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The subject of the article is involved with season 1
Murciélago Matraca
Murciélago Matraca.png
Owned by: Dead.svg Jose Maria Lopez Diego y Grimm (formerly)
Dead.svg Marie Kessler (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt (formerly)
Portland Police Bureau (probably)
Others: Monroe
Purpose: Murciélago counterattack
Location: Trailer (formerly)
Police Evidence (probably)
TV Show: "Happily Ever Aftermath"

The Murciélago Matraca (moor-see-EY-lah-goh maht-RAH-kah; Span. “bat rattle”) is a device used to fight against a Murciélago by employing directed sound waves. It was invented by Spaniard José Maria Lopez Diego y Grimm, who, while touring the Amazon, came into contact with this new and dangerous Wesen for the first time. Lopez Diego y Grimm devised it to combat the Murciélago's most dangerous weapon, a supersonic screech.

Grimm using the weapon against a Murciélago

To use it, the operator has to turn a hand crank; the faster you turn it, the more powerful the sound is. When Nick Burkhardt tested it in the trailer with Monroe, it shattered a glass bottle that it was pointed toward. The device has the same effect as the scream of a Murciélago, except that it is directional and can be aimed at a target.

To explain the murders of Lucinda Jarvis and Spencer Harrison, Nick told Sean Renard that the device had been used to commit the murders and that he had found it at the scene. It is unknown if Nick is still the owner as it was likely taken into evidence, though Nick could have regained it at a later date.