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Actor: Silas Weir Mitchell
Gender: Male
Type: Blutbad
Relationships: Rosalee Calvert, wife
Triplets, kids
Bart, father
Alice, mother
Dead.svg Felix Dietrich, uncle
Dead.svg Olaf, great uncle
Dead.svg Engerbert, great uncle
Wilhelm, great uncle
Dead.svg Ada, great aunt
Dead.svg George Calvert, father-in-law
Gloria Calvert, mother-in-law
DeEtta Calvert, sister-in-law
Dead.svg Freddy Calvert, brother-in-law
Nick Burkhardt, friend
Adalind Schade, friend
Hank Griffin, friend
Juliette Silverton, former friend
Bud Wurstner, friend
Trubel, friend
Drew Wu, friend
Eve, friend
Dead.svg Angelina Lasser, ex-girlfriend
Dead.svg Hap Lasser, friend
Charlotte, friend
Dead.svg Larry Mackenzie, friend
Dead.svg Alan Evercroft, friend
Reynaldo, friend
Dead.svg Dan Murray, friend
Dead.svg Sam Leoni, friend
Dead.svg Xavier Arivaca, former friend
Dr. Ian Krieger, friend
Status: Living
Job: Clockmaker
Languages known: English
German (translation to English only; struggles with pronunciation)
Comics: X
Books: X

Monroe is a Wieder Blutbad who used to live a fairly solitary, reformed life among humans, until he met Detective Nick Burkhardt during a case.

The pair form an unlikely friendship as result of Nick oftentimes calling upon Monroe for help. Most times, Monroe is consulted for his knowledge pertaining to creatures of the Wesen world, when Nick can't find the answer. In addition, Nick has come to rely on Monroe's support in various capacities: Monroe has helped from tracking suspects to protection to clandestine investigative methods. He met his wife Rosalee whilst helping Nick on a case. Monroe went on to have triplets with Rosalee. ("The End")


Fall 2011 - Spring 2012: Season 1[]

Meeting the Grimm[]

In fall 2011, Monroe met Nick Burkhardt when Nick assaulted him in his house while investigating a series of disappearances, the latest being a young girl named Robin Howell. Monroe came to Nick's attention when Nick saw him woge into a wolf-like creature, while watching a group of passing children. The police searched Monroe's house, but found nothing. Nick decides to stake out Monroe's home at night; however, Monroe is already aware of Nick.

Monroe ambushes Nick, the two briefly grapple; Monroe subtly and voluntarily forfeits the fight. Monroe invites Nick inside to have a beer, over which they talked about Grimms, Wesen, and Monroe's life as a Wieder Blutbad. Nick realized he had the wrong Blutbad, and Monroe reluctantly helped Nick find the one responsible. ("Pilot")

Spring 2012-Spring 2013: Season 2[]

Spring 2013-Spring 2014: Season 3[]

Spring 2014-Spring 2015: Season 4[]

Spring 2015-Spring 2016: Season 5[]

Spring 2016-Present: Season 6[]


Season 1[]

"Bears Will Be Bears"[]

Monroe again assists Nick by guarding Aunt Marie when her police protection is canceled. Monroe arrives at the hospital, and he and Marie have a terse conversation, which is interrupted by Monroe noticing men that are stalking Marie's hospital room. He follows one of the assassins down into the hospital basement, and is ambushed by a second assassin. Monroe assumes his Blutbaden form and severely beats the two, tearing off the arm of one of the assailants. Monroe then leaves quickly so that he isn't caught at the scene. Before leaving, Monroe phones Nick to tell him that he has to abort protection detail and warns him to get to the hospital because he isn't sure that he got all the assassins. As Monroe flees, a man dressed as a priest attacks Marie, but she fights back and kills him just as Nick arrives. Sadly the stress was too much for her weakened body to take, and she dies in Nick's arms.


Nick calls Monroe to meet him at the paper mill. Monroe explains a little about the habits of Mellifers and follows a scent to an office, where Nick finds an envelope addressed to Melissa Wincroft. Monroe is at first a little irate but agrees happily enough, though he says "Don't you dare say heel!" when Nick tells him to wait up. Nick teases him a little by saying "Good boy." Nick and Monroe then go to a mansion where they find the floor covered with dead bees and proceed up the main staircase until they reach the upper floor where they find large hives.


