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Opening Quote: "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow." – Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

Scene: Renard writes Diana's name on a napkin while sitting in a bar having a drink.

[Renard crumples up the napkin and soon leaves the bar. Renard walks by Weston Steward, who is sitting in a parked car. Weston gets out and starts to follow Renard down the street. He pulls out a gun and is just about to shoot Renard when he is cutoff by a bus. Many people get off the bus and Weston loses track of Renard. By the time he spots Renard again, Renard is in his vehicle driving away]

Scene: Juliette pours a glass of wine and talks with Nick about Kelly and Diana.

Juliette: Wonder where they are.
Nick: You know my mom. They could be anywhere.
Juliette: What do you think she's gonna do?
Nick: Probably what my aunt Marie did with me. Move around a lot.
Juliette: Nick, this baby isn't gonna be anything like you.
Nick: She's not gonna be like anybody.
Juliette: You really think she's as big of a deal as everybody seems to—
[There's a knock at the door]
Nick: No. Let me get it. [He gets up]
Juliette: Who is it?
Nick: [He looks through the door window] It's Adalind.
Juliette: What? She's here?
[Nick answers the door]
Adalind: I need your help. Can I come in? [Nick lets her in] Sean gave her away.
Nick: What are you talking about?
Adalind: He gave my baby to Viktor. I need you to help me get her back.
Juliette: Here, come in.
Adalind: No, no, no, no. I can't stay. I have to find my baby. Nick, you got to get your mom out of jail. I know I don't care if she killed my mom. That was all my fault anyway. I just really need my baby back.
Nick: They released her a couple of hours ago.
Adalind: What?
Nick: They didn't have enough evidence to hold her.
Adalind: Is she here? [She starts to look for Kelly] I-I have to talk to her.
Juliette: Uh... she left.
Adalind: What? No. When?
Nick: Right after they let her go. She didn't want to stick around, considering what had happened.
Adalind: Okay, well, then you have to get her back. She'll help me.
Nick: Adalind, there's one thing you have to understand about my mom. When she leaves, she's gone.
Adalind: Then you have to find her.
Nick: She doesn't tell anybody where she goes.
Adalind: Then you have to help me!
Juliette: Adalind, if the Royals have your baby, they wouldn't still be here.
Adalind: [She woges] I'm not giving up my baby.
Nick: There's nothing we can do, Adalind.
Adalind: [She retracts and huffs] Well, I'm not doing nothing. [She leaves, slamming the door]
Nick: I'm not entirely sure she'd make a great mother.
Juliette: Probably shouldn't say this, but I actually feel sorry for her, even if she did just scare the crap out of me.

Scene: Theresa "Trubel" Rubel walks down a quiet street when Kirk and Richard pull over in front of her.

[Trubel walks past the truck]
Richard: Need a ride? [He and Kirk get out of the truck and jog up to Trubel]
Kirk: Hey, all we're doing is offering you a ride. [He and Richard grab Trubel]
Trubel: [She screams] No, no, no, no, no! [She is thrown to the ground] Please, no! No! No!
Kirk: Shut up, shut up!
Trubel: [She is dragged away from the road] No, get off me! No! Get your hands off of me! Let me go! No!
[Kirk woges into a Lausenschlange and Richard woges into a Klaustreich]
Trubel: No! No no! No, no, no!
[Kirk and Richard lunge at Trubel]
Trubel: No, no, no!
[Blood splatters on the ground nearby]

Scene: Adalind steps in front of Renard's vehicle as he pulls into the parking garage of his condo building.

Renard: [He gets out of his vehicle] Adalind.
Adalind: You bastard. How could you do this?
Renard: I'm sorry.
Adalind: I don't want you to be sorry. I want my baby!
Renard: Nothing I say right now is gonna make you feel any better.
Adalind: Get her back!
Renard: I can't!
[Adalind woges and shoves Renard into his vehicle, causing him to woge as well]
Adalind: I hate you! [She hits Renard in the face, leaving three scratch marks, and then tries to hit him again, but he grabs her wrist]
Renard: I know, and I don't blame you.
Adalind: [She and Renard retract] Help me.
Renard: I don't know how.
Adalind: Then figure it out, 'cause one day, I'll stop crying. [She walks away]

Scene: Wu leads Nick and Hank to Kirk and Richard's bodies.

