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Nick Burkhardt
609-Nick Burkhardt
Actor: David Giuntoli
Brayden Tucker (younger)
Other Actor: Sasha Roiz (impersonation)
Gender: Male
Type: Grimm
Relationships: Adalind Schade, wife
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt, son
Diana Schade-Renard, stepdaughter
Dead Reed Burkhardt, father
Dead Kelly Burkhardt, mother
Dead Marie Kessler, aunt
Dead Walter Kessler, grandfather
Theresa Rubel, third cousin
Dead George, uncle
Dead Hilda, great-great-grandmother
Juliette Silverton, ex-girlfriend
Hank Griffin, partner and close friend
Monroe, friend
Rosalee Calvert, friend
Drew Wu, friend
Bud Wurstner, friend
Eve, friend
Josh Porter, friend
Dead Martin Meisner, acquaintance
Status: Living
Job: Police Detective
Languages known: English
Comics: X
Books: X
GrimmWarlock 2

Nicholas "Nick" Burkhardt (born June 18, 1982) is a Grimm and detective for the Portland Police Department. Growing up, he was not exposed to any information regarding his Grimm heritage or the Wesen that surrounded him. He learned about these largely from his own experiences since 2011, which made him unique among Grimms and generally promoting the development of more socially acceptable interaction with all individuals. In 2014, he temporarily lost his Grimm powers ("Blond Ambition") before he regained them  ("Highway of Tears"). He later discovered that Adalind was pregnant with his son ("Iron Hans") from when he slept with her while she was disguised as Juliette. Adalind gave birth to their son, Kelly Schade-Burkhardt, in 2015, ("The Grimm Identity") and the three of them eventually moved to a safer residence at a loft. ("Lost Boys") Ironically, Nick was nearly shot and killed in the loft months later at the hands of Black Claw, but he was saved by the healing powers of a mysterious stick that he and Monroe recovered in the Black Forest of Germany after Nick had come to possess five of the seven keys. ("Map of the Seven Knights") ("Into the Schwarzwald") ("The Beginning of the End")


1982-1994: Early life

317-Young Nick

Nick the night he went to live with Marie

Nicholas Burkhardt was born on June 18, 1982, to Reed and Kelly Burkhardt of Rhinebeck, New York.

In March 1994, Nick's father Reed and a family friend were involved in a premeditated car crash, engineered by treasure hunters Soledad Marquesa, Hans Roth, Ian Flynn, and Akira Kimura, an unsuccessful attempt to murder his mother Kelly. Kelly was guarding the prized Coins of Zakynthos and soon before the accident occurred, she left Nick in the custody of her sister Marie Kessler while she escaped in secret. Marie broke up with her boyfriend Farley Kolt so she could move to Portland, Oregon, where she would raise Nick to manhood. Kelly requested Marie never tell Nick about her disappearance in order to protect him. ("Woman in Black") ("Bad Teeth")

1994-2011: Teenage years to manhood

As a boy, Nick was shielded from any and all exposure to information about Wesen and Grimms. He became a homicide detective at the South Precinct for the Portland Police Bureau, where Homicide Detective Hank Griffin became his senior mentor and investigation partner. He reports directly to Precinct Captain Sean Renard and also works with Sergeant Wu. ("Pilot")

Nick fell in love with Dr. Juliette Silverton when he was investigating a hit-and-run case. In 2009 he invited her to move in with him. ("Bad Moon Rising")

Fall 2011-Spring 2012: Season 1

A Grimm Start

In the fall of 2011, Nick bought an engagement ring so he could propose to Juliette. Upon arriving home, however, he found his aunt Marie had come for an apparently extended visit. ("Pilot")

Marie warned him to break up with Juliette because it was too dangerous for her, and proceeded to explain to Nick that he was a Grimm, as had been his ancestors. She mistakenly told him that he was descended from the Brothers Grimm (Johann and Wilhelm), ("Pilot") but it was later revealed that the Grimm brothers did not in fact possess the traits exhibited by the Grimm race ("The Icy Touch") (formerly known as Dēcapitāre). ("Cold Blooded") Her advice was that he "must hunt down the bad ones" and to guard a key she handed him, with his life. As confirming evidence that this must be true, Nick had seen attorney, Adalind Schade and a perpetrator at the precinct woge earlier that day, marking the onset of his Grimm traits. ("Pilot")

Afraid, Nick decided to delay his proposal. He concealed his aunt's advice from Juliette, since he still had the intention of marrying her someday. ("Pilot")

During his first homicide case involving a Wesen, he mistakenly pursued and investigated a wieder Blutbad named Monroe, who reluctantly helped Nick track down and apprehend the true criminal. ("Pilot") Ever since then, Nick found that Wesen had a tendency to be at the heart of most homicide cases he was assigned, which was mainly because his captain, Sean Renard knew he was a Grimm. Nick consulted Monroe for help, since he trusted his "expert" opinion on Wesen subjects, and when Marie passed away, she left everything in her trailer to his name, providing a wealth of information and tools. ("Bears Will Be Bears")

While his aunt had been hospitalized, Nick witnessed Adalind attacking her, igniting a long-lasting hatred for the woman he once found so attractive. ("Pilot")

Juliette ring1

Juliette with the ring


The engagement ring Nick purchased for Juliette

Nick feared what others might think of him if he told them about these experiences that they might regard as supernatural, so he made a point not to talk about his mother, aunt, Monroe, his Grimm identity, or any Wesen. Any cases involving Wesen were brought before Monroe, who became a secret sidekick before long, and increasing visits and outings with the Blutbad left Juliette growing ever more suspicious of Nick's secrets. ("Last Grimm Standing") When Nick proposed to Juliette, she denied his request, feeling he was hiding things from her. ("The Thing with Feathers")

Nick began making bigger waves in the Wesen world when he shot Melissa Wincroft, a Mellischwuler, violating a long-standing alliance between the Grimms and the Mellifers, and also thereby saving the life of a Hexenbiest (Adalind), a sworn enemy race to the Mellifers. ("Beeware")

It was not long before Nick learned that not all Wesen are inherently bad. He defended a Reinigen father and son who had been framed by normal humans. ("Danse Macabre") As a Grimm, Nick learned that his race, too, had an evil reputation. His refrigerator repairman Bud Wurstner fled from a repair job ("Danse Macabre") and brought gifts to appease him for several weeks afterward. ("Organ Grinder")

Spring 2012

Nick started the year off with a Siegbarste encounter that landed him in the hospital. ("Game Ogre") He was able to recover quickly, since Grimms exhibit an elevated degree of morphallaxis (the ability to regenerate tissue to seal a wound). ("The Chopping Block")

Soon, Monroe became a target of the Reapers for siding with a Grimm. Nick felt guilty about this and was about to stop asking for his help when Monroe insisted they were both in it together. ("Of Mouse and Man") Soon after, Nick came to Monroe's aid when Monroe was captured and put in the Löwen Games pen, and together they held off a disgruntled Skalenzahne as spectators made bets on whether the Grimm and the Blutbad could take on the defending champion. ("Last Grimm Standing")

Following a jewelry store robbery, the police acquisition of arsenic-tainted Coins of Zakynthos prompted Nick to start learning the history that isn't taught in school. A run-in with Farley Kolt, the former love of his aunt Marie, shed new light on the Rhinebeck accident back in 1994. With help from Kolt, Nick was able to recover the coins that his mother had once guarded. ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau")

Nick's love life was suffering greatly by this point. Frequently standing Juliette up in favor of detective work, he gradually became less and less trustworthy. When Juliette was kidnapped by Ariel Eberhart, a woman that Nick was getting tips from, Juliette worried that things would never be "normal" as long as she was with Nick, and was seriously debating breaking up with him. Monroe ended up being the one to save Juliette while Nick fought against Ariel's father. ("Plumed Serpent") When Nick proposed a few weeks later, she turned him down again for holding things back from her. ("The Thing with Feathers")

Adalind Schade, drafted once again to cast spells so Renard can get Nick alone, soon gained a great deal of unwanted attention from Nick, who sought to stop her evil deeds. After she slept with an enchanted Hank, Nick had a brawl with her which ended in a French kiss-- and she took the bait, biting his bottom lip until it bled. His blood, being that of a Grimm, instantly neutralized her Hexenbiest powers. ("Love Sick")

It was not until Juliette was scratched by Adalind's cat that Nick told her the things he had kept secret. In frightened disbelief, Juliette told him he needed psychological help. He took her to Monroe as a last resort, but she fell into a coma within minutes of arriving at Monroe's house. ("Woman in Black")

Spring 2012-Spring 2013: Season 2

Nick moved back in with Juliette after living with Monroe while Juliette worked on regaining her memory of Nick after waking from a coma caused by Adalind Schade by being kissed by Sean Renard, whom she then became obsessed with until Rosalee Calvert made the Infatuation Cure to stop the obsession between Juliette and Renard. ("Woman in Black") ("The Kiss") ("Face Off")

Spring 2013-Spring 2014: Season 3


Nick, while unconscious in the coffin, was placed on Baron Samedi's private plane to Europe. Nick woke up shortly after takeoff, and despite Baron Samedi's attempts to knock him back out with more toxin, he attacked the Baron. Their fight went into the cockpit of the plane causing the pilot to lose control of the plane and crash it in a forest, killing Baron Samedi, and wounding the pilot and Co-Pilot. ("The Ungrateful Dead") Nick was tracked down by the police and restored to normalcy by his friends. Since then, Nick has "suffered" from Post-Traumatic Zombification Disorder, ("PTZD") which granted him superhuman senses and endurance.

PTZD Side Effects

Spring 2014-Spring 2015: Season 4

No More Grimm Powers

Grimm Powers Restored

The Death of Loved Ones

Spring 2015-Spring 2016: Season 5

Spring 2016-Present: Season 6


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Season 1

"Cat and Mouse"

Nick is first seen in this episode in Aunt Marie's trailer writing an entry in the Grimm Diaries about the Klaustriech he encountered at Whispering Pines. Later, he and Hank are called to a shooting incident at Portland Bus Station. Once there they interview Melvin the bus driver who provides a statement and identifies Ian Harmon as the victim. Later Nick and Hank are called to a bar where the bartender has been murdered. At the site Ian Harmon's passport is found and a witness calling himself Max Kurtz further implicates Ian. Nick notices that he is a Hundjäger when he inadvertently woges, and is recognized in return. Rosalee and Monroe who have been tending Ian's wound call Nick for assistance and when he arrives has to be convinced that Ian did not kill the bartender, by Rosalee and Monroe alibiing him. Ian brings Nick up to speed regarding Edgar Waltz, the Verrat and the Laufer. Nick decides to hunt Waltz and turn a blind eye to Rosalee and Monroe helping Ian with false papers. Nick goes to the trailer and watches the Film of the White Terror about the Verrat's actions during the Spanish Civil War. Waltz calls to arrange a Freidenreden, Nick agrees and then calls Monroe to find out what this entails. Nick meets Waltz the next day where he admits to the murder of Quin, but shows Nick his gun and says that he will kill innocent people if Nick tries anything. He then leaves. Nick and Hank consult with Renard and Nick relates his meeting with Waltz. They trace the calls to Waltz's phone and head to Reginald's camera shop to find Reginald's body and no Waltz. Monroe calls Nick to tell him that Waltz has kidnapped Rosalee and will kill her unless he hands Ian over. Monroe and Ian are heading for the spice shop and Nick tells them to wait until he arrives. When Nick arrive outside the spice shop Ian tries to convince him and Monroe to remain outside, but Nick enters and claims to have Ian. This surprises Waltz, who is even more surprised when Monroe enters also claiming to have Ian. Waltz thinks that Monroe is Fuchsbau and is momentarily stunned when he woges into his Blutbad form, allowing Ian to kill him. Nick then tells Monroe to get rid of Waltz's body while he takes Ian away. At the bus station, Nick gives Ian the passport and money prepared by Rosalee and drives away.