After researching in Aunt Marie's trailer, Nick goes to ask Monroe for more information. Monroe explains that Ziegevolk exert a pheromone that attracts women, giving an example of someone he knew. It is from Monroe that Nick learns that the Ziegevolk who eat toads are breeders. Their pheromones are more powerful and can even make men attracted to them. Monroe enters a bar, following Billy Capra, but has to leave because the Ziegevolk's pheromones were "way too potent."

"Danse Macabre"[]

Monroe tells Nick about Reinigen, and how they are at the bottom of the food chain. Nick then asks Monroe to talk to Roddy Geiger, as Roddy knows that Nick is a Grimm and therefore distrusts him, and convinces Monroe to by describing Roddy's talent with a violin. Roddy is playing a Brahms concerto when Monroe arrives, which Monroe comments on. When Monroe says that he is a friend of Detective Burkhardt, Roddy tries to close the door, but Monroe catches it, partially woging and revealing his Wesen form. This causes Roddy to back away in fear, proving Monroe's point that "Reinigen and Blutbaden are not drinking buddies." Monroe tells Roddy about how Nick isn't like other Grimms and that Nick is worried about Roddy. Monroe then proceeds to try to lecture Roddy on "not being stupid" and how he has talent. Monroe then leaves feeling proud of himself.

"The Three Bad Wolves"[]

Monroe is Hap's emergency contact, and offers to put him up after his house is burnt down.

When Angelina attack Nick outside his house he intervenes to stop them killing each other. Inside the house he has to intervene between the two of them again, while Nick is questioning her about the attacks on her brothers.

Angelina and Monroe were lovers before Monroe changed and became a Wieder Blutbad, and she wants to re-kindle the affair. She takes off running through the park and Monroe follows her and they indulge in a night of love and rabbit killing. When they return Hap has been killed and both of them are taken in for questioning, then released.

Angelina tells Monroe that the killer is a Bauerschwein and wants his help hunting him but he refuses. He tells Nick this, and that it is taking all his control not to assist her.

Before she leaves Angelina tells Monroe that she still loves him.

"Let Your Hair Down"[]

Monroe and Nick go to rescue Holly Clark, a young Blutbad that had been living as a wild thing in the woods for nine years. She was abducted by James Addison, a pedophile that lived next door to her adoptive parents. When Addison attempted to take her, she turned and bit him in the leg, severing bone. She then ran off and scavenged. Monroe was nearly killed by two rednecks that were trying to kill Holly to avenge their brother, but Holly killed one, and Nick shot the other. Holly had become especially close to Monroe as she had never met another Blutbad, not knowing what she was, and because he and Nick protected and cared for her, as shown when she hugged him after saving his life, and when she grabbed his hand when she was afraid he wouldn't come back when he left to get her some burdock root for the pain of her gunshot wound.

"Game Ogre"[]

Hank is attempting to face Oleg Stark, an ogre. As Nick is hospitalized, he gives Monroe the key to his aunt's trailer so he can take the Siegbarste Gewehr. Monroe is quite impressed by the contents of the trailer, particularly when he opens the weapon cabinet. Monroe uses the Siegbarste Gewehr to secretly save Hank's life from Oleg Stark. Though the key has been returned, Nick's actions clearly reveal his trust in Monroe.

"Of Mouse and Man"[]

Monroe is attacked by Reapers. This is their way of telling him that they disapprove of creatures friendly interaction with a Grimm. When Nick sees Monroe's extensive injuries and hears what happened, he quickly offers to never ask for Monroe's help again. But Monroe firmly states that he'll continue assisting Nick.

"Organ Grinder"[]

Monroe helps Nick by buying dried human gallbladder for $300 from a shop that sells human organs. Monroe also tells Nick that human organs are used for creature enhancement. NOTE: Monroe has a formal dinner with Nick for the first time (at Monroe's Home).


