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Nilpferd (NILP-fairt; Ger. "hippopotamus") is a hippopotamus-like Wesen mentioned by Monroe in several comic issues. The creature has never been featured, although a hippopotamus-like Wesen, the Taweret, appeared in "The Seven Year Itch" in season 6.


  • The phrase "Nilpferd Furzen" means "Hippo fart" and is an insulting name to call someone who knows German. Monroe has also referred to a splitting headache as "like a Nilpferd Furzen sat on my head." An extremely potent gas attack is also called a Nilpferd Furzen.
Wesen in Grimm comics
Amphibian Wesen Frosch Schleimig
Bovine Wesen Minotaur
Cetancodont Wesen Nilpferd
Chimeric Wesen Unnamed Griffin-like Wesen
Columbiform Wesen Wütende Taube
Dinosaur Wesen Unnamed Dromaeosaur-like Wesen
Feline Wesen Kasipepo
Hexapod Wesen Hadosheru
Lagomorpha Wesen Unnamed Hare-like Wesen
Lupine Wesen Unnamed Schnauzer-like Wesen
Meline Wesen Unnamed Weasel-like Wesen
Pantherine Wesen Maahes, Rißfleisch
Perissodactyl Wesen Hippos athanatos
Pinniped Wesen Unnamed Seal-like Wesen
Primate Wesen Sorglosgör
Procyonid Wesen Waschbar
Sauropsidans Wesen Ichor-thanatos, Unnamed Chinese Dragon-like Wesen
Unknown Wesen Unnamed Yoda-like Wesen

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