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Monroe and Rosalee's Triplets
605-Triplets ultrasound
Gender: Unknown
Type: Unknown
Relationships: Rosalee Calvert, mother
Monroe, father
Dead George Calvert, grandfather
Gloria Calvert, grandmother
Bart, grandfather
Alice, grandmother
Dead Freddy Calvert, uncle
DeEtta Calvert, aunt
Dead Felix Dietrich, great-uncle
Diana Schade-Renard, friend
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt, friend
Status: Living

Monroe and Rosalee's Triplets are the three kids of Monroe and Rosalee. Rosalee discovered that she was pregnant after she took three home pregnancy tests, prompted by her having brief spells of not feeling well. She later told Monroe that she was pregnant while they were trying to find a way out of the tunnels underneath Nick and Adalind's loft after escaping from Black Claw's attack. ("The Beginning of the End") Monroe then told Nick, Trubel, Bud, and Eve that Rosalee was pregnant while they were all trying to figure out a way to escape from incoming SERT teams on Bud's repair shop. ("Trust Me Knot") A couple days later, Diana sensed that Rosalee had more than one baby inside her, but she was unsure how many more. ("El Cuegle") To see if Diana was correct, Monroe and Rosalee had an ultrasound done and found out that Rosalee was pregnant with triplets. ("The Seven Year Itch")

Before Nick killed Zerstörer and changed the timeline of events that had unfolded up to that point, the unborn triplets were killed along with their mother by Zerstörer. ("The End")

The triplets stayed close with one another and grew up to become friends with Diana and her half-brother, Kelly, as Diana indicated all three aid in dealing with Wesen-related problems, just as their parents had done before them with Nick. Their respective genders and Wesen types were not revealed, though it is likely that the majority of the triplets, if not all three, are Blutbaden due to how a Vorherrscher (FOHR-hair-shuh; Ger. "prevalence") relates to Wesen genetics and offspring between two different Wesen, with the dominant strain's biological characteristics being more prominent. Blutbaden are considered to be the dominant strain over Fuchsbaus. ("Stories We Tell Our Young") ("The End")


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