Wu: The attack was pretty violent. Hard to tell how many people were involved. Looks like we've got at least three sets of footprints.
Nick: Looks like drag marks.
Wu: Somebody had a really big knife and a really bad temper.
Hank: Wow. Somebody really wanted to make sure they were dead. Well, nothing in the pockets on this one. No wallet.
Nick: Me either. You know how they got here? Any cars parked nearby?
Wu: No, not a one.
Hank: All right, let's get some fingerprints.
[Wu goes to get fingerprints]
Nick: So we got two dead guys, but one set of drag marks.
Hank: So who got dragged?
Nick: Well, I doubt it was either of them.
Hank: [Looking on the ground] Hey, I think I got something here.
Nick: Looks like a black knight. With blood on it.
Hank: I don't think anybody was having a game of chess out here.
Nick: Could have been here before the attack.
Hank: Office, mark this.
Wu: Huh, got some IDs here.
Hank: All right, let's run 'em.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu go run the prints]
Wu: The first vic is a real model citizen. Richard Hector Dunn, impressive arrest record. A few assaults, assorted DUIs, robbery.
Nick: What about number two?
Wu: Model citizen number two is Kirk Lewelyn Firebaugh. Huh, doesn't look like a Lewelyn to me. Anyway, more of the same. Assaults, b and e's. Oh, here we go. Rape. More than once.
Hank: Well, how did Mr. Dunn and Mr. Firebaugh get way out here to tangle with somebody?
Wu: I'll see if they have any vehicles registered to them.
Nick: And get us the next of kin.
Wu: Yeah.

Scene: Monroe talks with Rosalee about how they got Diana back while they work on composting.

Monroe: That's why we took their limo. There was no way they could follow us, you know? No way they could, like, trace our cars.
Rosalee: I'm still worried. This is the Royals we're dealing with.
Monroe: The Resistance got Adalind and the baby out of Europe. I mean, they landed them here in Oregon. So it only makes sense that the Resistance would be prepared, you know, for the Royals to make a move on the kid.
Rosalee: But the Resistance wasn't prepared.
Monroe: You know that and I know that, but the Royals don't.
Rosalee: [She sighs] Okay, you ready?
Monroe: Uh, hang on. [He puts some glass bottles into a bin] Let 'er rip.
Rosalee: [She starts tossing objects to Monroe to put into the correct bins] All right, glass.
Monroe: Glass.
Rosalee: Can.
Monroe: Can.
Rosalee: Can.
Monroe: Can.
Rosalee: Plastic.
Monroe: This game is really fun, and I love being green and everything, but we shouldn't play this when we compost.
Rosalee: Plastic.
Monroe: Plastic. Can.
[There's a knock at the door]
Rosalee: [Laughing] Who is it?
Monroe: [He looks outside and whispers] It's Adalind.
Rosalee: What?
[Monroe opens the door]
Rosalee: Adalind.
[Adalind walks inside]
Monroe: Well, uh, come on in.
Rosalee: What happened?
Adalind: She's gone. My baby's gone. They took her. [She sobs and hugs Rosalee]

Scene: Nick and Hank go talk to Kirk's brother.

