Mrs. Jessup
Mrs. Jessup
Actor: Judith Hoag
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Sarah Jennings, daughter
Status: Living
TV Show: "Danse Macabre"

Mrs. Jessup is the mother of Sarah Jennings who appeared in "Danse Macabre".


"Danse Macabre"Edit

She was present in her home when Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin questioned her daughter, Carter Brimley, Trey Harrison, and Marvin about the death of Paul Lawson. When the questions approached the conflict between the teens present and Roddy Geiger, Jessup ended the interview and told Nick to check with the school officials.

When Roddy came to see Sarah Jennings, Jessup told him to stay away from her daughter.

When Nick and Hank went to the family home seeking to protect Sarah, Jessup resisted at first but then called her daughter's cell phone, since she knew Sarah was at an illegal rave, evidenced by a text from "Mom" around 20 minutes before advertising the rave. After she called Sarah's cell, she discovered that Sarah had left her phone at home.

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