Nick and Monroe are talking in the park about the two Eisbiber boys egging Nick's house. Monroe reminds him that Grimms are a curiosity to many members of the Wesen community, and they are considered semi-mythological to many Wesen. Monroe then asks about Nick's progress in revealing his being a Grimm to Juliette, and when Nick admits that he has not yet told her anything, Monroe responds that Grimms must not be so brave after all. Monroe also later takes Nick to a Wesen retirement home to visit Charlotte, a Wieder Spinnetod.

"Last Grimm Standing"[]

Monroe helps Nick to find an underground fight club, but is captured by Gladiator Lowen who are actually looking for a Blutbad contestant. During his time in a filthy cage, he pulls a nail from Dimitri Skontos's hand and is subjected to electric shocks—in the arena he had a clear visible injury on his back, having been injured with a mace-like

Monroe subjected to electric shocks.

weapon. Nick runs to save Monroe's life and arrives just in time to risk his life in the arena to save Monroe. Fortunately they are both saved by the arrival of police back up.

"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"[]

Nick asks Monroe to come to the trailer and translate some German text for him. After he does so, Monroe snoops around the trailer and discovers old camera equipment. This excites him, as he says he recognizes the equipment as being of the sort his maternal great-uncle Olaf would use as a newsreel editor in Berlin during the 1920s.

"Plumed Serpent"[]

In Plumed Serpent, Nick runs into Monroe at a fire dancing (strip?) club. Monroe admitted that he came there often, to see Ariel preform. Later, Nick asked Monroe to come with him to help rescue Juliette. Monroe correctly guessed that the Fred and Ariel Eberhart's lair would be in a tunnel at the end of an abandoned railroad line. Monroe sneaked past the two Dämonfeuers to help rescue Juliette. After they were all out of the tunnel, Monroe introduced himself to Juliette saying he was a "private investigator."

"Island of Dreams"[]

Nick goes with the police lab reports to Monroe's house. However all the scientific names are hard for Monroe to identify, so they both go to the shop. In the basement, Monroe explains about a drug called "J". As both start to leave, Rosalee stops Monroe and both of them woge. At the station, Rosalee requests that Monroe stay with her. Nick agrees and calls Monroe.

Monroe goes to Rosalee's brother's house, he is given the couch to sleep on. The next morning, Rosalee wakes up Monroe, and he is startled and transforms briefly into a Blutbad. Rosalee says she is going back to the shop, so Monroe goes too. At the shop, Monroe asks Rosalee about her experience in Apothecaries, however, is interrupted by Wu who collapses in front of them. Monroe calls Nick. Both Monroe and Rosalee work to create an herbal remedy with Keim extract. 30 minutes later they find Wu is looking better. Monroe is obviously impressed with Rosalee's skills. They take him back to his apartment where both Nick and Monroe find out about Rosalee's past addictions. Nick and Monroe decide to go to the Trauminsel. Monroe has trouble smelling with all the fumes of the drug so they split up. Monroe finds Joshua and chases after him, but once they get outside, Joshua turns a gun on Monroe. Luckily, Rosalee is there and knocks Joshua out with a brick. Monroe is once again, impressed.

Rosalee is at the shop when Monroe comes in. He has a bouquet of flowers and hands them to her. He says they are for saving his life, he knows it's not equal trade. Rosalee says she plans to stay in Portland, and decides to reopen the shop. Monroe is glad, he says he has the rest of the day off and would like to help put things up in the shop.

"The Thing with Feathers"[]

Nick calls Monroe from vacation to ask about his neighbor. A disgruntled Monroe at 2am explains that it is a Klaustreich, a creature he has animosity towards. He explains that he dated a girl named Molly in high school who left him for one. The Klaustreich got her pregnant and she had his “litter” at prom. When her parents found out who the father was, he got in trouble. As a goodbye, he slashed Molly’s face. When Nick asks if they ever found him, Monroe replies that the police didn’t but somebody did, hinting that he may have gotten revenge in Molly’s honor.

Monroe is helping Rosalee in her shop. Nick calls to ask about a Seltenvogel. Both Rosalee and Monroe explain the history and the rarity of the Wesen. Monroe warns Nick to be careful, as the Seltenvogel might be in danger.