Brother: [He is shown a picture of Kirk] Yeah, that's my brother.
Hank: He live with you?
Brother: Eh, sometimes. But he didn't come home last night. You got him?
Nick: We found your brother's body off of St. Helen's road.
Brother: What?
Hank: We found another body with him. Do you know a Richard Dunn?
Brother: Yeah. Hey, what the hell happened? [He woges into a Lausenschlange] Grimm!
Nick: Take it easy.
Brother: [He retracts] You killed him!
Nick: No, we did not. But they were murdered, and we need you to calm down and talk to us.
[Kirk's brother looks at Hank]
Hank: I'm just a cop, and we're just trying to do our job. Now, do you know where your brother was last night?
Brother: Oh, yeah. Him and Rick went out drinking.
Nick: Anyone else with them?
Brother: Not that I know.
Hank: Do you know where your brother's truck is? A 2004 Chevy Silverado—
Brother: I know what it is. It's not here. He drove it last night.
Nick: Now, your brother's friend, was he a Lausenschlange too?
Brother: I don't know what you mean.
Nick: Yeah, you do. What kind of Wesen was he? Same as you?
Brother: No. Klaustreich.
Hank: Anything else we need to know?
Brother: Look, I don't know what you think happened, but nobody could have taken my brother and Rick and lived to tell about it. [He looks at Nick] Except maybe you.

Scene: Trubel wakes up in a hotel room and looks through Kirk and Richard's wallets.

[Trubel takes her gloves off and notices blood all over her hands. She then goes to take a shower]

Scene: Nick and Hank go to the precinct to find information on Kirk and Richard.

Hank: We got some possibilities here on the vics. Firebaugh and Dunn have some known associates here in the system. Three of them are dead, two are still in prison, and a half a dozen here in the area.
Nick: Too bad there's not a box you can check if they're Wesen.
Hank: [Chuckling] Yeah. Wouldn't that just make our lives so much easier?
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Monroe.
Monroe: Look, man, I'm sorry to bug you, but Adalind is here. And she is really upset.
Nick: She came back to your place?
Monroe: Yeah. Didn't see that one coming, did you?
Nick: What does she want?
Monroe: Do you mean besides her baby? Well, uh, she has no place to go. She has no money, no car, no insurance. I mean, not that you need that if you don't have a car, I guess-I don't know. What do you want us to do with her?
Nick: Look, I know this is not gonna be easy, but just see if you can keep her there for awhile until we figure out what to do.
Wu: [Walking up] Got a hit on the victim's vehicle. Firebaugh's truck was found in the Southeast Industrial.
Nick: I got to go.
[Nick and Monroe both hang up. Nick leaves the precinct with Hank and Wu, while Monroe tells Rosalee what Nick said]
Monroe: Nick wants us to keep her here.
Rosalee: For how long?
Monroe: Till he can figure out what to do.
Rosalee: How is he going to figure out what to do with this?
Monroe: I don't know.
Rosalee: If she finds out you had anything to do with it-she's got her powers back, you know. Having her pissed at us? Not such a good idea.
Monroe: Okay, can we just try to make her feel better for now?
Rosalee: Until we can get rid of her. [She and Monroe go into the living room to bring Adalind a drink] Drink this. It'll help you rest.
Adalind: I don't want to rest.
Rosalee: You're exhausted. You've been up for two days. You need to get some sleep. Now, I have to go to the shop, so you can stay here as long as you need to.
Adalind: Thank you. [To Monroe] Thanks.
Rosalee: Drink up. I'm not going anywhere until you fall asleep.
[Adalind takes a sip of her drink, and Rosalee and Monroe exchange uneasy looks]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive at the scene of Kirk's truck.

Wu: That's Firebaugh's truck.
Hank: Any surveillance cameras in the area?
Nick: No, nothing around here. Whoever dumped it here probably picked this place for that reason.
Hank: All right, two guys driving down the highway late at night. Did they have the killer with them?
Nick: Or maybe they picked the killer up somewhere else. [He and Hank look inside the truck] Well, whoever it was, I'm guessing they didn't know what they were getting into.
Hank: Woman?
Nick: If it was, that's one bad-ass woman.
Hank: Well, no blood that I can see.
Nick: A couple beer bottles, whiskey bottle.
Hank: A little late to arrest them for DUI. But in retrospect, I'm sure they would have preferred that. I got a French fry.
Nick: One?
Hank: Yeah. Still crispy. Not soggy. Hasn't been stepped on. So guys got hungry, stopped for fast food, but no bags, no wrappers.
Nick: Were these guys that clean?
Hank: I don't think so. Wu.
Wu: Yeah.
Hank: Any idea where this is from?
Wu: French fry is like a fingerprint. Every fast food restaurant's got its own cut.
Hank: Check every fast food fry between here and the crime scene.
Wu: Yeah. I was kind of hungry anyway.

