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Other languages: German: Mordstier
Hungarian: Döfőbika
Spanish: Mordstier
Russian: Убийца быков
Farsi: موردس تیر
Notables: Dead Jase Grogan
Handcuff Carlos Guerra

A Mordstier (MORT-shteer; Ger. Mord "murder" + Stier "bull") is a bull-like Wesen seen in the Grimm diaries.


When woged, Mordstiers develop large, but dull horns that range in span from 60 to 90 centimeters, floppy ears, and a bovine muzzle. The nose becomes flattened, and the eyes glow red. Its hands become less human, though it can still operate a syringe with its hands. The feet turn into hooves, allowing it to run very quickly. Mordstiers can deliver a powerful shove when it charges. ("The Icy Touch") Their skin is thicker than body armor.

Killing MordstiersEdit

Mordstiers are very hardy and robust creatures. As a result, killing them can be quite difficult, but they do have a weakness. The preferred method of dispatching them is through the use of a matador sword. The tough hide of a Mordstier is normally impervious to sword strikes (and even bullets), but the blade of the Matador Sword is coated in a poisonous mixture called Bandeira de Touros (Portuguese: "flag of the bulls"), composed of extract of living rock cactus (1 tsp.), ground wild tea leaves (3 oz.), and desert-thorns (4 cups). This concoction must ferment for two weeks, and when the blade strikes the back of the Mordstier's neck perpendicular to the upper vertebrae, the hit is instantly paralyzing and later fatal.


Mordstiers live in groups or herds led by the largest male. He has full control over the members of his herd until his death, when he is succeeded by the next largest male. Their horns can be very destructive, but Mordstiers tend to be docile until they are threatened.

Grimm Diary ExcerptEdit

Three days ago, I encountered a Mordstier, a bull-like creature of incredible size and strength. Though the horns are menacing and clearly destructive, they are mainly docile until threatened.

Of course, upon revealing themselves to me accidentally, they became threatened. They charged me with their heads low and horns forward. Being caught off guard, I ran and narrowly escaped with my life.

After asking around, I've learned that the creatures have migrated from the south of Spain. The locals say they run a restricted substance trade- primarily acting as thugs and 'motivators' against those less inclined to do business with them. Several fatal gorings have been reported.
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