Later, Nick calls Rosalee for help to remove the Unbezahlbar from Robin (the Seltenvogel). Monroe is a little insulted that he called Rosalee and not him, but helps Nick through video phone with Rosalee on how to remove the egg. Both are intrigued and very impressed to have seen such a rare occurrence. Monroe tells Nick to call him later.

"Love Sick"[]

Monroe helps Rosalee Calvert with the Zaubertrank put on Hank Griffin. He accompanies Rosalee and Nick to Adalind and Wu's houses, and also helps Rosalee search most of the night through books to find the correct Zaubertrank. He also asks Nick what he should say to Hank as an excuse for Rosalee and him being in Adalind's bedroom.

"Cat and Mouse"[]

Monroe convinces Rosalee and Ian Harmon that they will need Nicks help, and with Rosalee alibis Ian for the death of Quinn to Nick. Monroe helps buy time for Rosalee to escape when Edgar Waltz is holding her at gunpoint. He also takes advantage when Rosalee throws ghost pepper in Edgar's face by attacking him, allowing Ian Harmon to eventually kill him.

"Leave It to Beavers"[]

Monroe goes to dinner at Nick and Juliette's house which makes for an interesting conversation over the meal. Later, after Nick kills the two reapers sent to kill him, Monroe decapitates the second reaper saying "Two heads are better than one" when Nick wants to send a message.

"Happily Ever Aftermath"[]

He brings the Murcielago Matraca to Nick, allowing him to save Taylor Kerfield from Lucinda Jarvis. He was also visibly enthusiastic when Nick asked him if he wanted to operate it.

"Big Feet"[]

Monroe is visited by his Wildermann friend, Larry, who was suffering from a condition that inhibits his Woge. Unable to rush him to the hospital, Monroe calls upon Nick. Monroe later uses himself as decoy and was seen in Wesen form by Hank as he is running through the forest, trying to distract the dogs from his house. He tells Nick about Konstantin Brinkerhoff, and gives Nick information about his Wildermann friends. After Larry died, he and Nick carried his body over to the forest to be found by the cops. But before leaving, he offers an adage to eulogize Larry.

"Woman in Black"[]

Monroe is visited by Nick Burkhardt, trying to show Juliette that the Wesen he sees are real. Nick asks Monroe to Woge into a Blutbad. He agrees reluctantly, but right before Juliette can see, she faints.

Season 2[]

"Bad Teeth"[]

Monroe getting attacked by Kelly Burkhardt

Monroe and Rosalee visit Nick to tell him more about Juliette's condition. They both smell Kelly Burkhardt and woge in defense, but Kelly jumps Monroe and knocks him to the floor. They fight for a moment and Kelly tries to stab him, but Rosalee and Nick pull Kelly off Monroe. Monroe is angry, but calms down when Nick says Kelly is his mother.

Monroe later calls Nick to tell him about Catherine coming to the Spice Shop and ordering the same drugs needed to wake Juliette up. They find it suspicious, so Monroe gives Nick Catherine's number so he can investigate.

"The Kiss"[]

Monroe and Rosalee take Nick to the hospital to deliver the antidote to Juliette's eyes to stop the memory loss. A doctor comes in and Monroe tells him to back off, that Nick was Juliette's boyfriend. Nick also asks Monroe to drive his mother home. Monroe is a bit surprised at this, but says yes, as long as she's okay with it. When Kelly says she is, he drives her home. They have a discussion in the car, and later outside Nick's house, where Rosalee explains about Nick and Monroe's friendship. Monroe is also quite surprised when Rosalee hugs Kelly.

"Bad Moon Rising"[]

Monroe informs Nick of Coyotls which he describes as the street gangs of the Wesen world. He also translates entries about the Coyotls from Spanish to English. He's astounded that Nick met one that left the pack and lived to tell about it, describing it as the worst act a Coyotl could commit. He also says that he's staying in that night, due to the full moon, saying that it's not a good night for him.


