Mrs. Garcia

305-Mrs. Garcia

305-El Cucuy

Actor: Gina Gallego
Gender: Female
Type: El Cucuy
Status: Living
TV Show: "El Cucuy"

Mrs. Garcia is an El Cucuy who appeared in "El Cucuy".


"El Cucuy"Edit

She was one of many people talked to by Nick and Hank at the precinct because she was seen at a store just before it was robbed and the fact that the suspects were murdered during their escape.

She was spotted getting off a bus at the same stop another man was attacked and killed before he could sexually assault a woman who got off the bus. Nick and Hank went to her house to bring her back to the precinct to talk to her again, but they had to make a stop at Ray Bolton's house. When they arrived at the house, the detectives told Mrs. Garcia to stay in the car. While they checked on David Florez, Mrs. Garcia sneaked into Bolton's house, woged, and killed him. After hearing screaming from inside the house, Nick went in and caught her in the act, and she was surprised to find out Nick was a Grimm. Likewise, Nick was surprised to find out she had been the person responsible for the murders.

At the precinct, she told the detectives that no one was going to believe an old woman like her was responsible for the brutal attacks. She was right, and the detectives were forced to let her go.

Later, in Seattle, a man ran by her and took her purse. She smiled, woged, and chased after the robber.


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