Scene: Viktor talks with Rispoli as they walk through the castle.

Viktor: Steward's ineptitude got us into this mess. He should have been able to get that child away from Renard without losing two more Verrat. Next time, choose your people more carefully.
Rispoli: Yes, sir. Although it was Danilov's man.
Viktor: Well, I can only kill Danilov once.
Rispoli: The Resistance knew the child was there, but how did they know we got the child? Someone had to have told them.
Viktor: Steward said he was attacked in his home by three people.
Rispoli: Renard, the Grimm...
Viktor: And a woman.
Rispoli: And we know Renard is allied with the Resistance.
Viktor: You may be right, but I think we need to find out who that woman was.
Frederick: It always comes down to a woman, doesn't it? Wars are waged, kingdoms lost, hearts broken.
Rispoli: Your highness. [He leaves]
Viktor: Uncle.
Frederick: Now, don't go blaming your people for not telling you I was here. I wanted it to be a surprise.
Viktor: Well, you succeeded. What can we get you?
Frederick: You mean, besides the men responsible for the death of my son Eric?
Viktor: We're closing in on that.
Frederick: Like you're closing in on the child? By the way, do we know if it's my grandchild by my son Eric or by my son Sean?
Viktor: Until we have the child, we can't be sure, but in either case, it is your grandchild.
Frederick: The Families have given you a great deal of power and responsibility. That child must be raised within these walls. Otherwise, these walls will one day fall. And before I allow a tragic history like that to be written, bloody changes will be made. But not to worry, nephew. I trust you will succeed.

Scene: Renard is looking at Weston Steward's file in his office when there is a knock on his door.

Renard: Yeah.
Nick: [He walks in and sighs] Just wanted to see how you were holding up.
Renard: I've been better.
Nick: I thought I should tell you that Monroe called. Adalind went back to their house. She visited me last night.
Renard: Yeah, me too. [He shows Nick the marks on his face] Probably lucky that's all she did. What'd you tell Monroe?
Nick: Just to keep her there until we can figure out what to do.
Renard: I don't know how to make things better for her, Nick.
Nick: Well, maybe I should talk to her.
Renard: No. No, no. If she ever finds out that the baby's with your mother, she'll never stop trying to find her. It's better if she thinks that I gave the child to Viktor.
Nick: What if she tries to contact Viktor?
Renard: He'll have no interest in her now. And even if he tells her he doesn't have the child, she won't believe him. More importantly, what are we gonna do about Mr. Steward, our FBI agent?
Nick: [He sighs] Have you contacted the feds?
Renard: Yeah, they're looking for him too. Apparently, he hasn't shown up for work and he's not communicating. I think I might have seen him on the street last night.
Nick: He may have gone rogue.
Hank: [He knocks on the door and goes in] Sorry. Wu's back. He's got surveillance on the suspect.
Nick: Watch your back.
Renard: Yeah, you too.
[Nick goes with Hank to see surveillance footage]
Wu: Checked 12 restaurants. Only two had the style of fry left in the truck. Pulled surveillance on both of them, and lo and behold, got our truck. [He brings up a picture from the surveillance footage] But I was a little surprised to see who was driving. [He shows them footage from a different angle of Trubel ordering at the drive thru]
Hank: You're kidding me.
Wu: Not exactly your average stone-cold killer.
Nick: She doesn't look very old.
Wu: Thinking 19 to 21 going on deadly.
Hank: She's not stupid. She's wearing gloves. Let's make copies and circulate it.
Wu: Yeah.
Nick: [He goes to his desk and looks at the black knight] What kind of female young Wesen could take on a Klaustreich and a Lausenschlange?
Hank: You're speaking rhetorically, right?
Nick: I think it's time to talk to Monroe.

