Nancy Keary
306 - Nancy Keary
Actor: Julianne Christie
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Mr. Keary, husband
Daniel Keary, son
Status: Living
TV Show: "Stories We Tell Our Young"

Nancy Keary was the mother of Daniel Keary and appeared in "Stories We Tell Our Young".


"Stories We Tell Our Young"Edit

She and her husband, Tom, took their son, Daniel, to see Father Paul for an exorcism. She reassured her son that he wasn't going to get a shot like he'd had in a previous visit to a doctor. After Daniel met with Father Paul, she promised him that she'd just be outside. She urged her husband to stay positive and to believe that it would work while they waited outside, but during the exorcism, they heard noises coming from inside the room and tried to get Father Paul and his assistant to open the door and let them in. They were able to force their way in, and they then called 911. Nick was able to find Daniel hiding in a cupboard door in the altar of the church's anteroom, and she then hugged her son to comfort him. He was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital, and she stayed the night with him.

Later at the hospital, she and her husband were not able to see their son because of an officer standing guard outside his room. Nick explained to them that it was just a precaution and then introduced Juliette to them as someone who was working on Daniel's case with him. Juliette asked what happened around the time Daniel's behavior started to change, and Mrs. Keary told her that Daniel got the flu for three days when they were on vacation in Egypt, Israel, and Jordan a few months before he apparently became possessed. She mentioned that Daniel had been swimming in the Jordan River. She asked when they could see their son, and Nick then left to go check. Daniel was eventually released from the hospital because they did not know what to treat him for.

Back home, she and Tom were discussing what to do next about their son when they unexpectedly heard knocking on their door. It was Nick, Hank, and Juliette, who told them that Daniel could have been infected by a very rare protozoa when we went swimming in the Jordan River. They let them in to go have a look at Daniel, who was sleeping, but when they left his room, Alexander, who had been sent by the Wesen Council, attempted to take him. Hank told her to stay in the house while they went to look for him. Nick, Juliette, Hank, and Mr. Keary returned with Daniel, and Juliette reassured her that Daniel was going to be okay.

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