S5 S6
North Precinct
521-North Precinct
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Dead Marshall
Dead Conlin
Others: Nick Burkhardt
Hank Griffin
Drew Wu
Theresa Rubel
Dead Conrad Bonaparte

The North Precinct is one of three precincts that makes up the Portland Police Bureau in Portland, Oregon. Unlike the South Precinct, much, if not all, of the law enforcement personnel are Wesen. After Black Claw helped to see that Sean Renard was elected mayor of Portland, ("Bad Night") much of the officers of the North Precinct revealed to Nick that they were with Black Claw as well. ("Set Up")

The North Precinct has at least two floors, with the second floor containing several visitation booths as well as office space. The main entrance on the first floor first leads directly to an information desk with space for storage behind it.

Police press conferences and media briefings are held here.

Several precinct officers were shot and killed during a shootout on the second floor after being caught by surprise by Wu, Hank, Trubel, and Eve in their mission to rescue Nick. ("The Beginning of the End") An article in the Portland Tribune later stated that the attack on the North Precinct caused "serious upheaval in the Portland's police department." ("El Cuegle")


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