"Leave It to Beavers"

Nick decides that he should practice with the weapons contained in the Trailer's weapons cabinet, so enlists Monroe's help and the two of them happily massacre the contents of an entire fruit stall in the woods. Next day Nick is called to the site of Robert Grosszahn's murder and along with Hank is briefed by Sergeant Wu. When dispatch reports back with Arnold Rosarot's details from the 9-1-1 call, Nick and Hank head for his residence. Once there, they find that it is deserted, but Nick sees a photograph of Bud Wurstner, John Oblinger and a third man whom he presumes is Arnold. At home while working on the case Nick writes the word 'Eisbiber' and when Juliette asks about it he says that it is a possible witness. Juliette then persuades Nick to invite Monroe over for dinner. Next morning he visits Monroe and invites him for dinner. They both agree on a story, about their relationship, that is based on truth. Nick and Hank then visit Robert's office and discover that he was having trouble with building inspector Sal Butrell. They interview Sal, but he has an alibi. During the interview Nick realizes that Sal is a Hasslich. Nick goes to see Bud, to ask about Arnold. Bud agrees to contact Nick if he can find Arnold. Monroe comes over for dinner, and the conversation gets weird when there are deviations from agreed story, but Monroe changes the subject to ask for the vegan salmon recipe. Nick is helping Juliette clear up after the meal when he receives a call from Bud asking him to go to the old power plant for a lodge meeting. At the lodge meeting only Monique sides with Bud and John on a motion that Arnold should help Nick. Nick leaves the lodge disappointed, but tells Bud that he is brave, as he knew that Nick was a Grimm when he visited his house to give them a quilt  ("Tarantella"). Arnold, however, decides that he will make a statement regarding Robert's murder, allowing Nick and Hank to arrest Sal. While taking Arnold back to the lodge Nick realises that they are being followed, so tells the Eisbibers to go into the lodge while he deals with the situation. Nick realises that the followers were two Reapers, so fights the two together. He manages to cause one to decapitate the other, and then kills the remaining one with his Doppelarmbrust. Nick then calls Monroe for assistance in disposing of the bodies, and at Monroe's suggestion sends the Reapers' heads back to their 'distributor'.

"Happily Ever Aftermath"

Nick is one of the cops at the scene of the murder of Mavis Kerfield, and is confused like everyone else as to what could have been behind the unusual circumstances regarding the death. When Hank voices how he's wondering why all the glass is shattered, Nick mentions the fact that most of the glass appeared to have come from the lamps and chandelier, so the killer may have broken it all to keep the place dark at the time of the kill, but then Hank counters that this theory doesn't explain why the killer shattered the mirror. Adding to the confusion, the two detectives also make note of how Mavis must have died at the exact same time as the glass was broken as there is no sign of Mavis getting her feet cut up by stepping on shards of broken glass.

After interviewing Mavis' daughters, Tiffany and Taylor, they learn about how Arthur Jarvis and Spencer Harrison had held a meeting with their mother on the day she died in which they asked her to give them money to help Arthur out through some financial troubles. With this new information in mind, the two detectives travel to the Jarvis household where they are greeted by Mavis' stepdaughter, Lucinda. When the two detectives come into the house and reveal the news of Mavis' death to Arthur, Spencer, and Lucinda, all appear surprised. In fact, Spencer is so surprised that Nick sees him morph into a bat-like creature.

Later at the precinct, Nick and Hank interview Arthur, Lucinda, and Spencer. With this phase of the investigation out of the way, Nick returns home and he later ends up discussing with Juliette about how lately he's been having the case of his parent's deaths on his mind, and she offers to help him gain information on the case to help him get closure.

Later on Nick and Monroe meet up at the trailer where Nick asks Monroe for information on the bat-like creature he saw Spencer morph into, and Monroe is quick to identify Spencer as a Murciélago, and also tells Nick about a piece of equipment Grimms commonly use against these creatures called the Murciélago Matraca, which emits sonic noise waves that momentarily put the creature's own super sonic shrieks out of commission. Monroe then proceeds to demonstrate how the machine works, much to the expense of a potion bottle.

Armed with this new knowledge, Nick decides that he may have found the top suspect of his case in Spencer Harrison. He goes back to the Jarvis household to question Spencer, only to be told by Arthur that Spencer has already left to go visit the Kerfields. When Nick arrives, he finds Spencer already there at the scene of Lucinda's killing of Tiffany, and proceeds to arrest him, revealing to Spencer about his being a Grimm in the process.

At the precinct while Nick and Hank are briefing Captain Renard, Wu interrupts to say that Spencer wants to confess. In the interrogation room, Spencer says that he can emit a high pitched sound that can kill people. Hank leaves at this point saying that he is obviously playing the insanity card. Once Hank has left, Spencer tells Nick about Lucinda and her reaction when she doesn't get her own way. Nick then leaves to tell Hank the new information.

The police head to Taylor's house. Nick calls her to tell her to stay inside and lock her doors. When Nick and Hank arrive, they see Lucinda fleeing, so they pursue her. As she runs into a building, Monroe pulls up with the Murciélago Matraca, which they set up in front of the house. From the rear of the building they hear a scream and when they investigate they find the bodies of Spencer and Lucinda.

Nick and Hank bring the Murciélago Matraca to Captain Renard's office and tell him that's what was killing people. Renard ask if either of them wan to show him how it works, but Nick and Hank just look at each other in no rush to turn it on.

"Big Feet"

Nick is called to the scene of a double murder by Juliette who has discovered two bodies whilst treating an injured horse. A witness at the scene claims that the were attacked by "Big Foot". A video camera found at the scene reveals that the attacker was wearing a clothes, specifically a red plaid shirt. Early the next morning Nick receives a call from Monroe asking him to come over. When Nick arrives Monroe shows him his friend Larry Mackenzie a Wildermann who is stuck in woge. Nick recognizes Larry's shirt as the one on the video, and as the police dog team are getting close Monroe leaves Larry with Nick while he lays a false trail using the shirt. When Monroe returns Larry recovers consciousness and pulls something out of his neck, and dies. When he dies he retracts to human form. Nick and Monroe leave the body in the woods where it will be found with the thing from his neck in his hand. When the police find the body the thing is identified as a subcutaneous drug pump. Monroe tells Nick that Larry had a therapist called Konstantin Brinkerhoff, but the initial interview with him reveals no new information. When the pump has been traced, the police discover that four were ordered by Dr Brinkerhoff, and only three have been found so far. Nick and Hank then head off to re-interview Dr. Brinkerhoff. When they get to his office they discover that he has run into a theater having taken a woman hostage. When Nick finds the hostage on the lighting gantry he is attacked by an enraged and woged Dr Brinkerhoff. The fight ends with Dr. Brinkerhoff falling off the gantry whilst woged. Hank sees him retract, but Nick claims to have seen nothing unusual.

"Woman in Black"

When Nick and Hank are looking at a picture of Akira Kimura and discussing his tattoo, Nick tells Hank that Kimura was involved in the death of his parents.

When Nick gets home and realizes that Juliette has been scratched by Adalind's cat he tries to make her go to hospital. Juliette understandably does not see the point, and thinks he is over-reacting. Nick then takes her to the Trailer and tries to explain about him being a Grimm and that Adalind is a witch. Juliette runs out of the trailer, and tells Nick that he needs psychiatric help. Nick convinces her to go with him to Monroe's Home where he hopes she can be convinced by the sight of Monroe wogeing. Before this happens she collapses into a coma, so Nick and Monroe rush her to Treeview Hospital. They then go to Juliette's clinic and take the cat to the Spice Shop, so Rosalee can try and determine what Adalind has done to Juliette.

When Nick returns home he finds Kimura waiting for him, he shoots at him with his Doppelarmbrust, but misses and so the two fight. Nick knocks Kimura down, but before he can interrogate him is attacked by a mysterious woman dressed entirely in black. The woman dodges Nick's attacks and injects Kimura. When Nick points his gun at her she calls him "Nicky" and the episode ends with her telling him that she is his mother.

Season 2

"Bad Teeth"

Nick is first seen in this episode fighting Akira Kimura in the same confrontation from "Woman in Black". After Kimura's defeat by Nick and the mysterious woman in black, Nick learns that it is his mother. Later that morning, he confronts his mother about why she was never there for him while he was being raised by his aunt and why she let him think that she was dead. After his mother explains, he later ends up having to break up a fight between her, Monroe, and Rosalee when the latter two show up at his house and Monroe is nearly stabbed to death by his mother. After this, Nick and Hank are called to the scene of the gruesome murders of the people at the shipyard. The FBI arrive and take charge, so Nick and his Mom go to the trailer to work out what sort of Wesen they are dealing with. Once they determine that they are dealing with a Mauvais Dentes, they go to question Kimura, but he has been killed in jail. Nick then gets a call from Special Agent Kanigher asking him to go to the warehouse. He and Kelly head over there. When Nick arrives he goes to investigate and apparently finds two bodies. His phone then rings, it is Monroe and Rosalee saying they've made the cure, but it is unstable so he needs to get to the hospital quickly. During the call one of the bodies rises and is revealed to be Marnassier who woges as he approaches Nick from behind.

"The Kiss"

Nick and Marnassier fight and Nick fires a shot a Marnassier which misses. Marnassier is killed by Kelly and Nick rushes to the hospital forgetting to retrieve his gun, and the bullet he fired. He rushes to the hospital, meets up with Monroe and Rosalee, forces his way into Juliette's room and puts the drops in her eyes.

Hank and Nick are called to the scene of the death of Marnassier. The two FBI agents taking over the scene dismiss them, but Nick is able to retrieve his gun which he later throws into the lake. Later, at the precinct, Nick is approached by the FBI agents regarding his whereabouts earlier, as he is now a suspect. When they ask about his gun he says that he was not wearing one that day, as he was going to the hospital.

When Nick arrives home he discusses the situation with his mother and they decide that she will visit Catherine Schade for information. Nick leaves the house to distract the surveillance.just before his mother leaves.

The FBI ask Nick for a DNA sample, which he provides and when the result is a near match, he suggests to the FBI that his mother must have been there. Nick says to the FBI that Special Agent Kanigher and Special Agent Durwell killed the John Doe before succumbing to their wounds, and asks why won't they accept that.

Nick and Kelly decide that she should leave Portland with the Coins of Zakynthos, so he drives her to the station.

Nick is called to the hospital as Juliette has woken up. He kisses her, but she does not recognize him.

"Bad Moon Rising"

When Nick visits Juliette in hospital, she recognizes him as the cop who brought her in, but not as her boyfriend. She does, however, remember Monroe and the dinner  ("Leave It to Beavers"), but not that Nick was also in attendance.

Hank's friend Jarold Kampfer arrives at the precinct to report that his seventeen year-old daughter Carly, is missing. While he is giving the information he inadvertently woges and shows his Coyotl side to Nick. Nick then goes to research Coyotls and learns about the Aseveración ritual. When he returns Jarold thinks that this is possible and says that his brother-in-law Hayden Walker may be involved. The detective soon trace Hayden to a farm, where they manage to find Carly and then take refuge in a barn. Carly is panicking and woges her eyes in front of Nick. She then runs to Hank for protection saying the Nick is going to kill her, in the process fully woging. When Hank saw Carly woge, he wanted to kill her, but Nick explained what was happening. Nick then came up with a plan to capture Hayden and the rest of the pack. When Nick apologized for keeping Hank in the dark about the Wesen world, Hank replied that this was one of the best days of his life, as he may be crazy, but at least he's not alone.