Monroe walks into the shop just as Rosalee chased out Adalind's now rabid cat, Majique, and invites Rosalee to a picnic. As their picnic continues, Ryan Gilko stumbles onto them, infected with Fluvus Pestilentia. They run off into Monroe's car and drive to the shop. Rosalee starts kissing him and Monroe notices the same rash on her neck that Gilko had; she's infected. They start making the antidote, but she faints and is put onto the couch to rest.

Gilko is brought into the shops by Hank and Nick, and Monroe explains how he was sorry for running into Hank in "Big Feet", saying that Larry was a really good friend of his. Rosalee wakes up and asks if they kissed. Monroe says yes.

"The Good Shepherd"[]

Nick and Hank go to Monroe for help in figuring out whether or not Lance Calvin is really a Wieder Blutbad. He asks what he's done, to which Nick says he may have killed the accountant. He walks into the chapel, which scares the Seelenguter, and is given a room to stay in by Calvin. Calvin tries to frame him for the money theft, then the flock beats him to death. Monroe is chased to the balcony of the chapel, he then woges to scare off the flock just as Nick and Hank arrive and calm the situation down.

"Over My Dead Body"[]

Monroe after Angelina died

Monroe is having dinner with Rosalee, when Angelina Lasser walks in, saying she is here to kill Monroe. Monroe calls Nick, saying that Angelina came to him. While Hank is watching over Monroe, he shows Hank over drinks the two versions of woge. He takes Dead Faint potion to fake death in order to trick the Königschlange. Angelina resuscitates him and is shot. Monroe kills her assailant and then buries her body the Blutbad way.

"The Bottle Imp"[]

Monroe is in charge of the spice shop when Leroy Estes, a Mauzhertz comes in having balance issues. Monroe accidentally uses the wrong ingredient in the recipe for an inner ear potion. Once he realizes his mistake, he later goes by Leroy's home to see how he's doing. Leroy attacks Monroe with a frying pan, and Monroe knocks him unconscious, giving him the chance to administer the proper potion to the assourdissant he is wearing. Monroe asked his friend Jess Reilly, a Löwen juvenile detention officer, to meet with Nick Burkhardt with regard to the matter to April Granger, as Nick was concerned for the safety of the juvenile detention staff.

"The Other Side"[]

Monroe is taking care of the shop when Sean Renard walks in wearing all black and sunglasses. Renard needs help with "obsessive feeling", to which Monroe has to ask many questions about the circumstances. Monroe later explains that he will need the other person involved in this (Juliette) and that this could get much, much worse.

"La Llorona"[]

Monroe scares the bullies

Nick brings Monroe his spiked ball flail for a Halloween decoration. Monroe's home is covered in Halloween decor. He tells Nick of the Halloween tradition of an All Hallows' Eve midnight Woge. Later on, a little girl has her candy stolen. Monroe demands that the bullies give back her candy, even pulling on the leader bully's ear.

The bullies then use a phone to record Monroe's windows being smashed by them using the ball flail. He then plucks the phone out of their hands. They say that they aren't afraid of him. Monroe then Woges into a Blutbad to scare them and mutters, "Trick-or-treat".

"The Hour of Death"[]

Monroe is visited by Nick for Serum Exomologesis, a truth serum for canine Wesen, so that Nick can interrogate Adrian Zayne, a Schakal, but Nick finds Zayne's body branded. On the news, they show the symbol, which Monroe and Bud recognize as the symbol of their nightmares - a Gterbestunde, the symbol of the Endezeichen Grimm. He shows Nick and Hank a Wesen fairytale book: the Albtraume fur Wesen Kinder.

"To Protect and Serve Man"[]

At the end of the episode, Renard walks into the spice shop with Juliette and they embrace and kiss. Monroe walks out of the back room, ready to help them and awkwardly waits for them to finish. Juliette turns around to see who he is, and Monroe is shocked. Juliette, not knowing what to do, walks out.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"[]

Monroe calls Nick to come over to his house. Reluctantly, Monroe tells Nick about seeing Juliette in the shop. Later on, he goes to Hank's trashed home to see if he can smell who or what attacked him. He recognizes the smell as a pair of Hundjägers. He tracks down the Hundjägers to The Deluxe hotel, room 212. He pretends to be looking for a man named Leroy who owes him money. The Hundjägers follow him into a closed park, where he and Nick attack them. He then allows Nick to stay at his house and shows him a recording of the man he saw at the shop. The recording is a speech of the finding of Donna Reynolds and Nick recognizes him:Sean Renard.