Scene: Trubel tries on boots in a store.

Salesperson: How do they feel?
Trubel: These are good. I want to see what they look like with the pants.
Salesperson: Okay, dressing rooms are right back there.
Trubel: Okay. [She goes to a dressing room as a gangbanger girl watches. Inside the room, she lights some newspaper on fire and then walks out of the room]
Salesperson: Oh, don't like 'em?
Trubel: Too tight. I'll look for something else.
Salesperson: All right.
[A smoke detector starts beeping]
Man: Hey, something's on fire back here!
[Trubel leaves the store, still wearing the boots she tried on, and the gangbanger follows her. She follows Trubel for a little while, before jogging up to her as they walk through a park]
Gangbanger: Hey, girl. I like what you did back there. Pretty sweet.
Trubel: Just leave me alone.
Gangbanger: I will, as soon as you give me those boots you stole. They're my size. Take 'em off.
[Trubel pulls out a knife]
Gangbanger: You think that little butter knife is gonna save your ass? [She woges into a Skalengeck]
[The gangbanger attacks Trubel, causing her to drop her knife. They fight for a little bit, and the gangbanger gets a hold of Trubel's knife and tries to attack. A jogger notices the fight and calls 911. Trubel takes the knife away and slashes the gangbanger in the face a few times before stabbing her. Trubel grabs her bag and runs away]

Scene: Monroe puts a blanket on Adalind, and Nick and Hank knock on the door.

Monroe: [He answers the door] Shh shh. Shh. [He whispers] Adalind is asleep. Do you want to talk to her?
Hank: I don't.
Nick: We have a Wesen problem.
Monroe: [He sighs] Okay, can we do this at the trailer?
Nick: Sure.
Monroe: Good, 'cause... [He looks at Adalind] Better to leave sleeping Hexenbiests lie. You know? [He grabs his coat and leaves with Nick and Hank]
[Adalind's face ripples as the door shuts]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Monroe drive to the trailer.

Monroe: Wow, taking on a Lausenschlange and a Klaustreich at the same time? That takes some seriously large... well, in her case, figurative cojones.
Hank: What kind of Wesen is she?
Monroe: I-I don't know. I guess... You got your Augapfel-Aushacken. Were their eyes pecked out? 'Cause they'll do that to a man.
Nick: No. But they were cut up pretty good.
Monroe: Okay, could be a Fétide Taillader. You could smell them a mile away. Oh, on the other hand, you know what? You could be dealing with a female Sangrienta Manos, although, truth be told, they usually consume the intestines, so...
Hank: I don't like the sound of any of them.
[Nick's phone rings]
Monroe: You wouldn't like the look of them either. So what else can you tell me about the...
Nick: [He answers his phone] Burkhardt. Where? Yeah, we can be there in five minutes. [He hangs up] Change of plans. We got another attack. Victim was cut, only this one's still alive.
Monroe: So I guess I'm going?
Nick: Yeah, I guess you are.
Monroe: Okay.

Scene: Trubel zips up her jacket to hide the blood on her shirt.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Monroe arrive to the scene as paramedics work on the gangbanger.

Deputy Medical Examiner: Airway clear.
Woman: Bagging her.
Deputy Medical Examiner: Okay.
Woman: Hold.
Hank: [To Monroe as he opens his door] Uh... mm.
Monroe: I know. I know. Stay out of the way. [He sniffs]
Wu: Looks like the same M.O. Assault was reported by a jogger. His description matches our young suspect. Said she took off running heading in that direction. I've got two units in the area.
Deputy Medical Examiner: We're losing her.
Woman: Still no response. I can't find a pulse.
[Nick sees the gangbanger briefly woge before retracting]
Deputy Medical Examiner: She's gone.
Woman: Note the time.
Deputy Medical Examiner: Contact M.E.
Nick: This isn't too far from where she left the truck.
Hank: All right, get some unis out here to canvass the area. If she's still here, she's got to be staying close.
Wu: Yeah.