Juliette is released from hospital and Nick takes her home. When they arrive Juliette goes upstairs to the bedroom while Nick looks ruefully at the sofa.


Nick begins to share what he knows about the Wesen World, along with his role and heritage of policing them as a Grimm, with Hank. He states that if Hank did not have him as a partner, he probably would not have known that beings like them exist. They then both get paged to report to a car accident. Once there, they follow a blood trail to find Carl Stanton trashing an office. The two detectives tell him to drop his weapon, and Nick tells Hank that he saw him woge. Carl then charges at them and they are forced to shoot him.

Nick then goes to Monroe's home to let him know that he's told Hank about the Wesen world.

Later, Hank and Nick go to the morgue. Dr. Harper tells them that Carl appears to have been infected with something similar to the Ebola virus. Hank is worried about it being contagious, but Harper reassures him by saying that they look healthy enough after one full day since coming in contact with the virus.

Nick goes to the trailer and researches Wesen diseases, learning about Fluvus Pestilentia.

They then go to Carl Stanton's house. There, Wu had had to kill Phyllis Stanton when she attacked him. The two detectives investigate the body and find that she too is infected with some sort of virus. They also find a briefcase that had documents showing a couple of pigs who had fallen to a similar virus.

Nick calls Monroe to ask about the yellow plague and whether there is a cure as there may be about to be an outbreak.

They then get a call about the Park Ranger. When they go check it out he runs towards them, then collapses. They then put him in the car and take him to the spice shop. At the spice shop, Nick tells Hank that Monroe and Rosalee are Wesen, and discovering that Rosalee has run away, Nick chases after her. He finds her in the alley way, however she has succumbed to the anger stage of the disease, and holding a pair of scissors tries to attack Nick.

As the much stronger being however, Nick disarms her and knocks her out cold in two moves. He carries her back to the others so she can receive the antidote. He later checks up on Ryan's progress in recovery.

"The Good Shepherd"

Nick meets Bud in a bar where Bud tells Nick that he told Juliette that Nick was a Grimm, and when she didn't understand he said it meant that he was a good person. They agree that if Juliette wants a further meeting he should be unavailable. During the conversation Nick sense something, but when he looks round there is nothing strange happening. Nick and Hank are asked by Captain Renard to investigate some funds apparently stolen by a church accountant. After they talk to Lance Calvin (the reverend of a church that was stolen from), they go to the accountant's workplace. At the mulching company, they find the accountants the wood chipper.

The detectives then go back to the church to tell Lance the bad news and that the case is now officially a homicide. Nick realizes that the congregation are Seelenguter, and that Lance is a Blutbad. Because Lance realizes the Nick is a Grimm he suggests they continue the discussion in his office. There, he tries to convince them that he is a Wieder Blutbad, saying that if Nick can turn away from his violent heritage then so can a Blutbad.

Nick and Hank go to Monroe's house to ask Monroe if he would go undercover. After calling a Blutbad pastor and a Seelengut congregation a "recipe for lunch," he agrees.

After investigating further, they find out that Lance's first church was hit with embezzling. Also, Megan Marston was a member of both churches and her husband was the first accountant. They call her in for questioning, and when she gets frightened with Nick being a Grimm, Hank reassures her by saying that "he is not that kind of...Grimm." Megan is shocked that they would think that she would or could kill one of her own when they ask if she had anything to do with the murders.

Nick goes to the trailer to research Seelenguter, and when leaving is attacked by the Nuckelavee, David Esquibel. After an extended fight Nick kills him with a maul.

Hank and Nick go back to the church when they find evidence that Lance and Megan had traveled to the Caribbean several times. They arrive just in time to save Monroe from an angry group of Seelenguter.

"Over My Dead Body"

Nick and Juliette are having a getting to know you dinner at her suggestion when he receives a call from Monroe requesting his presence, as someone is trying to kill him. When Nick arrives at Monroe's Home he is surprised to see Angelina there, and tries to arrest her. Monroe talks him out of this action as she risked her life to warn him.

206 - Hank and Nick

Hank and Nick going after Arbok.

Nick takes Monroe to Hank's home for safety, and then goes with Angelina to investigate the murder of Buxton Jacobs. Since Angelina was the murderer, she is able to convince the on scene Detective that he was killed in self-defense by a woman he was attempting to rape.

By listening into Angelina's conversation with the contact for the killing, Nick realizes that along with his friends he is being dragged into a Royal power struggle.

Nick convinces Hank that they should work with Angelina to save Monroe, rather than arrest her.

When the exchange goes wrong Nick and Arbok fight and Arbok temporarily has the advantage, until Hank kills him.

While Monroe is mourning Angelina in the Blutbad way, Nick calls Rosalee to let her know that Monroe is okay. When he gets home he finds a note from Juliette saying "Thanks for the new memories".

"The Bottle Imp"

Nick dreams that Juliette remembers him, and things between them are back to normal and is upset when he awakens and realizes he was dreaming. Nick and Hank are called to investigate the murder of Leo Stiles at a gas station and after looking at the cameras they suspect William Granger is behind the murder. They notice that Granger has his daughter, April with him so they put out an Amber Alert in hopes of stopping William Granger from harming anyone else.

Hank and Nick go to Granger's house to investigate, where they discover his ex-wife, Lilly beaten in the bathroom. Nick notices her briefly woge into something before she passes out. Hank calls for medics and they start searching the house where they discover Granger had recently ordered a lot of building supplies.

Nick takes Hank to the trailer for the first time to figure out what kind of Wesen Lilly Granger was. They discover that she is a Drang-Zorn, so they assume that William Granger is one also. Nick shows Hank the weapons cabinet in the trailer, where Hank recognizes the Siegbarste Gewehr that was used to kill Oleg Stark and save his life. ("Game Ogre") Nick tells Hank that Monroe was the one to shoot Stark.

Nick,along with Hank, the SERT officers and police dogs go searching for Granger to rescue April. They discover the underground area that William built, and find April. They bring her back to the police station, where a child services woman picks her up to bring her to a foster home for a few days until her mom is out of the hospital.

Hank and Nick go to St. Joseph's Hospital, where they assume William Granger is going since Lilly is there. They find him in Lilly's room and handcuff him, but they discover that William is innocent and April is the one who beat Lilly and murdered that man at the gas station. They head to the foster home that April is at and arrive right after she attacked the foster dad. They go to the backyard where they find April swinging and they bring her back to the station.

Nick locks April in a separate room and then Jess comes in to take her, she says that Monroe thinks highly of him, and when asked if she can control April briefly woges into a Löwen and says yes.

Nick and Juliette are dancing after a candlelight dinner and then begin to kiss before Juliette breaks away leaving Nick confused.

"The Other Side"

Nick and Juliette are preparing to go to a department function and he warns he that Captain Renard will be giving a speech. While at he function Nick and Hank are called away to investigate the murder of Brandon Kingston, who was found with his throat ripped out. They find out he was in a school competition and go to question the other competitors. They find out that Brandon was well liked by all the students and didn't have any enemies. Coach Don Anker arrives and confronts the detectives, saying that if he finds Brandon's murderer he will personally kill whoever is responsible. While making these threats he briefly woges into a Löwen, a change not missed by Nick who immediately promotes Coach Anker to the head of the suspect list.

When they find Pierce Higgins's watch clutched in the hand of the murdered Jenny Lee, one of the students from Brandon's team. They confront Pierce at his house.While talking to the Higgins' Nick notices that they both woge into an unfamiliar Wesen, so they go to the trailer and determine that Pierce and his mother are Genio Innocuo.

Deciding that they need to question Coach Anker further, they visit his home, only to find him dead like the others.

Pierce calls saying that he suspects his mother as the killer and the two detectives rush to his house. There they find Pierce in Löwen form attacking his mother. Nick prevents him killing her, but he escapes and runs up to the top of a building and prepares to jump. Nick and Hank try to talk him out of it but he jumps anyway. Nick was close enough to catch him however and they pull him back to safety. They later tell Renard in the debriefing that his mother had experimented on Pierce before he was even born, and try to put it off as a gene-induced mental illness that had caused him to want to murder his friends.

"La Llorona"

Nick is in the trailer and picks up his flail. He takes the flail to Monroe's house where Monroe incorporates it into one of his Halloween decorations. While there he is called to the scene of a child abduction. Once there, he and Hank find some bikers who had shot a video with the abductor walking by in the background. She is shown walking away with the child (Rafael) calmly holding her hand.

Back at the precinct, Hank and Nick are informing Renard on the situation when Ryan interrupts saying that the Spanish translator is here. Juliette (the translator) then enters the office and translates for Luis.

The two detectives go with Juliette back to Luis's house. Once there, they are shown around to see if they could find any clues as to who the abductor was.

When they return to the precinct, they are introduced to Valentina Espinosa, who had said she had some knowledge with the woman. Hank thinks that Rafael may be dead already, but Valentina says all evidence points to the children being drowned together at midnight. During this discussion Nick notices that Valentina's eyes woge yellow. Hank and Nick then get a call that a second child had just been abducted. Valentina shows them on a map of Portland, two rivers converging into one. She then says that one child will be abducted from each river, assuming it is the same Woman that she has tracked before.

They go to the crime scene and Renard informs Hank and Nick that Valentina is not a detective anymore, and that she had been discharged a year ago. Nick tries to get her back in the car, but she woges and realizes that Nick is a Grimm and thinks that he will kill her. He says he will not, but that Hank will shoot her in the head if she causes trouble.

Hank and Nick go to the trailer and research on the woman, who turns out to be called La Llorona. They see a symbol that is the same as the river shape Valentina showed them. They then decide that she might be telling the truth and rush to break her out of jail so that she can assist with the investigation.

With the help of Valentina, they find out where La Llorona is going to drown the kids. They arrive just in time to stop her and Hank holds the kids while Nick goes after La Llorona. Nick manages to successfully grab the woman when she is in he demonic, corporeal from and they wrestle under the water. When the woman takes on her incorporeal human form she is able to escape. Nick and Hank return the children to their parents.

"The Hour of Death"

Nick is on the couch dreaming about a missing child case when Juliette wakes him from his nightmare.Hank and Nick go to Adrian Zayne's house to question him about the kidnapping of Donna Reynolds. Adrian is burning something when the arrive, As Hank heads for the fire Zayne panics and woges into a Schakal. When he realizes that Nick is a Grimm he panics even more and flee, Nick easily catches and overpowers him.

Because Nick has to free Zayne due to lack of evidence he asks Monroe to make him some Serum Exomologesis which he loads into his Doppelarmbrust. He then goes to Zayne's house but finds him tortured and dead. Hank arrives and initially thinks Nick is responsible, but Nick has Monroe as an alibi. When they hear sirens, Hank goes to see what is occurring while Nick hides the Doppelarmbrust.

After greeting the other officers, Wu tells them that they came after receiving Zayne's confession and that he is impressed in the two detectives interrogation skills. After studying the record of his 911 call-confession, they determine that he had been tortured for the information and suspect the family members.

Nick receives a call from Monroe regarding the symbol that was branded onto Zayne's body asking him to come over. As Nick ends the call with Monroe, a panicking Bud calls and Nick has to reassure him that he is working on the case. Monroe explains to Nick about the Endezeichen Grimms and how he has stop this before the Wesen community blame him. Nick then receives a call from the other Grimm berating him for not killing all Wesen.

After finding the video of Zayne's torture online, Hank and Nick go question the Reynolds. The parents cannot help, but Donna is able to tell them where she was kidnapped. Using this information they track down a van belonging to Richard Berna, who when confronted woges into a Schakal, and as he realizes Nick is a Grimm starts screaming that Nick killed Zayne. Nick just shrugs.