"Face Off"[]

Monroe and Rosalee kiss upon Rosalee's return to Portland

Monroe is trying to convince Nick not to do anything rash, and is anxious throughout the episode as to whether or not Nick listened to him. Rosalee calls him and tells Monroe her aunt is doing much better and that she is coming home. Later on, Nick and Monroe await Rosalee's arrival and Monroe had bought her flowers. They reunite and kiss. Rosalee and Monroe then help Nick find a way to break the spell between Renard and Juliette.

"Natural Born Wesen"[]

Monroe woges to show his Wesen identity.

Monroe is in a bank when three people come in shooting to rob the bank. The perpetrators were Wesen using their true forms as disguises. As the witnesses were being questioned by the authorities, Monroe is approached by Hank and Nick, and tells them the gravity of everything that just transpired; that by revealing themselves nonchalantly in public, these rogue Wesen are putting all Wesen in danger. He goes looking for the perpetrators and gets into fight with two of them in a Wesen bar, allowing Nick and Hank to discover their names. He is with Rosalee when she calls the Wesen Council to report the violation of the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex.

"Mr. Sandman"[]

Monroe is having dinner at his home with Hank, Nick and Rosalee. They are discussing the fact that Captain Renard is a Zauberbiest who also happens to be the Royal who woke Juliette from her coma.

Later on, Monroe is with Nick and Hank in the trailer reading up about the Jinnamuru Xunte. When Nick is brought back to the shop blind, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee work on researching a cure. After finding out where the Jinnamuru Xunte is, Hank and Monroe go into Casey's home to search for him. After Nick has the Jinnamuru Xunte pinned down after their fight, Monroe scoops the Wesen's eye out and drops it in Rosalee's hand, disgusted.

He is later seen throwing various fruits at Nick for Nick to hit with his kanabo, blindfolded.


After Juliette interrupts Monroe and Rosalee's quiet time at the spice shop about her ghostly visions, they come to her home to watch over her. At dinner in her home, Juliette sees a vision of Nick reading something like a book and Monroe blurts out a reference to the trailer. Juliette wants to know more of the trailer, but Monroe tries to avoid answering her, saying he should talk to Nick first.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"[]

Monroe and Nick are discussing whether or not they should take Juliette to the trailer. Monroe doesn't want to, but Nick does. Monroe comes to Juliette's house to take her to the trailer, much to her surprise and joy. Once inside the trailer, Monroe is clearly nervous about showing her all of its contents. He clearly does not want to explain the Wesen world to her. Juliette later freaks out about having seen multiple visions of Nick at the same time in the trailer and they leave.

While Monroe is sitting in the crowd in court, he senses something odd about Barry Kellogg. He follows the lawyer to the restroom and sees him eat a toad. When sharing this with Nick, they deduce that Kellogg must be a Ziegevolk.

To get the sweat that they need to counter Kellogg's pheromones, Monroe chases him down in Blutbad form, leading him to Bud. Monroe then has to inject the serum into Kellogg's toad, only to find that he has two toads, and only enough dosage for one, forcing him to take a leap of faith.

Later on in the spice shop, the gang is celebrating their victory when Kellogg walks in. Monroe tries to steer him back outside when Kellogg recognizes Rosalee, he woges and attacks her. Monroe also woges and throws him across the room.


Monroe nervous from seeing Volcanalis

Monroe, Bud, and Nick are all at Monroe's home, watching a soccer game. Monroe and Bud are actively cheering, but Nick is sulking in the background. Monroe tries to cheer him up, saying they've all been dumped.

Nick and Monroe are later in the trailer, looking for entries in the books about Taureus-Armenta and Volcanalis. They find it and bring the book to Renard for translation. Monroe is then working with Nick, Renard and Markus to defeat the creature. When Volcanalis is rising from the sewer hole, Monroe is hiding behind the liquid nitrogen along with Nick and Renard. He woges due to fear and tells himself to get a grip. After Markus smashes the frozen Volcanalis, Monroe picks up a piece of the former beast and sees the fiery eye still looking at all of them.