Scene: Adalind wakes up to knocking at the door.

[Adalind realizes no one is home, so she answers the door. She is shocked to see Renard holding Diana]
Renard: I got her back. She belongs with you.
[Renard starts to hand Diana to Adalind, but instead, Viktor is in Adalind's place and gets Diana, so Adalind screams. Adalind then wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. She then calls Viktor]
Viktor: We've made a grave mistake underestimating him. I want to know everything there is to know about this Grimm-where he was born, where he went to school, who his parents are, his grandparents, his friends. Anything and everything about Nicholas Burkhardt.
Rispoli: Can I put surveillance on him?
Viktor: No, I don't want to alarm him. He played a part in this. He definitely knows who that woman was.
Man on Intercom: I hate to disturb you, sir, but Adalind Schade is calling. Do you want to take it?
Viktor: Let's see what the Hexen-bitch wants. [He takes the call] Adalind.
Adalind: I'm sorry. I'm-I'm so sorry for everything that's happened, but I didn't have a choice. They took me out of the country, and they threatened to kill me if I didn't go with them.
Viktor: What is it you want from me?
Adalind: I want my baby. Please. You've got to give her back to me, or let me come to you. I don't care. Just... [She sighs] please, she needs to be with me. How is she? Is-is she okay?
[Viktor mouths something to Rispoli]
Adalind: I'll do anything, Viktor. Anything. Please, just-just-just let me be with her.
Viktor: Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't think she's all that happy. You're right. She misses you.
Adalind: So then you know that she needs me.
Viktor: Perhaps, but you had your chance with us. You didn't take it.
Adalind: I told you, they made me go with them.
Viktor: She'll have the best of everything. You needn't worry.
Adalind: Please.
Viktor: I don't mean to be cruel, but there's a lot at stake here. I tell you what, I'll think about it. Call me later. [He hangs up]
Adalind: No, Viktor, please! Viktor. [She hangs up]
Rispoli: She thinks you have the child.
Viktor: Which may not be a bad thing.
Adalind: [She sits on the couch and woges] I'm done crying. [She snarls]

Scene: Trubel arrives at the hotel she is staying at.

Manager: Hey, you gonna stay another day? It's past checkout. You got to pay up.
Trubel: I'm leaving.
Manager: You know you're supposed to pay if you stay past checkout. [He then notices Trubel is the person pictured on a Portland police bulletin hanging up, so he calls 911]
[Trubel takes a shower to wash the blood off of her. She sits in the shower and sobs]

Scene: Monroe walks up to Nick and Hank as the gangbanger's body is taken away.

Monroe: Whew, dude, Skalengeck.
Nick: That would be our victim.
Monroe: No kidding. [He sniffs]
Nick: You picking up anything else?
Monroe: Not Wesen. Doesn't mean they're not disguising it.
Nick: Oh, you mean like Wolfsbane. [Flashback of Nick rubbing Wolfsbane on Hank in "Pilot"]
Hank: That's what that stuff was for?
Nick: Think you can figure out where the victim came from?
Monroe: Skalengecks not being overly hygienic, should be doable. [He starts walking as he sniffs the air] She's all over the place.
Hank: At least we don't have to explain to anybody what we're doing here.
Wu: [He runs up] Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey. Just got a hit on the suspect. Hey. Monroe. Haven't seen you since the zombie romp.
Monroe: Oh, yeah! Wow, that was a night to remember.
Wu: Uh, yeah, it's a night I'd rather forget. What are you doing here?
Monroe: Just, uh...
Nick: You said something about the suspect?
Wu: Yeah, manager of the SRO hotel just called in. He's got one of our flyers, and he thinks she's there, but not for long, 'cause she's checking out.
Nick: We'll take this one.
Wu: Uh, you want streets blocked off?
Hank: Not until we know it's her.
Wu: Yeah. [He walks away]

Scene: Trubel packs up as Nick, Hank, and Monroe drive to the hotel.