After finding enough evidence in the van to arrest him, Hank and Nick go back to Richard's holding cell, only to find that he had disappeared. They then go to his house and find him dead, suspecting someone on the task force as they were the only ones to know that Richard had been brought in. Nick then receives a second call from the other Grimm berating him for not killing Berna as soon as he knew he was Wesen.

Back at the precinct, Ryan brings a panicking Bud to Nick who once again reassures him that he is working on the situation. Bud then leaves.

After discovering that Ryan released Berna they go in search of him and discover that he had followed Bud and so find him about to torture him in his repair shop. Nick strikes Ryan who woges into a Lebensauger and begs Nick to kill him. Nick arrests him and the two detectives release Bud who after hugging them in thanks goes home.

"To Protect and Serve Man"

With his new knowledge of the Wesen world, Hank is concerned that an old death penalty case could have had a Wesen element. He convinces Nick to help him check the case. The detectives check with the other cops on the case, the killers lawyer, his girlfriend and finally Craig Ferren, the killer himself.

With some drawings by Craig as a starting point for research in the trailer, they soon discover that the supposed victim Miles Kreski and his surviving brother John Kreski could be Wendigo. At his workplace they provoke him into woging and Nick confirms that he is a Wendigo.

They decide to go to John's current house and enter, on the grounds that he had a warrant for skipping jury duty. They find a secret trapdoor underneath the fridge, and climb down to the underside of the house. From there they find a second lift panel, which covered up the remains of several humans.

With substantial evidence, they decide to call the governor for a stay of execution for Craig. John Kreski arrives back at his house however and attacks them, blocking the opening to the tunnel with the fallen fridge and trapping Nick inside.

After he escapes, Nick calls Lauren Castro, the D.A. and obtains a stay of execution for Craig.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"

Nick receives a call from Juliette saying they need to talk. As he puts the phone down he receives a call from Monroe asking him to drop by before he goes home. At the spice shop Monroe tells Nick that he saw Juliette with another man, and that their relationship could be caused by a spell. He says that he does not know the man, and that Juliette definitely knows that he knows. Nick leaves and confronts Juliette who tells him that there is someone else, but that nothing has occurred.

Nick goes to visit Hank in hospital and learns of Adalind's possible involvement in the attack upon him. He suspects that Adalind would contact Juliette and so traces her cellphone. The police arrest Adalind and Juliette is angry with Nick for using her to trap Adalind.

Monroe calls Nick and confirms that Hank was attacked by Hundjäger. During interrogation Nick learns Adalind's hotel room number. Monroe goes to the hotel room and leads the Hundjäger into an empty lot where he and Nick fight and kill them.

Nick decides that he is not sleeping on the sofa anymore, so moves in with Monroe. When he tells Monroe that he has moved out Monroe shows him a tape of Captain Renard at a press conference ("The Hour of Death") and tells him that he was the man he saw with Juliette.

"Face Off"

This episode starts immediately after the previous one, ("Season of the Hexenbiest") with Monroe have shown Nick that it is Captain Renard who is involved with Juliette. Monroe is desperately trying to calm Nick down and prevent him from doing something calamitous when Nick is called to investigate a quadruple homicide. The bodies of the four Hundjäger killed by Nick and Monroe earlier that evening have been found. At the scene Nick makes some very astute observations, but does not reveal his own involvement. When Captain Renard arrives the conversations between them are strained.

Next morning Sergeant Wu bring the tape of Monroe leaving the hotel pursued by the Hundjäger, but Nick convinces everyone that Monroe has no involvement. Later that day Nick is called to Juliette's home where there have been reports of gunfire. Nick tells Juliette that he knows who the other person she's seeing is, but she doesn't say anything. Nick and Wu agree that the incident is to be classed as attempted home invasion with no injuries.

Hank tells Nick that the Captain has been snooping around his desk and when Nick checks, he realizes that the key is missing. He then receives a call from him arranging a meeting. The meeting place is the Postman's former house, and when Captain Renard arrives Nick punches him, and the two fight. During the fight Captain Renard woges into his Zauberbiest form. When the Captain gives the key back, this calms Nick sufficiently for them to talk. The Captain says that he would end the thing with Juliette if he knew how. Nick tells him that he knows how and the two together turn up on Juliette's doorstep, and with her proceed to the Spice Shop where Rosalee mixes up the Infatuation Cure for Nick who drinks it, collapses on the floor and turns red.

"Natural Born Wesen"

At the start of the episode Nick is still red and unconscious on the floor of the spice shop after having drunk the potion at the end of the previous episode. Juliette want to call for an ambulance, but Monroe persuades her to wait. After a short while Nick recovers consciousness, and Rosalee leads Juliette and Captain Renard into another room while Monroe takes a small amount of blood from Nick's finger. Nick follows Juliette home to ensure she arrives safely.

Nick and Hank are called to a bank robbery, where Monroe was one of the witnesses, Monroe tells the detectives that the robbers were Wesen who committed the robbery whilst fully woged. This is a problem because they have broken the most important Wesen law: the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex.

Nick and Captain Renard agree that they can work together to thwart the plans of the Captain's family.

Nick receives a call from Monroe who is outside a bar frequented by criminal Wesen. Nick tells him to wait for him and Hank to arrive. When they arrive Monroe enters the bar and shortly a fight breaks out, so Nick and Hank enter the bar and collect the names of the participants including the bank robbers who Monroe recognized.

Next morning Nick and Hank head to the address for the robbers and discover that it is an abandoned factory whose only inhabitant is a homeless man who is afraid of "monsters". The homeless man tells them that one of them is named Gus.

Reviewing Cole's record they find that he shared a cell with Gus Campbell, so head to his address where they find his body. On his boot soles Hank notices paint similar to that in the factory, so they head there. As they approach the factory Cole and Krystal shoot at them, and they return fire. Nick arrests Cole while Hank arrests Krystal. While they are taking them into the precinct for booking Cole and Krystal are shot dead by an unknown assassin who is promptly arrested.

"Mr. Sandman"

Nick is having a meal with Hank, Monroe and Rosalee and they are discussing Nick's information about Captain Renard being a Royal and a Zauberbiest who woke Juliette from her coma. Next day when Nick, Hank and Sgt Wu are investigating the death of Molly Fisk, he notices the extreme redness of her eyes. At the grief support group where Molly met Andre the detectives find a witness who is able to help the police artist produce a sketch of Andre. The detectives are then called to Casey and Kelly's house where Andre has just attacked Kelly. Casey is able to confirm the sketch and provide a description of Andre's car. The car is spotted near a high school where another grief support group is meeting. When the detectives arrive they spot Andre and pursue him. While searching for Andre they become separated and Nick is sprayed by Andre, initially he sees through a red mist and then goes blind. As they know that they are dealing with a Jinnamuru Xunte, Nick insists on going to the spice shop as he knows that the hospital can't help. At the spice shop it becomes apparent that Nick's other senses have been enhanced, as he is able to hear whispered conversations. The car Andre carjacked to escape from the high school is spotted near Casey's home, and so they all head there. At the house they interrupt Andre attacking Casey and Nick chases him upstairs where he is able to find and defeat Andre using his newly enhanced hearing. Monroe scoops out Andre's eye and Rosalee then completes the cure and restores Nick's sight. Nick is later seen massacring more fruit whilst blindfolded.


Nick and Hank are called to the offices of a software company where Brody Crawford has been sliced in half at the waist. The detectives interview the other staff members and discover that they were celebrating a new game release. Painted on the interior wall of the building are the cryptic words "play my game", which means nothing to the other staff.

While at Monroe's house Nick asks Monroe if he knows any Wesen who use acid, but Monroe tells him he's never heard of any. He then receives a call from the manager of the company, Dominick Spinner, telling him that the victim's girlfriend's previous boyfriend is named Ridley Cooper. The next day the detectives interview him and his sister, but they were playing the game at the time of the murder. They determine that Brody's avatar was killed three hours before the murder.

Nick and Hank go to the trailer and determine that they could be dealing with a Fuchsteufelwild, and if so, his name will likely be an anagram of "Rumpelstiltskin". As Jenna Marshall remembered the name began with a "T" they go through the game user list compared to the list of anagrams and find the matching name "Trinket Lipslums".

The police set a trap for Lipslums and when he is lured into it, Nick and Hank surprise him and chase him to the roof where Nick calls him by name, and when he woges, Nick tells him that won't work either. Lipslums realizes that he's up against a Grimm, but is unable to accept defeat. Shouting that he can't lose, Lipslums throws himself off the building.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"

Monroe tells Nick that he mentioned the trailer to Juliette and she wants to visit it. Nick agrees to let Monroe take her.

Nick receives a call from Monroe telling him that there is jury tampering occurring at the court house. When Nick and Hank arrive Monroe tells them that the defense lawyer Barry Kellogg is a Ziegevolk and using his pheromones to influence the jury. Back at the spice shop Rosalee finds a Geruck Gland Neutralizing Potion which if used would stop the pheromones. In order to collect some of Kellogg's sweat for the potion a woged Monroe chased Kellogg. Next day Hank and Nick interview Kellogg in his hotel room while Monroe injects the potion into one of his toads.

While everyone is celebrating the successful conclusion to the case in the back room of the spice shop, Kellogg enters the shop looking for help as his powers are failing and he doesn't know why. When Rosalee appears he recognizes and attacks her. Monroe woges and defends her, at which point Kellogg also recognizes him. Nick arrests Kellogg for attacking Rosalee telling him that nobody will believe his story.


Nick along with the rest of the precinct staff dispatch Hank on his first holiday for four years.

Nick visits Juliette in the hospital after her car crash and she tells him that she can't see him any more and asks him to leave. Nick returns to Monroe's home where Monroe and Bud attempt to cheer him up by watching sports and drinking beer. During the game Nick receives a call about Jill Prembrey's body being found, so leaves to investigate. At the scene Sergeant Wu briefs Nick about the situation. They review the video footage Jill took on Mount Hood then go to the offices of EON industries where they interview her boss Thom Evans. Thom is able to identify the site of the video footage, so all three head there to look around. At the site Thom picks up some rocks, and they return to find their truck has been vandalized. Nick soon finds the vandal, Markus Hemmings a Taureus-Armenta, who flees when he realizes that Nick is a Grimm. With Wu's help Nick arrests Markus. At the precinct Nick discusses the case with Captain Renard and they realise that the autopsy report on Markus's wife, who died 15 years ago, details injuries similar to those found on Jill's body. They both interview Markus, who tells them that he wasn't attacking Jill or them. but trying to warn them about taking what isn't theirs. He also says that he has seen what happens when Volcanalis rises. Outside the interview room Nick and Renard discuss the possibility that there is another being involved and that they may have to do this "off the books". Wu then informs them that there have been some similar attacks around volcanoes on people taking rocks. Nick, remembers that Thom took some rocks, and Renard thinks that they should warn him. Nick and Renard arrive at Thom's house to find Volcanalis attacking him, and they order him to stop. Nick shoots Volcanalis several times with no apparent effect, and then pursues him until he disappears down a grating.

At the trailer Nick researches Taureus-Armenta and Volcanalis. The Volcanalis entry is in Latin, so they take it to Renard for translation, The entry states that a creature similar to Volcanalis destroyed Pompeii. They decide to re-interview Markus as he probably knows more about Volcanalis than any other person. Markus tells them that he knows no way of stopping Volcanalis and that he could stay on the mountain until "hell freezes over" and still not stop him. This gives Nick an idea and so Nick, Renard, Monroe and Markus go to the mountain to collect more rocks, which they take to an empty warehouse where Markus tells them to put the rocks in the middle as that is what Volcanalis will go for first, and them afterwards. As he is speaking a small tremor occurs and leaving Markus in the center, the others retreat to the outer edges of the room. As Volcanalis arrives, Markus shouts for them to "do it now" and the others hose Volcanalis down with liquid nitrogen from tanks they prepared earlier. Once Volcanalis has solidified Nick hands Markus a sledge hammer for him to smash Volcanalis and avenge his wife.


