Nevin Densham
Nevin Densham
Roles: Writer
First Episode Written: "Leave It to Beavers"
Last Episode Written: "Leave It to Beavers"
Episodes Written: 1
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IMDb: Nevin Densham
Twitter: @nevindensham

Nevin Densham is a television writer.


He was born in Los Angeles and has been writing professionally since 2004, trained under television and feature Writer/Producers Pen Densham and John Watson. He sold his first feature script off a pitch in 2004 to MGM/UA in a meeting with MGM Chairman Chris McGurk, entitled Flesh and Blood, based on the book "Blood Crazy" by English horror maven Simon Clark. Since then, he has helped develop several television series with Trilogy Entertainment Group as well as continued his work in feature writing. Recently, he sold his second feature off a pitch, entitled Total Exposure, to independent producer Peter Elson.

He's worked on the set of feature films and television series, such as CBS's Magnificent Seven and UPN's The New Twilight Zone, as well as helping to produce the independent feature film Just Buried, starring Jay Baruchel and Rose Byrne, in 2007. Nevin has consulted for Syfy and Halmi Productions on TV development, working with Mark Stern and Jeff Sagansky, as well as working closely with New Line, MGM, and UA in feature development. He's worked with Sterling Worldwide Entertainment to adapt the New York Times Best Seller "My Father's Secret War," written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Lucinda Franks.

Nevin studied at Bates College and graduated with a BA in Sociology where he studied the construction of gender and the representation of self. He loves history, having studied such diverse historical figures as Genghis Khan, Douglas Mackiernan (the first CIA agent to die in service), and Erwin Rommel. He has a special fondness for modern history and has studied World War II in great depth and breadth. He is also an amateur student of the effects of violence and combat on the soldier and society. He holds three passports: US, Canadian, and British.

Nevin's recent TV work includes episodes of Defiance and Heroes Reborn.

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