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Non-Wesen beings are all creatures that are not Wesen, Humans or Grimms, and include ghostly, demonic, spiritual, and elemental creatures.

Known Non-Wesen BeingsEdit

Name Image Pronunciation Type First Appearance
Golem 404-Golem GOH-lim (In Hebrew: "Shapeless Husk") Spirit "Dyin' on a Prayer"
Jack the Ripper 420-Jack the Ripper Grimm Diaries N/A Spirit "You Don't Know Jack"
Kinoshimobe 609-Kinoshimobe kee-noh-shee-MOH-bee (In Japanese: 木のしもべ "The servant of the tree") Elemental "Tree People"
La Llorona 209-La Llorona2 lah yor-OH-nuh (In Spanish: "The Weeping Woman") Ghost "La Llorona"
Mishipeshu 418-Mishipeshu mee-shee-PEE-shoo (In Ojibwe: "great lynx") Spirit "Mishipeshu"
Volcanalis 218-Volcanalis3 vohl-kuhn-AL-iss (In Latin: "The Flamen of Vulcan") Demon "Volcanalis"

Names by LanguageEdit

This is a breakdown to show which language each creature's name is in.

Language Known Species Total
Hebrew Golem 1
Japanese Kinoshimobe 1
Latin Volcanalis 1
Ojibwe Mishipeshu 1
Spanish La Llorona 1

Known ClassificationsEdit


209-La Llorona
209-Ghosts The Woman's 3 Children

Ghosts are non-Wesen creatures that conform to ideas set out in classic stories of dead spirits that are unable to pass on to the afterlife. Ghosts can disappear and create illusions, and they may also hide their real appearance, much like a Wesen. La Llorona and her three kids are the only known examples.



Demons are non-Wesen creatures that inspired the legends, myths, and religious figures of evil beings that live inside the Earth and are normally related to fire and the dead. Based upon the only known Demon encountered, their abilities include spitting fire, teleportation, and causing earthquakes. Volcanalis is the only known example.


418-Mishipeshu emerges
421-Jack the Ripper possesses Sean

Spirits are non-Wesen that occupy a man-shaped body made from a single material or are able to possess a human's body. Despite being powerful creatures that are easily capable of killing, they aren't strictly malign. Spirits can be summoned through specific types of prayer or possess someone who was dead and then revived soon after. Spirits are different from ghosts in that some appear to have never been living creatures. The Golem, Mishipeshu, and Jack the Ripper are known examples.


609-Kinoshimobe awakens

Elementals are non-Wesen beings that have a deep biological drive connected to nature. They share the characteristics of the element they represent, such as tree and plant-like characteristics, for example, when it comes to a Kinoshimobe. Based upon the only known Elemental encountered, they also share a symbiotic relationship with another entity of nature. They are very protective of the territory in which they reside and act in response to those who cause harm in or to the territory they protect. The Kinoshimobe is the only known example.

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