Nick is in the trailer trying to work where the map on the key could relate to, when he decides to consult Monroe. He interrupts Monroe and Rosalee kissing and retires to his room embarrassed. Monroe follows him and the two determine that it could relate to an area of Germany.

Next day he is talking with Captain Renard about the key when Wu interrupts to tell them that county have asked for assistance regarding some cattle mutilations, a possible homicide and that the witness thinks that Aliens may be involved. When Wu and Nick arrive at Robert Hadley's farm they question him regarding the incident and Nick finds a piece of glowing skin. When they are leaving a UFOlogist called George Lazure questions them.

At the M.E.'s office Harper tells Nick that the skin is human, but contains luciferase, causing it to glow like fireflies. Wu then calls to tell Nick that there has been another Alien incident, this time an abduction. Nick asks Wu to investigate if there have been any other mutilations and what if any was their purpose.

Nick then decides to look in the trailer books to see if there could be a Wesen angle to the case and finds a picture of a Glühenvolk, but not much information. Wu calls to let him know that there had been 27 attacks starting in Nebraska, and that the ovaries had been removed from the dead cows. He decides to consult Rosalee at the Spice Shop.

At the spice shop Rosalee tells Nick that she thought Glühenvolk were extinct. When she hears about the mutilations and the number she produces a book and says that there must be two of them and that the female must be pregnant as cow ovaries are consumed to ensure foetal health. Monroe then arrives and all three deduce where the Glühenvolk are probably to be found. Nick is unsure about giving them assistance as one of them may be a murderer, but is convinced by Rosalee's argument that the baby is innocent.

Finding Lazure's trailer and realising that he is hunting the Glühenvolk for their skins gives added impetus to their hunt and they soon find the cabin where Jocelyn is resting. After introductions are made, Jocelyn starts to go into labor, and so Nick returns to his truck to get a first aid kit and some blankets. Just before the baby is born Vincent returns. While Vincent and Jocelyn are rejoicing, George Lazure bursts in and threatens the group with a gun loaded with Sauver Sa Peau bullets. Nick's revelation that he is a Grimm distracts Lazure enough for Monroe to attack him. During the fight Nick retrieves the gun and when Lazure returns fully woged Nick shoots him.

Nick then arranges for the body to be found in Maureen Rodriguez's truck whilst the Glühenvolk continue on their journey to Alaska in Lazure's truck.

"Kiss of the Muse"

Nick meets Hank on the return from his vacation at a diner and discovers that he has torn his Achilles tendon while zip lining with his ex-wife, Nadine. During their meeting shots are heard from across the street and while Hank calls it in, Nick rushes to investigate. As he enters the library he hears shots and discovers Anton Cole holding Khloe Sedgwick hostage. He identifies himself and Anton shoots in his direction. Nick manages to force Anton to flee without Khloe and gives chase. Anton escapes by diving into the canal. Nick and Hank then interview Khloe and learn that Anton was her ex-boyfriend and that he had just killed her current boyfriend the novelist Evan Childs. Khloe thanks Nick for saving her, then kisses his hand. Wu then tells them that they have found Anton's loft, so they go there to investigate. In the loft they discover lots of paintings of Khloe, and one showing the murder scene, which proves premeditation. Nick receives a call from Juliette inviting him to dinner that evening, and he accepts.

Nick then visits Khloe at her home for a follow up interview, during which she kisses him on lips, then woges into her Musai form. When she realizes that Nick is a Grimm, she becomes scared and backs away. Nick then receives a call from Monroe asking about his dinner date with Juliette. Nick leaves Khloe's house and goes to see Juliette.

At Juliette's house, Nick is brusque with her as he asks what she wants to talk about. While Juliette is explaining that she is slowly regaining her memory Nick is distracted by thoughts and hallucinations of Khloe. He leaves without eating.

Nick returns to Monroe's house, where in answer to a polite inquiry as to how the evening went, is rude to Monroe and Nick leaves.

Nick goes to a bar where Hank arrives to talk to him. While waiting for Hank, Nick draws a picture of Khloe woged which he shows Hank. When another patron repeatedly asks to show the drawing to his girlfriend, Nick punches him in the stomach and leaves the bar.

The next morning at the precinct, Nick tells Hank that the previous night is a blur. Nick is distracted and uninterested in anything until Wu reveals that they know what Anton was doing the previous night. Nick, Hank, Wu, and Captain Renard all head out and look at the mural of Khloe painted by Anton in a vacant lot. Nick then leaves with Wu following.

Nick arrives at Khloe's house where Khloe tells him that Anton is there and she wants him to prove his love for her by killing Anton. The two fight, but Nick easily overpowers Anton. The officer stationed outside Khloe's house and Captain Renard enter in time to prevent Nick from beating Anton to death, although Nick still hits Anton whilst he is handcuffed.

Back at the precinct, Nick is told by an officer that Anton has been processed and is in the cells. Nick then heads straight for the cells where he draws his gun and is about to shoot Anton when Captain Renard, Juliette, and Monroe arrive. Renard points his gun at Nick, saying that he can't save Nick if he shoots Anton. Juliette goes to Nick and tells him that she is there for him, just like he was for her. Nick then throws off the effects of Khloe's kiss and hugs Juliette.

"The Waking Dead"

Nick and Juliette arrive outside their home in Nick's car. She apologizes for her recent behavior and says that she wants them to try to become a couple once more, but to take it slowly. She invites him for dinner again, an invitation he accepts.

The next day Nick and Hank are called to Richard Mulpus's home after his altercation with Wu and Franco. Nick comments that although the home is trashed, the body of Lilly O'Hara is undamaged. When leaving the scene, Nick notices a man in a top hat among the onlookers.

At the precinct Hank finds a death certificate for Mulpus, so the detectives head over to the morgue to consult with Harper, who tells them that Mulpus is definitely dead now. She also tells them that all the usual drug tests have returned a negative result.

At the hospital where Mulpus' death certificate was issued, Nick and Hank consult with Dr. Feldman who assures them that according to his tests, Mulpus was dead. He says that the body is probably still in the hospital morgue. The detectives visit the morgue and speak with the Morgue Clerk who shows them where the body should be. There is no body, and no paperwork much to the clerk's consternation. As they leave Nick sees the man in the top hat again. They then go to see Lily O'Hara and find her missing, so they review the surveillance video, where Nick once again sees the man in the top hat, this time taking Lilly O'Hara out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

Nick and Hank go to the trailer to research the zombie state, and find information about what could be causing the problem. They determine that it is the work of a Cracher-Mortel. While at the trailer, Nick receives a call from Monroe asking him to drop by the spice shop on the way home as he has something to tell him. Nick and Hank return to the precinct to discuss the case with Captain Renard.

At the spice shop Monroe and Rosalee tell Nick how they woged for Juliette, and that she'll either accept them or she won't.

At Juliette's house, Nick knocks on the door and gives Juliette some flowers. They briefly talk about what she saw at the spice shop, then Juliette goes to put the flowers in water and Nick enters the house.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

Nick and Juliette are finally having their dinner at the house. Juliette tells Nick that he does not need to knock as it is his home too. They then talk about recent events and start making out.

The next morning, while they are chatting, Nick is called into the precinct by Captain Renard.

Renard tells Nick that his brother, Eric, is in town for an unknown reason. When Eric calls, Sean puts the phone on speaker so that Nick can hear the conversation. Just as Eric terminates the call, Wu enters and tells them about the disturbances all over Portland.

When they arrive at scene, they are told that the perpetrators are upstairs, so they go through the coffee shop and upstairs where Lilly O'Hara attacks Wu, charges Nick, and leaps out of the window. Al the Tow Truck Driver then attacks Nick, but Nick eventually manages to knock him out. Just as he is about to handcuff him, he hears something and draws his gun, but it's Hank arriving to offer assistance. Nick decides that the best place for Al is the spice shop, so gives Hank his keys to bring his car to the rear entrance while he carries Al downstairs.

Hank and Nick decide to leave Al with Rosalee and Monroe where after explaining that they think a Cracher-Mortel is involved, Rosalee is able to find a cure that works in the violent phase. Nick and Hank leave Rosalee and Monroe to their concocting with the handcuff keys for Al.

Back at the precinct the detectives discover that 19 people and a whole bus have gone missing that day. They hear a tape of Baron Samedi calling for assistance with his car. Because the make and model were known, the car is soon found, so Nick, Hank, Wu and several other officers go to inspect the vehicle. In the trunk they find some Voodoo style items and Nick notices that the car has been dumped near a container yard.

Nick returns to Juliette's house, and she asks him how his day went. He tells her about the Cracher-Mortel and the zombies, and apologizes for not explaining everything very well as he is not used to telling people about that sort of thing. Monroe calls to say that Al is awake and Nick says that he has to go out. Juliette asks if it is Wesen stuff and when he replies in the affirmative, she says that she is going along, as she doesn't want to be locked out again.

At the spice shop, Nick questions Al and realizes that he was probably held in the container yard near the abandoned car. Nick gives Rosalee his key to hide, and then they all start making more antidote.

They head to the container yard and have a few zombies attack them, so they subdue them and inject them with the antidote, but more and more zombies start coming from all directions. Nick asks, "do you get the feeling we just walked into a trap?" Nick then leads the zombies away from their entry direction to enable Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee to return to the car.

Baron Samedi then makes himself known to Nick, who climbs up a container and chases Baron Samedi. When he catches up, the two fight. The Baron knocks Nick down and tries to open the top of a container and Nick tackles him into it. As soon as they fall inside, the Baron runs off and hides. In the container Nick finds an empty coffin containing a passport in the name of Thomas Schirach with his picture. Nick then hears a voice and turns around to see the Baron woged. The Baron spits in his face. Eric meets up with the Baron later, saying Nick has a plane to Europe to catch. The two then look inside the coffin, where a pale dead-looking Nick is lying.

Season 3

"The Ungrateful Dead"

Nick's coffin is loaded onto a private airplane with Baron Samedi as the only passenger. Shortly after the flight begins, the Baron notices that Nick is attempting to escape from the coffin. The coffin springs open and the Baron spits on Nick again. Thinking it calmed Nick down, he turns around to return to his seat, but Nick attacks the Baron. Because of the noise created by the fight, the co-pilot comes to investigate. Nick then attacks him and enters the cockpit where he attacks the pilot, causing the plane to crash. Nick is unharmed by the crash, and heads into the woods. After a while he comes upon a bar, which he enters and when one of the patrons challenges him, he proceeds to attack anyone who doesn't get out of his way, or who attacks him. He leaves through the back door and continues through the woods until he hears a family arriving home in the near distance and starts heading toward their home.


Nick breaks into the family's home by smashing the front door. He hears a noise from upstairs and runs towards it. He starts beating in the door to the room that the family is hiding in. He is unable to enter as a bookcase has been placed behind it. He continues pounding on the door which attracts the attention of the pursuing Hank and Monroe. Just as Nick breaks into the room Hank and Monroe arrive and engage him in combat. Hank and Monroe lead Nick out of the house and manage to trap him under a hayloft, by having him fall through a weakened gallery floor.

When Nick breaks free from the room, he is confronted by a woged Monroe, a woged Captain Renard, and Hank. All three fight Nick, but Nick doesn't have much trouble against them. Juliette and Rosalee come into the barn and Juliette says Nick's name to get him to face her as she plunges the Piqure-Gigantesque containing the antidote into his stomach. Nick knocks her aside before she can depress the plunger and Rosalee rushes in to depress the plunger. Nick makes as if to attack her, but instead he collapses.

