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209 - Officer
Actor: Tony Calvino
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Police Officer

The officer works for the Portland Police Department. Part of his duties includes working as a jailer in the South Precinct.


Season 2Edit

"La Llorona"Edit

After Nick, Hank, and Valentina Espinosa had been informed about a second abduction, they arrived at the crime scene, and the officer explained the situation to them.

"The Hour of Death"Edit

The officer told Sean Renard that journalists were waiting for a statement.

Season 3Edit

"A Dish Best Served Cold"Edit

After Sam Leoni's car was found off the road in Washington Park, the officer was at the scene when Nick, Hank, and Monroe arrived. He told them that there was no sign of Sam since he had arrived at the park. A roar was heard off in the distance, and Nick told him to stay with Sam's car and to call the paramedics.

Season 5Edit

"Set Up"Edit

He appeared briefly when Nick was arrested and placed in a holding cell at the precinct.

"The Beginning of the End"Edit

When Hank and Wu came down to see Nick in his holding cell, he asked them if they wanted to tell him what had happened in the precinct, but Hank told him, "Not now," as he and Wu urgently needed to talk to Nick.

Later, officers of the North Precinct, who were all members of Black Claw, showed up to transfer Nick to the North Precinct. The officer was surprised to see so many people having been sent for just one man, and Lieutenant Marshall told him that Nick wasn't safe staying put. The officer informed Nick that he was being transferred and that the North Precinct officers had the valid paperwork that gave them the authority to do so.

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