S1 S4
Owned by: Rosalee Calvert
Purpose: Administer a drug nasally
Location: Exotic Spice & Tea Shop

A Nez-soufflet (NAY soo-fleh; Grimm: NAY zoo-flay; Fr. "nose" + "bellows") is the device Rosalee used to administer an antidote to Wu in "Love Sick".

Spice Shop Book ExcerptEdit

The following is a fragmented excerpt from one of Rosalee's books: ("Octopus Head")

...until boiling. Carefully... Use caution as this... to a nez-soufflet. ...counteract the effects of the potion... Hexenbiest variety. It can be found... is a traditional way to force the enemy... and then dispose of them. It is also used to... blackmail yet another party with the promise that the... something desired by the deceiver. ...a Zaubertrank of this nature from a Hexenbiest using...


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