Nick is taken to the spice shop, where he is handcuffed to a bed and given another dose of the antidote.

Later Nick wakes dazed, confused and sore all over. He asks what he is doing there. Rosalee asks what the last thing he remembers is, and when Monroe mentions the container yard he remembers going there with the antidote, and then getting separated from the others before confronting Baron Samedi, falling into a container and finding a passport with his photograph. He says that he must have been knocked out and wonders why they brought him to the spice shop. From their reactions he realizes that something else happened, so he asks if he is leaving something out. Juliette explains that Baron Samedi infected him and she lifts his shirt to show the injection marks. Juliette tells Nick that he should come back to the house to rest.

While Nick is sleeping, his skin turns grey. Juliette wakes up and rubs Nick's face. It is cold so she panics and calls 911. Just before the call is answered, Nick wakes up and asks who she is calling. Juliette checks Nick's pulse and tells him he needs to see a doctor, Nick assures her he feels fine and goes back to sleep.

The next morning when Holtby and Bauer, two detectives from the precinct, knock on the door to speak to Juliette, they explain that they are there because someone died during the bar fight and that Juliette was there with Captain Renard and Rosalee. While the detectives are questioning Juliette, Nick is in the kitchen, but his enhanced hearing allows him to clearly hear the conversation.

Nick decides that he is going to turn himself in for the killing and goes to the Precinct, where Hank tells him that he is on his own if he does this. Before he can do anything Captain Renard shows him the CCTV footage of the fight, and that the man who dies had attacked Nick with a knife. He also says that it is the fault of the Royals, as they had him drugged and if he turns himself in it will only benefit them. Nick meets Holtby and Bauer and they ask how he is feeling. He thinks about the bar fight, but decides to reply that he is doing fine before sitting at his desk.

"A Dish Best Served Cold"

Nick is at a doctor's office running on a treadmill while going through tests. He is surprised to learn that neither his breathing nor heart rate changed over the course of his exam.

At home, Nick tells Juliette about the physical. She is slightly worried, bringing up the night when his pulse slowed so much she thought he was dead. ("PTZD") Juliette suggests that the toxin may still be affecting him differently from others because of his Grimm lineage. ("The Ungrateful Dead") Juliette says all they can do is monitor him and hope it's temporary. Nick claims that he is more aware and in control, suggesting it to be a psychological issue, but Juliette expresses her worry, saying she isn't letting him go far for awhile. They kiss and Nick says he thinks he is feeling better already.

Later on, Nick is among the officers called to the scene of the dead man in a tree whose stomach exploded. Like the others, he is surprised to see this unusual scene, and is unsure of what could have happened. He also participates in interviewing the deceased man's wife.

Still bothered by his knowledge of being responsible for the death of the man he fought in the bar while under Baron Samedi's toxin, Nick looks up info on the man he killed, and then goes to Captain Renard's office to talk with him about how the death is still bothering him. Renard, however, coldly and unhelpfully asks Nick if he's bothered by the fact that he killed a person or by the fact that the person wasn't a Wesen. Stunned, Nick returns to his desk.

Nick and Hank are called to the scene of a dead woman who is also found with her stomach exploded and ends up learning that one of the last places she went before her death was the restaurant, Raven & Rose. Remembering that the deceased man they'd found before and his wife had recently celebrated their anniversary over dinner. Nick asks Hank to call the wife and ask her where she and her husband celebrated. Hank complies, and the location turns out to be Raven & Rose.

Upon learning this information, Nick and Hank research the restaurant at the precinct and learn that it is run by Graydon Ostler, who has recently returned from a cooking trip abroad. They decide to go to Raven & Rose to talk to Ostler. When they arrive at the restaurant, a waiter tries to turn them away, but lets them in when he learns that they're detectives. When they hear angry yelling coming from the kitchen, Nick and Hank enter in time to see Ostler yelling at his subordinate chefs for doing a cooking procedure incorrectly. As Ostler continues to rant, Nick sees him and the other chefs woge into Bauerschwein, and proceeds to tell this information to Hank.

When the two detectives question Ostler, the chef appears shocked by the deaths of the two people who'd dined at his restaurant, and proceeds to deny any knowledge about knowing the customers before their deaths as well as any possible scenario that could put him or his restaurant at fault.

When Hank and Nick return to the precinct, they learn that not only did the two deceased people eat different food while at Raven & Rose before they died, but their tox screenings turned up negative for any drugs or poisons.

Nick discusses the case with Juliette, and she suggests that the victim's stomachs may have exploded as a result of a type of stomach bloating that is similar to a breed specific one that occurs in some dogs and cattle. This leads to Nick thinking about this possibly being related to the Blutbad-Bauerschwein Feud. However, he is still unsure of how the Bauerschwein at the restaurant would be able to tell which of their guests were Blutbaden, so he is told to think it over on his way to Monroe's later that night to prepare to move out.

Nick and Monroe proceed to pack up Nick's stuff so that he can properly move out of Monroe's and back to Juliette's. As they do this, Nick asks if Monroe has recently been at Raven & Rose. Monroe says yes, and Nick tells him about how it is run by Bauerschwein, but Monroe seems indifferent to this information. Soon after this, Nick is treated to a surprise from Juliette and his other friends in Monroe's house to celebrate Nick's coming back to his old home. Unfortunately, before the celebration can begin in full, Monroe receives a call from Kimber, the wife of his friend Sam. In the conversation that follows, Nick learns that Sam and Kimber recently had dinner at Raven & Rose, and that Sam is a Blutbad. He also learns that Monroe once knew the first victim with an exploded stomach before his death. Upon learning about this, Nick, Monroe, and Hank hurry over to a park where Sam's car is located. They find Sam in a tree just in time to see him woge and howl in pain before his stomach explodes, killing him.

While doing research after seeing Sam die, Rosalee discovers that the Bauerschwein at the restaurant are doing their work through use of a rare mushroom, Vollige Verzweiflung, from the Black Forest which is harmless if eaten raw, but fatal to Blutbaden if they eat it after it has been cooked. Nick insists that he wants to try to deal with the situation as a cop instead of a Grimm. Monroe is impatient and desperate for revenge, and tells Nick that he'd better deal with it, or else he will do it himself.

Nick visits Ostler at Raven & Rose, and Ostler is at first nervous when he learns that Nick is a Grimm. After Nick promises that he doesn't plan to kill him, Nick explains that he knows about how he has been killing Blutbaden, and asks him to confess. Ostler, however, refuses and he points out his woged chefs that are watching Nick for good measure.

"One Night Stand"

"El Cucuy"

"Stories We Tell Our Young"

"Cold Blooded"

"Twelve Days of Krampus"

"Red Menace"

"Eyes of the Beholder"

"The Good Soldier"

"The Wild Hunt"


"Mommy Dearest"

"Once We Were Gods"

"The Show Must Go On"


"The Law of Sacrifice"

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"

"My Fair Wesen"

"The Inheritance"

"Blond Ambition"

Season 4

"Thanks for the Memories"

"Octopus Head"

"The Last Fight"

"Dyin' on a Prayer"

"Cry Luison"

"Highway of Tears"

"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"




"Death Do Us Part"


"Trial by Fire"

"Bad Luck"

"Double Date"




"Iron Hans"

"You Don't Know Jack"


"Cry Havoc"

Season 5

"The Grimm Identity"

"Clear and Wesen Danger"

"Lost Boys"

"Maiden Quest"

"The Rat King"

"Wesen Nacht"

"Eve of Destruction"

"A Reptile Dysfunction"


"Map of the Seven Knights"

"Key Move"

"Into the Schwarzwald"

"Silence of the Slams"


"Skin Deep"

"The Believer"


"Good to the Bone"

"The Taming of the Wu"

"Bad Night"

"Set Up"

"The Beginning of the End"

Season 6


"Trust Me Knot"

"Oh Captain, My Captain"

"El Cuegle"

"The Seven Year Itch"

"Breakfast in Bed"

"Blind Love"

"The Son Also Rises"

"Tree People"

"Blood Magic"

"Where the Wild Things Were"

"Zerstörer Shrugged"

"The End"


In most episodes Nick seems to possess a keen sense to profile people quickly (even before the family's misfortune was passed to him), though it doesn't prove to be correct in the case of Monroe (this was however mostly due to him being distracted by his new Grimm powers, which allowed him to see Monroe's Wesen face). Aside from his ability of prospection, he has a good amount of self-confidence that never crosses over into arrogance. This, along with his ability to stay calm and rational in difficult situations gives him an edge in coping with his new found powers. Nick's sheer bravery is incredible. Multiple times he's leapt into dangerous situations to save others, and even when faced with opponents who are at least his equal, he refuses to back down.

Nick has a keen sense of fair play and a good moral compass. Despite the many atrocities he sees every day as a policeman, it never blinds him to the inherent goodness inside all creatures, and because of this, he has taken it upon himself to not only fulfill his role as a Grimm in protecting humans from dangerous Wesen, but also to protect Wesen from those of their kind who are out to harm them, along with humans who may come after them for similar reasons. He is a loving and devoted boyfriend, and a loyal friend. He can however be ruthless when the situation demands it, and is not above using Wesen's fear of Grimms to his advantage, but only when the situation requires him to. Over time, due to coping with his Grimm duties, Nick has gotten more ruthless, and is now less worried about killing opponents, but only if they are a serious threat to him or others. Nick's temper has also increased, and he's become more prone to expressing and listening to his rage as well. Nick is also shown to be a highly capable liar, able to make up believable stories on the spot to cover his Grimm activities, as the series progresses he gets more comfortable with bending or even out right breaking the law when he needs to do Grimm business.

Nick does not seem to know any foreign languages. He's been exposed to German, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish, and has been unable to read these languages without help.

Over the course of season one, Nick's confidence grew greatly. With each encounter with a new Wesen, his actions became bolder and more assertive, thus revealing his capabilities as a Grimm, though his abilities are triggered, like Wesen, under intense emotions. Amidst the chaotic events he has maintained balance as a police detective and a Grimm.

Nick utilizes his role as a police detective in numerous ways. He's come to rely on basic training in marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat, in which he displays proficiency, these abilities are likewise enhanced by his natural Grimm skills. Nick seems to wield some authority in the Portland P.D., as he has been seen giving orders in multiple episodes. As a result of his job it's easier for "law abiding" Wesen to trust him. Allowing him to work both sides. Ultimately he can centralize his investigative efforts, as a Grimm, with a team of vigilantes, to come up with strategies to combat crime in the Wesen underworld.

Nick has mastered his Grimm powers and has proven on multiple occasions that he is an accomplished fighter, a highly capable hunter and a competent tracker, all skills that he requires to perform his Grimm duties.

Grimm Abilities

Nick possesses all the powers of a Grimm, which he regularly uses to combat evil and dangerous Wesen. His Grimm powers make him stronger and more powerful than any human, and many Wesen.

