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Nick and Adalind's Loft
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Nick Burkhardt
Adalind Schade
Diana Schade-Renard
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Theresa Rubel (formerly)
Eve (formerly)
Others: Hank Griffin
Drew Wu
Rosalee Calvert
Dead.svg Martin Meisner
Sean Renard
Dead.svg Conrad Bonaparte
Dead.svg Conlin
Dead.svg Marshall
Dead.svg Other Black Claw agents
Bud Wurstner

Nick and Adalind's Loft is the home of Nick Burkhardt, Adalind Schade, and their son, Kelly. It is the safer location in Portland that Nick and Adalind moved to after Nick sold and moved out of his former house. ("Lost Boys") It is located within the Imperial Paints Paint Factory.

Nick told Adalind when they first came to the loft that he didn't want anyone knowing where they were. The loft has a freight-like elevator access point, though use of the elevator is protected by a passcode. Other access points include a heavily-bolted door to the fire escape, the roof (only accessible via a stairway in the loft), and an old Prohibition-era access point in one of the walls that was once blocked off and leads to some Shanghai tunnels. One of the tunnels leads to a rusted furnace door that Monroe discovered leads back outside to street level. ("Fugitive") The windows of the loft are protected by sliding steel doors that are three inches thick. There is also a monitor directly to the left of the elevator entrance to the loft that is linked to four different cameras showing views outside the building. The monitor has a touchscreen feature, and the cameras have a motion detection alert system as well. ("The Rat King")

Adalind first referred to the loft as the "fome" in "Map of the Seven Knights" because "it's a cross between a fortress and a home." Despite sustaining damage after an attack by Black Claw, the loft remained habitable. ("The Beginning of the End")


Behind the Scenes[]

Tunnel Set[]


  • The address of the building's location is stated to be 720 Northwest Nicolai Street by Adalind, ("The Beginning of the End") but the actual filming location is less than a mile away at 2526 NW Yeon Ave, Portland, OR.[1]
  • The entrance passcode is 0815 plus the enter key.
  • The view from the roof was first seen in "Map of the Seven Knights".
  • Nick referred to the loft in "Trust Me Knot" as the place where Adalind first told him that she loved him. ("Key Move")