Nick: Anything special we should know about the Wesen you told us about?
Monroe: Which one, the Augapfel-Aushacken, the Fétide Taillader, or the Sangrienta Manos?
Hank: Yeah, what you just said.
Monroe: No. Not particularly. I mean, if you get a chance shoot 'em. Actually, if it is a Augapfel-Aushacken, even if you don't get a chance, shoot 'em. I'm not sure what I just said, but you know what I mean?
Hank: Hotel's at the end of the block.
[Trubel walks across the street]
Nick: Hold on. That's her. Pull over. I'll get behind her. [He gets out of the car and starts walking towards Trubel]
[Hank pulls the car up in front of Trubel, and she tries to run]
Nick: Stop.
Hank: Police!
[Trubel goes over the top of the car, and Monroe woges as she nearly lands on him]
Trubel: No! [She pulls out her machete]
Monroe: [He retracts] Uh...
Trubel: [She swings her machete at Monroe] Argh!
Monroe: Nick! Nick!
[Nick tackles Trubel to the ground and she tries to punch him, but he blocks her attacks]
Hank: Police! [He pulls Trubel off of Nick]
Monroe: Nick! Nick!
Trubel: Get off!
Monroe: Nick, wait.
Nick: What?
Monroe: Dude! She's a Grimm.
[Hank puts Trubel up against the car with handcuffs on her]
Trubel: Get away from me! I'll kill you!
Monroe: Take it easy, okay? We are not gonna hurt you.
Trubel: Get away!
Hank: Get down. We're police.
Nick: Nobody's gonna hurt you. You understand me?
Trubel: Let me go!
Nick: You're a Grimm?
Trubel: Get these off of me!
Nick: [To Monroe] Are you sure?
Monroe: Nick, I saw what I saw, man. There is no mistaking that.
Trubel: I'll kill all of you!
Hank: I don't think she knows what you're talking about.
Nick: Listen to me. Hey! Listen to me. You're a Grimm? So am I. You've heard that before?
Trubel: It doesn't mean anything.
Nick: Yes, it does.
Trubel: It's just something they say before they try and kill me. Now let me go.
Nick: We're gonna put her in the back. Open the door.
Monroe: Dude, I am not getting in the back with her.
Nick: Well, I am. Get in the front. [He puts Trubel in the back of the car and gets in]
Trubel: You're gonna try to kill me.
Nick: No, we're not.
[Trubel tries to headbutt Nick but he smacks her head]
Nick: I'm sorry, but stop it. All right? You're gonna get yourself hurt. And I don't want to do that.
Trubel: You're gonna arrest me?
Nick: We're not gonna do that either.
Hank: What are we doing, Nick?
Nick: Just drive.
[Hank starts driving]
Nick: The guys who attacked you were Wesen, and the girl in the park was Wesen. You know what a Wesen is, right? Okay, he is a Wesen. He's a Blutbad.
Monroe: You know, I don't think we need to get into that just now.
Nick: Well, I have to figure out what she knows.
Monroe: She is a Grimm, okay? Whether she knows it or not.
Nick: What's your name?
Hank: Sure you don't want to arrest her?
Nick: Not if she talks.
Trubel: Screw you.
Monroe: Oh, that's a start.
Hank: What do you want to do with her? We can't just drive around.
Nick: Hey. What's your name? Where are you from?
[Trubel doesn't say anything and looks away]
Nick: All right, let's take her in.

Scene: Viktor is informed that Adalind has called again.

Man on Intercom: Sorry to disturb you, sir. Adalind Schade is on the line. You said she should be put through.
Viktor: I'll take it. [He takes the call] Adalind.
Adalind: I can't live without my baby.
Viktor: That's understandable. I have thought about it.
Adalind: If I could just see her...
Viktor: I think I might be able to arrange that, but there is one thing I'd like you to do first.
Adalind: Anything.
Viktor: You remember how the Grimm took your powers away?
Adalind: Yes.
Viktor: It's time to return the favor. You have the blood of the Grimm in you. That makes him vulnerable.