  • Superhuman Perception - Nick's powers as a Grimm give him the ability to see creatures in their true form when they get excited, annoyed, angry or careless. Nick is also superhumanly observant, allowing him to pick up on the most miniscule details that others often overlook.
  • Superhuman Strength - Nick's strength is significantly enhanced, making him much stronger than any man; this allows him to match the fighting prowess of many Wesen, the only exceptions so far being a Siegbarste, Krampus and Wildesheers. ("Game Ogre") ("Twelve Days of Krampus") ("Revelation") His strength makes him noticeably stronger than several more powerful Wesen, such as Jägerbars. Nick's skills are highly impressive, since he's was able to fend off Blutbaden, and hold on much longer than the average man when fighting a Siegbarste. He could defeat a Skalenzahne, something Monroe was unable to do. During a fight with a Mauvais Dentes, he held his own long enough for his mother to arrive and help him finish him off, while Mauvais Dentes usually have no trouble overpowering and killing their targets. When enraged and infected with Cracher-Mortel toxin, he was able to leave dents in a solid metal coffin without damaging his hands. ("Bears Will Be Bears") ("Game Ogre") ("Last Grimm Standing") ("Leave It to Beavers") ("The Kiss") ("The Ungrateful Dead") He was also able to snap a Phansigar's tongue out of his mouth by upper cutting the Phansigar while his tongue was wrapped around Nick's neck. ("Highway of Tears") Nick was also able to catapult a Vulpesmyrca over him by grabbing onto the Vulpesmyrca's labrys he was wielding and propelling him forward. ("Bad Luck") His strength and fighting prowess are on a level that he can defeat many Wesen with ease.
  • Superhuman Durability/Stamina/Endurance - Nick's durability is notably very high; several times he has taken extremely powerful blows from incredibly strong Wesen such as Mauvais Dentes, and recovered in seconds. For example, in separate encounters with a Schakal and a Klaustreich, the creatures smashed heavy objects against his head, yet he recovered in seconds. ("The Thing with Feathers") ("Eyes of the Beholder") He even took a beating from a Siegbarste, and escaped with only a few bruised ribs. ("Game Ogre") ("Woman in Black") His stamina is also incredible; several times he's emerged out of heavy fights, and still seemed only mildly dazed. ("Leave It to Beavers") ("Woman in Black") ("The Kiss") Later, it was noticed that after his infection and cure from Cracher-Mortel toxin, his heart rate and blood pressure remained completely stable even when he was running at top speed over a long period of time, and he doesn't sweat after going for long jogs. ("A Dish Best Served Cold") ("Red Menace") He can hold his breath for a reasonably long time as he did when he was fighting La Llorona or saving Elly Mahario under the river.  ("La Llorona") ("One Night Stand")
  • Superhuman Speed/Agility - Nick is shown to be incredibly fast on several occasions when chasing others. He nearly always catches them, and (if in a group) he is often way ahead of the others in the chase (including some Wesen). ("Pilot") ("Danse Macabre") ("La Llorona") His agility is also greater than normal; allowing him to move with great speed and flexibility, in a fight with Reapers he acrobatically flipped over to dodge two scythes. ("Leave It to Beavers")
  • Superhuman Hearing - After the loss of his eyesight by the parasitic infection from the Jinnamuru Xunte, Nick gained the ability to hear sounds beyond normal limits. Nick was revealed to have retained or fully realized the ability when he closed his eyes/blindfolded himself after he got his eyesight back. ("Mr. Sandman") He later seemed to be able to access a lesser version, even with his eyes open as he was able to hear to movements of the nearby Taureus-Armenta. ("Volcanalis") While suffering from Cracher-Mortel toxin, it appeared to be enhanced exponentially, as he was able to hear a conversation from much further away than before. He could still access the enhanced version of this ability after he was cured. ("The Ungrateful Dead") ("PTZD") ("Eyes of the Beholder") ("The Law of Sacrifice") ("Highway of Tears")
  • Eidetic Memory - Nick has been shown to have a very good (potentially photographic) memory. For example, when Monroe mentions Siegbarste Gift, the only thing that can kill a Siegbarste, he remembered that he saw some in the trailer and remembers seeing the rifle that is made for killing a Siegbarste. Nick is also able to remember the faces of the Wesen he's seen, and quickly learn minor details about them that often come back to help him. ("Game Ogre")
  • Indomitable Will - As a Grimm, Nick possesses incredible will power, making him (like other Grimms) immune to powers of the Coins of Zakynthos, which are so strong, no man or Wesen can resist them. However, he seems to be as easy to control as a normal human when he falls under the spell of a Musai kiss, and he is still vulnerable to the seductive abilities of Hexenbiests. ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau") ("Kiss of the Muse") ("Bad Luck")
  • Artistic Talent - He is also shown on a few occasions to be quite a good artist; this ability also helps him in hunting the Wesen, when trying to identify them. Nick is revealed to have inherited his abilities from his mother, who in turn inherited them from her Ancestors. ("Bears Will Be Bears") ("The Kiss") ("The Good Shepherd")
  • Combat Skills - Although he also possesses police training, as a Grimm, Nick possesses a natural aptitude for fighting, particularly with Wesen. This also means he's naturally skilled with medieval weapons, he mastered both the Flail and the Lance after only holding them for a few seconds, and was able to master his Grimm weapons after merely a few tries. Nick is also a capable marksman, and rarely misses his target. ("Last Grimm Standing") ("Plumed Serpent") ("Leave It to Beavers")
  • Blood of a Grimm - As a Grimm, Nick can use his blood as an offensive weapon, as the blood of a Grimm, it kills the Wesen part of Hexenbiests (and possibly other Wesen) thus turning them human, and robbing them of all their powers. ("Love Sick") However, once used, he can not reuse the ability a second time if the Hexenbiest regains their powers. ("Bad Luck") Additionally, Nick's bloodline as a Grimm also allows him to specifically sense when a fellow Grimm of his related bloodline is in serious trouble or in need of help. The strength of Nick's blood allowed him to call forth his ancestors in order to help defeat Zerstörer, and Trubel, Nick's third cousin, came back to Portland to help Nick after she sensed he was in danger and that something bad was going to happen. ("The End")

Skills and Talents

Nick doesn't know German ("Pilot"), Spanish ("Happily Ever Aftermath"), or Japanese ("Tarantella"), but he has learned some Latin by reading through some of the Grimm diaries. ("Trial by Fire")

Nick is a very good artist, being able to accurately draw Wesen. This helps him learn more about Wesen that he comes across.

In the comic series, he is often shown carrying several weapons. He is consistently shown in all series to be a fast learner with any type of handheld weapon.