Monroe and Rosalee are in Monroe's kitchen talking about inviting Monroe's parents to visit for a a couple of weeks, then start kissing when Nick interrupts them. They then arrange a date the following evening at Rosalee's place. When Nick shows him the map fragment, he shows Nick some similar maps that he inherited.

Juliette visits Monroe at home to talk about Nick. She tells Monroe that she remembers loving Nick, but is unsure as to what Nick's feelings for her are, after the way she has treated him recently. Monroe assures her that Nick still loves her. She then asks Monroe what a Grimm is, and he explain that a Grimm is someone who sees thing that others can't. She then remembers Nick saying something similar just before she collapsed into her coma.

Rosalee and Nick are talking about Glühenvolk when Monroe arrives at the Spice Shop. His reaction to hearing about the Glühenvolk is that he thought they were extinct. He and Rosalee help Nick deduce where the Glühenvolk are probably hiding and insists on going with Nick to help them.

In George Lazure's trailer Monroe find the bullets with the Sauver Sa Peau and says that if a Wesen was shot with one of them, he would die but remain in full woge. When they leave the trailer, Monroe takes the bullets.

At the cabin Monroe initially holds Jocelyn's hand, while she is giving birth, until Vincent arrives. When George Lazure points the gun at them he woges to challenge him. When Nick reveals that he is a Grimm,  Monroe attacks Lazure and pushes him through a wall. Lazure uses a piece of the wall to stun Monroe. After Nick has killed Lazure with his own gun. Monroe asks "What are we going to do with HIM".

Monroe's last words to Vincent, Jocelyn and their daughter is "Hey guys, no more cows".

"Kiss of the Muse"[]

Monroe is telling Nick about his trip to the market, and how he had scored two veggie steaks. He'll heat one up for Nick if he comes back from work on time. After some time, Nick comes back from his dinner with Juliette. Monroe asks how it went, and Nick becomes protective and hostile. When Nick yells that he should look into getting his own life, Monroe retorts that Nick should look into getting his own house. Juliette then calls Monroe, asking if Nick is angry at something, to which Monroe replies that he doesn't know.

When Hank comes to Monroe's house for help with Nick, Monroe and Hank take Rosalee to the trailer for the first time, and they begin to search through the books to find what exactly Khloe is. Monroe finds it - Khloe is a Musai. Later on, he and Rosalee are in the spice shop, looking for a cure to the Musai's kiss, when Juliette comes in. She wants the keys to the trailer so she can try to remember her life with Nick again. Monroe reluctantly agrees. When Juliette comes back and tells the two that she believes Nick about Grimms and Wesen, Monroe and Rosalee tell her about the trance Nick is in and take her to the precinct, where she convinces Nick not to kill Anton Cole.

"The Waking Dead"[]

Juliette arrives at Monroe's home and demands that he show her what Nick wanted her to see the night she went into a coma. Before Monroe can respond, Bud walks in and greets Juliette. When Monroe informs him that Juliette came to see a Woge, Bud freaks out. Monroe says that they don't have a choice anymore, and he takes both Bud and Juliette to the spice shop. In the spice shop, the three Wesen finally show Juliette their creature forms - first Rosalee, then Bud, then Monroe. Afterwards, Monroe calls Nick about what they did, and how Juliette will either accept Nick, and all of them, for what they are, or she won't be able to.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"[]

Monroe and Rosalee are having dinner at Monroe's home and they decide that Nick is not returning so start making out.

Monroe is working with Rosalee in the spice shop when Nick and Hank bring in the unconscious Al. When Al wakes up just as Rosalee finishes the cure he knocks him out so that she can administer it. When the cure proves effective he calls Nick so that he can question him.

He goes with Nick, Juliette and Rosalee to the container yard, and knocks out one of the zombies so that Rosalee can administer the cure. While Nick leads the zombies away he ensures that the ladies reach the van and are inside before they are surrounded.

Season 3[]

"The Ungrateful Dead"[]

Inside the car surrounded by zombies, