S3 S4
Officer Mays
Actor: Jon Bebe
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Police officer
TV Show: "El Cucuy"
"The Wild Hunt"
"The Law of Sacrifice"
"Dyin' on a Prayer"
"Cry Havoc"

Officer Mays is a police officer who first appeared in "El Cucuy".


Season 3Edit

"El Cucuy"Edit

He met Nick and Hank in front of the mini market entrance and told them about David Florez.

"The Wild Hunt"Edit

He found Woden's car and called it in. When Captain Renard, Nick, and Hank arrived, he informed them that no one had been back to the car since he had arrived.

"The Law of Sacrifice"Edit

He arrested Kelly Burkhardt at Monroe's home for the murder of Catherine Schade.

Season 4Edit

"Dyin' on a Prayer"Edit

He told Nick and Hank that Sara Fisher reported Nate Harrow attacking her at her house.

"Cry Havoc"Edit

He was one of the officers that arrested Kenneth when the latter arrived at the Hotel deLuxe.

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