about: human blood, livers and hearts. As the driver is pried from the car and dies on the gurney, Nick sees him transform into the same vulture-like creature seen earlier. Later, Nick and Hank test the blood and organs and find that the blood from the vehicle matches Steven's. However, the organs do not; they appear to belong to a number of different people. It looks like somebody has been harvesting human organs... and not from a hospital. Additionally, the organs are young and healthy, leading Nick and Hank to believe that street kids are the main target.


Freddy Calvert, a shopkeeper who sold human organs.

Later, after studying up on Aunt Marie's books, Monroe confirms Nick's suspicions that Geiers are his primary suspects. These creatures harvest human body parts, and often scavenged battlefields during World War I, extracting organs from the wounded and dying.

Over a vegetarian dinner with Monroe, Nick asks what use Wesen have for human organs. Monroe explains that humans are the Wesen equivalent of exotic animals - their organs are highly prized for remedies and enhancement. Monroe says this is all the more ironic since humans' use of exotic animals - for instance, rhinoceros horns - doesn't actually work, whereas human organs have proven and very potent effects on Wesen. Defensively, Monroe says that he has never needed "enhancement," but under prodding from Nick, admits he has heard about a place in Portland that sells those remedies.

Nick persuades Monroe to go to the shop and buy proof. After a brief conversation with Freddy Calvert, the Fuchsbau store owner, Monroe buys a packet of "Gallenblase" (ground-up human gallbladder). After the police lab confirms what the powder is, Nick confronts Calvert directly, threatening him until Calvert gives up his contact he buys his supply from. As a final warning, Nick tips Calvert's shelf of human organs onto the floor, shattering several jars, and telling Calvert that he's out of the organ business.

The phone number of the organ dealer leads the police right to a trailer parked in the woods, where countless human organs are found drying in a greenhouse-like contraption. Hank says it doesn't make sense - in black-market organ sales, the organs are preserved for transplant. Nick innocently "theorizes" that, if bears, rhinos and other exotic animals can be used as medicinal ingredients, then why not humans too? The only person at the trailer is shot and killed while trying to shoot back, but his cell phone reveals a number of phone calls from the same free clinic frequented by the street kids.

The police raid the clinic, which is empty except for a nurse who was leaving for the night. At first she refuses to talk, but Nick pushes her into a room alone and warns that he knows what she is, and she knows what Grimms do to creatures like her. In terror, she gives up the location.

Gracie and Hanson are snatched off the street by the office manager from the clinic and thrown into a white van. Hanson discreetly leaves a trail of pukka shells as they're led to the cabin in the woods and prepped for surgery. Dr. Levine performs organ-harvesting surgery on an innocent victim as Gracie, Hanson and the previously missing Kevin await their fate.

Nick, Hank, and Captain Renard lead a SWAT team to the Geiers' woodland ranch. The facility is so large that it will take them hours to search, but Nick notices the trail of shells and follows it to the makeshift surgical suite. Before they can storm in, someone from the main house opens fire on the approaching police. With surprise gone, Nick and Hank storm in, arresting most of the Geiers and saving the remaining kids. Nick pursues Dr. Levine outside, where she perches in a tree then tries to pounce on Nick from above. He knocks her backward and she teeters toward the giant fire pit where the Geirs disposed of their bodies. Nick grabs her hand, but her talons rake his arm, causing him to lose his grip and let her fall into the pit, where she is burned alive. Hank, looking at the refrigerated shelves lined with jars of harvested organs, remarks that crime Portland is getting weirder and weirder by the day.

The head surgeon.

Reaper Box

A box containing the ear of a reaper.

When Renard arrives back at the precinct, he has received a package from the Reapers. It appears to be the ear of the reaper he previously severed at the beginning of the series/season. Renard is called on his cell phone by a representative of the Reapers whom he does not know. The man compares a Grimm uncontrolled to a samurai without a master and says things have gotten "out of balance." He tells Renard he has to get control of Nick or they will. Renard reminds him that this Grimm has a badge and a conscience. In a show of his confidence, he also suggests that if the reapers are so concerned they should come to take care of the problem themselves. The man replies, saying if things do not change, the reapers will do just that.

Press Release

NICK DISCOVERS THE CREATURE WORLD HAS AN UNUSUAL USE FOR HUMAN ORGANS -- DARYL SABARA AND HANNAH MARKS GUEST STAR -- As Portland’s homeless youth start to go missing, Nick (David Giuntoli) uncovers a deadly black market supplying the Grimm world with human organs for all types of elixirs. As the investigation heightens, Nick and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) befriend a pair of homeless siblings, Hanson (guest star Daryl Sabara, “Spy Kids”) and Gracie (guest star Hannah Marks, “Necessary Roughness”), whose friends have gone missing. Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.

Guest stars

Actor Role
Valerie Cruz Levine
Sharon Sachs Harper
Daryl Sabara Hanson
Hannah Marks Gracie



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Production Notes


  • This episode marks the first time Nick actually uses his status as a Grimm to interrogate suspects.
  • Nick discusses with Monroe about possibly telling Juliette about him being a Grimm.


  • Folter Clinic, the name of the free medical clinic, is a German wordplay. Folter is the German word for torture and hints at the sadistic affection of the Geier.
  • The shot of the forest in the opening quote is the same one used in "Pilot".

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