Scene: Nick and Hank look up information on Trubel at the precinct and go through her bag.

Hank: Her name is Theresa Rubel. Born in New York City. Long way from home. She's 21, and she's got quite a history for someone so young, covering a lot of states. Mostly breaking and entering, petty theft. Surprised there's no assaults.
Nick: There probably were, just not reported.
Hank: Her last known address was Washington State Psychiatric Facility in Spokane. That was Two months ago.
Nick: That makes sense. She doesn't know she's a Grimm. She probably thinks she's going crazy. And if she ever told anybody what she saw...
Hank: No wonder she's got mental health issues. If she was admitted to one mental health facility, she's probably been in and out of others.
Nick: We need to pull her juvenile records. [He finds Trubel's journal with drawings of Wesen] Whoa, take a look at this.
[Nick goes to talk to Trubel, who is in a cell, and he shows her the journal]
Trubel: What are you doing with that?
Nick: You did this, right?
Trubel: Give it back to me.
Nick: I'm gonna take you out of here and show you something. We're just holding you for now. No charges have been filed. But if you try anything, I will book you for murder. [He unlocks her cell door] Here. [He hands Trubel her journal] Turn around. [He handcuffs her] All right.

Scene: Nick and Hank take Trubel to the trailer.

Nick: Get out. There's something I want to show you in there.
Trubel: Yeah, sure there is. I'm not going in there with you.
Hank: I don't blame her. I wouldn't go in there with us either.
Nick: You don't have to go anywhere. [He goes inside the trailer]
Trubel: What kind of cops are you anyway?
Hank: That's a good question. I wish I had a good answer.
Nick: [He brings out a Grimm diary] Take her cuffs off.
Hank: You sure?
Nick: Yeah. She needs to see this for herself. [He hands Trubel the diary]
Trubel: See what?
Nick: Look at it.
Trubel: [She opens the diary and flips through the pages] What is this?
Nick: The truth that no one's ever told you before. There's a lot more of it in there. You need to go in there to—
Trubel: [She hands the diary to Nick and goes into the trailer and looks around] What do you mean, this is the truth?
Hank: I'll get us some coffee. This is gonna take a while. [He leaves]
Nick: It's my truth too. I see what you do.
Trubel: No, you can't.
Nick: Everything in these books, I can see too.
Trubel: I don't understand.
Nick: Neither did I. I thought I was going crazy, but I had somebody who could explain to me what a Grimm was. Now, you said that they called you that.
Trubel: Yeah, some of them did. I didn't know what that meant.
Nick: That's why I brought you here. I want to explain to you what it does mean.
Trubel: Tell me.

Scene: Renard gets ready to leave work for the night, when there is a knock at his office door.

Renard: Yeah.
Wu: [He comes in] Ms. Schade is here to see you.
Renard: Send her in.
Wu: Yeah.
Adalind: [She goes into the office] I don't know if I'll ever forgive you.
Renard: I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself.
Adalind: I know you think you did the right thing. I don't know, maybe you did. The Royals never would've stopped. Probably would've killed me. I don't think I'll ever understand it completely, but at least I know our baby's still alive. [She hugs Renard and smiles]

Scene: Renard brings Adalind home with him as Weston Steward watches.

Scene: Juliette is preparing dinner when Nick arrives home with Trubel.

Juliette: Nick?
Nick: Yeah.
Juliette: Hey, I'm glad you're here. I picked up Chinese for us.
Nick: Well, I-I hope you picked up a lot. Juliette, this is Theresa Rubel.
Juliette: Hi. So... So Theresa's staying for dinner?
Trubel: Nobody calls me Theresa.
Juliette: Uh-huh. So what do they call you?
Trubel: They call me Trubel.


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