  • Adalind Schade - Nick and Adalind deeply disliked each other at first. Their rivalry originally started when Adalind tried to kill Aunt Marie. Afterwards, Nick was forced into guarding Adalind when her life was threatened by a Mellifer. ("Beeware") Not understanding the world at the time, Nick chose to save her. However, following Adalind placing Hank under a spell, Nick's opinion of her worsened considerably, and he grew to hate her. Their tensions finally met a breaking point, and the two fought. In the fight, Nick tricked Adalind into swallowing some of his blood, thus turning her human and robbing her of her powers. ("Love Sick") In retaliation, Adalind cursed Juliette, causing her to enter a coma. Nick was forced to help her, however, when his mother returned to his home with Adalind and her newborn baby. His hatred for Adalind only grew further when, under the belief that Viktor had her baby, Adalind disguised herself as Juliette and had sex with him in order to remove his powers as a Grimm. ("Blond Ambition") Despite all the bad history between the two, Nick was willing to help protect Adalind under the premise that Adalind could help find a way to suppress the Hexenbiest in Juliette. Adalind also revealed to Nick that she is the mother of his son, conceived when she tricked him into sleeping with her. ("Bad Luck") Since suppressing her own Hexenbiest powers, Adalind has also shown some empathy for Nick over his mother being killed. ("Cry Havoc") Since moving in with Nick and relocating to a loft, Adalind has expressed her gratitude to Nick for him taking care of her and their son, and she has also told him that she wishes she could take back everything she did to him when she was a Hexenbiest. They have even started developing romantic feelings for one another, although both admit that it would be better to wait until they are certain that they both want to pursue that any further. ("Eve of Destruction") When Nick decided to leave for Germany to look for the treasure that the map of the keys led to, Adalind was worried that there was a chance he might not return, so she told him she loved him, and, for the first time, the two knowingly and intentionally slept with one another. ("Key Move") When Nick was about to go face Zerstörer, Adalind went up to him and told him to be careful. They kissed, and for the first time, Nick told her he loved her. ("Zerstörer Shrugged") It is unknown if Nick eventually married Adalind, but it is noteworthy that in the Grimm epilogue, Diana referred to Nick and Adalind as "Mom and Dad," from which the inference can be made that their relationship continued 20 years later after Zerstörer was defeated by Nick with the help of Trubel and his Grimm ancestors. ("The End")
  • Juliette Silverton - Despite Aunt Marie's warning, Nick stayed with Juliette. They had a close, loving relationship, but Juliette was getting very suspicious about various events since Marie's visit, including when their refrigerator was worked on by an Eisbiber. Bud, the repairman, told several drinking buddies that he saw a Grimm, and the curious beaver-like creatures initially pestered Nick and Juliette by spying on them. After Juliette lost her memories of Nick due to Adalind's curse, there was a great strain on their relationship, and despite Nick's best efforts, she had difficulty falling back in love with him. However, with help from Monroe and Rosalee, Juliette's memories returned, causing her to be overcome with guilt over how she acted. She began to understand what Nick had been trying to tell her, which led to Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud showing her their Wesen forms. She learned to work through this and regained romantic feelings for Nick again. In addition to finding out he was a Grimm, Juliette was eager to learn more about the Wesen world (and possibly explore the life of a Grimm), thus allowing them to rekindle their relationship. ("Danse Macabre") ("The Kiss") ("Kiss of the Muse") ("The Waking Dead") ("Goodnight, Sweet Grimm") When Nick's powers as a Grimm were taken away by Adalind, ("Blond Ambition") both Juliette and Nick gave a lot of consideration to having normal lives. However, when Monroe and Rosalee started receiving threats over their marriage from the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen, Juliette agreed that it was best for Nick to be a Grimm again. With the help of Sean Renard's mother, Elizabeth Lascelles, Juliette went through the process of reversing what Adalind had done to Nick. In doing so, she suffered from a significant side effect and turned into a Hexenbiest, gradually losing any semblance of who she used to be. Her relationship with Nick deteriorated as well, and she eventually moved out. Turning into a Hexenbiest led Juliette to endanger the lives of Nick's friends, torch the trailer, assist the Royals in ambushing Nick's mother to abduct Diana, and attack Nick. When he discovered that she was indirectly responsible for his mother's death, like Monroe, Rosalee and Hank, he officially cut any ties he still had with her. When Juliette subsequently attacked and tried to kill Nick, he did not try to defend himself, stating he was done fighting. Despite all that Juliette had done to that point, however, Nick still grieved when she was seemingly shot and killed by Trubel with a Doppelarmbrust. ("Cry Havoc") ("The Grimm Identity") Nick was understandably shocked and shaken to see that she was apparently still alive later, ("Wesen Nacht") only to learn that she had been transformed by Hadrian's Wall into Eve, an entirely new persona with a newfound purpose who retained Juliette's memories but few, if any, of her past personality traits. ("Eve of Destruction")
  • Eve - Nick initially dealt with conflicting feelings of anger, resentment, and bitterness, as he resisted accepting who Juliette had been transformed into, refusing to believe she could feel nothing in regards to what Juliette had done as a Hexenbiest. Eve was committed to helping Hadrian's Wall defeat Black Claw, however, and Nick was eventually able to recognize Eve's value to that cause. His feelings of anger abated as he gradually accepted that any remnants of Juliette truly seemed to be absent, despite Eve being the same in body. Nick's past feelings for Juliette complicated things, however; even as his relationship with Adalind grew and progressed, there was always a belief deep down that some piece of Juliette remained. That belief seemed to come to the forefront when Eve was healed by the stick, ("The Beginning of the End") purifying Eve's soul and bringing a return to some of Juliette's emotions, compassion, and personality traits. Nick initially wondered if Juliette had returned, and he later even referred to her as Juliette in one instance, ("The Son Also Rises") but it was eventually made clear to Nick that Eve's identity did indeed and would remain. In a heart-to-heart talk before Nick and Eve prepared to battle Zerstörer, it was clear Nick still harbored guilt over what had led to Juliette becoming a Hexenbiest and eventually, Eve. However, much of that guilt was lifted off Nick's shoulders when Eve told him that it was a good thing that they weren't who they used to be and that everything had happened for a reason. When Nick questioned that they were all better off, Eve insisted they were, adding that she had finally found her purpose. ("Where the Wild Things Were")
  • Hank Griffin - Nick has a good relationship with his partner Hank Griffin, having been friends with him long before Nick discovered his heritage. Hank was often at a loss to understand how Nick is able to "see" what he does in people. Nick even considered telling Hank his secret, but for fears of it driving him insane he didn't. Following Hank's discovery of the Wesen world and Nick being a Grimm, ("Bad Moon Rising") their relationship greatly improved, and Hank manages to aid Nick in his off the record activities as a Grimm. He is one of only six people (the others being Monroe, Rosalee, Juliette (formerly), Trubel and Wu) that Nick has trusted with the knowledge of the trailer.
  • Monroe - After an encounter with reformed Wieder Blutbad Monroe, he gained an unofficial partner. At first Monroe was unwilling to help, due to tensions between the two's ancestors, but he soon came to accept their relationship, and the two formed a strong friendship, both saving the others life at least once. As it defies the status quo, the Reapers and the Royals are very displeased by the idea of one of the creatures helping a Grimm. Although Monroe has been threatened, beaten, and had an assassin sent after him to keep him from helping Nick, he remains a true and loyal friend, helping out with information and back up. Monroe was for a long while the only person in whom Nick could confide about his Grimm activity, and Monroe is aware of Aunt Marie's trailer. However, Monroe and Nick make sure that it's not obvious that the two of them are working together, especially to other Wesen. Following Nick's problems with Juliette, Nick lived with Monroe, who gave him his spare bedroom, until things worked back out with Juliette. ("Season of the Hexenbiest") ("The Waking Dead") ("Goodnight, Sweet Grimm")
  • Sean Renard - He has a good and mutually respectful relationship with his superior, Captain Sean Renard. The two seem to get along fine, and Nick trusts Renard's judgement and leadership. He was not aware until "Face Off" that Renard actually protected Nick to the best of his abilities and from Renard's true identity or heritage. However, he discovered that Juliette was seeing Renard, and he briefly fought him in "Face Off", before discovering his true identity and his motives. Initially after this discovery, Nick was still somewhat wary and distrusting of Renard, knowing that he kept a lot of secrets and plays a lot of games. Renard later told Nick that the potion Nick was about to take was similar to the potion that he had used to save Juliette, and it was causing their mutual infatuation. Following this, the two still keep a relatively friendly relationship and easily work with each other. When it comes to Royal ordeals, Sean and Nick have been able to see eye-to-eye and have both been committed to preventing a power shift occur in favor of the Royal families.
  • Bud Wurstner - They first met when Bud was fixing Nick's refrigerator, and in a moment of stress, Bud woged upon realizing Nick was a Grimm. He ran off terrified. Bud later caused Nick several problems by telling his drinking buddies about Nick. This led to other Eisbibers trying to see him. Nick went to confront the Eisbibers and found Bud there. Initially terrified, he was calmed slightly when he learned Nick didn't plan to kill him, and quickly agreed to have everyone stop. Afterwards, Bud generally acted subservient to Nick, to make certain he didn't have any cause to harm him. This annoyed Nick slightly, as he had trouble justifying it to Juliette. It was only when Nick got involved in the Eisbiber/Hässilech feud that Bud realized what a good person Nick was, and the two formed a friendship. Their friendship got stronger after Nick saved Bud before Ryan Smulson could kill him. Despite this, Bud was still somewhat afraid of Nick, especially when Nick goes through emotional problems. ("Danse Macabre") ("Let Your Hair Down") ("Tarantella") ("Island of Dreams") ("Leave It to Beavers") ("The Hour of Death") Bud has grown to trust Nick completely over time, and his faith in Nick was only emboldened further when Nick helped save his life from the Wesenrein after he was kidnapped by them. ("Tribunal")
  • Rosalee Calvert - Upon first meeting, Rosalee was originally wary due to Nick being a Grimm, but the two quickly warmed up to one another. Nick trusts Rosalee and considers her a friend, he often asks for her aid on matters that involve alchemical and Wesen or even non-Wesen matters. Their friendship has strengthened over time, particularly when Rosalee helped Nick get his Grimm powers back ("Cry Luison") ("Highway of Tears") and when Nick helped save Monroe from the Wesenrein. ("Tribunal")
  • Kelly Burkhardt - Nick loved his mother, but upon discovering she was still alive and the fact that she never told him, he was deeply hurt. However, the two soon managed to patch up their relationship, and Nick accepted that she had to leave him and hoped to see her again soon. He was especially saddened and shocked to the point of howling, "No!" in grief when he discovered her severed head inside a box in his house that the Royals had left for him. Her death played a large role in Nick killing Prince Kenneth and infiltrating a gated compound the Royals had rented near Portland. ("Cry Havoc")
  • Marie Kessler - As he was raised by her, after his parents died (or rather appeared to in his mother's case) Nick deeply loved his aunt, and was greatly hurt by the idea of her forthcoming death. He was also shocked when he learned how much he didn't know about her and was greatly saddened when she died.
  • Theresa Rubel - Unknown at the time, Trubel is a third cousin of Nick's, related through the Kessler line. ("The End") When they first met, Nick sympathized with her since it had not been all that long since he first found out about being a Grimm and was still learning new things about the world of Wesen. Trubel was resistant towards accepting any kind of help from him at first, but when she realized that Nick could relate to her and show her that she wasn't crazy, he quickly became a mentor and a good friend to her, which later developed into an almost sibling-like relationship. Trubel became Nick's eyes and ears for him in regards to Wesen when he lost his powers despite his reluctance to rely on her help; he greatly cares for her and quickly became fiercely protective of her. When Trubel left to go to Philadelphia, she let Nick know how thankful she was for his help by telling him that he had given her a life. ("The Grimm Who Stole Christmas") Trubel got kidnapped by a Secret Government Organization not long after her return to Portland, ("The Grimm Identity") and he is currently determined to find where she is.


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  • (To various Wesen): "I know what you are."
  • (To Monroe): "Monroe, think about this for one second. What would we possibly talk about?" ("Leave It to Beavers")
  • (Talking with Sal Butrell): "I met your friends." Sal: "What happened?" Nick: "Oh, you know how it is. They got angry. Kinda lost their heads." ("Leave It to Beavers")
  • (To Adalind): "Adalind! I think it's time we settled our differences...violently." ("Love Sick")
  • (To himself, when reading about the lair of a Dämonfeuer): "Ah, that's just what I need, an entrance to Hell." ("Plumed Serpent")
  • (To Spencer Harrison after the latter woges in response to being arrested): "Open your mouth, and I'll blow your head off. I know how you kill." ("Happily Ever Aftermath")
  • (To Hank): "A Grimm. It's sort of a family problem." ("Bad Moon Rising")
  • (To Adalind): "I guess you don't need to be a Hexenbiest to be a witch." ("Season of the Hexenbiest")
  • (To Monroe when asked about what he'd do if he'd seen Renard): "I'm afraid of what I'd have done if I had." ("Face Off")
  • (To Renard): "Let's finish this off the way we should." ("Face Off")
  • (To Rosalee and Monroe): "Does anything not end in death?!" ("Face Off")
  • (To Hank): "Maybe we got lucky this time, and we're just dealing with a normal human psychopath." ("Nameless")
  • (After learning that Barry Kellogg's sweat is needed in order to neutralize the Ziegevolk's geruck gland): "First, we find him. And then we make him sweat." ("One Angry Fuchsbau")
  • (Talking with Hank) Hank: "Um, so what'd I miss?" Nick: "The usual. The Devil. A couple of space aliens." ("Kiss of the Muse")
  • (To himself after putting away his tools from his last encounter with the Gelumcaedus trio): "Decapitare. I like the sound of that." ("Cold Blooded")
  • (To Renard after Adalind woges): "You find that attractive? Really?" ("The Law of Sacrifice")
  • (While watching a woged JP slowly begin to look like a Phansigar as a result of his Grimm powers finally coming back): "You're done." ("Highway of Tears")
  • (Speaking with Hank about El Chupacabra) Hank: "So we're dealing with a Wesen." Nick: "I hope so. I cannot believe I just said that." ("Chupacabra")
  • (Charlie Riken woges and sees that Nick is a Grimm again) Charlie: "You got it back." Nick: "That is the rumor." ("Tribunal")
  • (Talking with Charlie after interrupting the Tribunal) Charlie: "You may be a Grimm again, but you're not gonna be able to arrest all of us." Nick: "You're right. Some of you will be stupid." ("Tribunal")
  • (To Monroe after Monroe states that he's not entirely comfortable with their plan to suppress a Huntha Lami Muuaji's woge to the point that it's stuck in its male form): "Cringe away, because right now, we don't have any other choice." ("Double Date")
  • (After discovering his mother's severed head): "NO! NO! NO!" ("Headache")
  • (Speaking with Kenneth, who refers to Juliette) Kenneth: "She's changed the course of history just so you know." Nick: "Too bad you won't live to see it." ("Cry Havoc")
  • (Talking to Trubel about being a dad) Trubel: "I can't believe you're a dad too." Nick: "I can't believe that either." ("Wesen Nacht")
  • (To Trubel and Hank): "Reality is definitely not what it used to be." ("A Reptile Dysfunction")
  • (To Kelly Schade-Burkhardt): "Can you say 'Grimm'?" ("Skin Deep")
  • (To Eve): "We're not gonna kill anyone, are we? 'Cause I'd like to know that up front." ("Inugami")
  • (To Madoka and Jin Akagi): "And this is where it gets interesting. You're Wesen. I'm a Grimm. And we have a lot to talk about." ("Inugami")
  • (Talking to Renard regarding Kelly now being with him) Renard: "Nick, sometimes the only way to protect the ones you love is to let them go." Nick: "And sometimes the only way to protect the ones you love is to kill the people who threaten them." ("Bad Night")
  • (To Trubel regarding the Treasure of the Knights Templar): "You're a Grimm. If anything happens to me, you and only you know where this is." ("Bad Night")
  • (Nick, disguised as Renard, to Renard): "So, if I shoot you, is that considered suicide?" ("Oh Captain, My Captain")
  • (Nick, disguised as Renard, exchanging with Renard about their new arrangement): Nick: "Yeah, I raise my son." Renard: "I raise my daughter." Nick: "And Adalind comes with me." ("Oh Captain, My Captain")


  • He shares the same birth month and day (June 18) as David Giuntoli. ("Map of the Seven Knights")
  • Nick's e-mail address for the Portland Police Bureau is His business card also specifically states that he is a robbery/homicide detective. ("The Last Fight")
  • It's interesting to note that the Kessler description in the Nebojsa Grimm Diaries states that the family is of noble, honorable blood, consisting of "warriors, knights and protectors of peace," which certainly describes both Nick and his role as a police officer.
  • Nick, the short form of Nicholas, originates from the Greek name Νικολαος (Nikolaos), which means "victory of the people" (from Greek νικη (nike) "victory" and λαος (laos) "people"). Nick's surname Burkhardt, one of several variants of the surname Burkhard, is derived from the Germanic elements burg, meaning "protection," and hard, meaning "brave."


The part of Nick Burkhardt was described as:

Age 28-32. A handsome young detective.

It also indicated several elements of the pilot episode, like him defending his mysterious aunt from deadly creatures. Casting Director Donna Rosenstein indicates that it's rare to find an actor like Giuntoli "who is handsome, but not pretty." Nick's role was the first to be cast for the pilot.(Grimm: Special Collector's Edition issue 2)

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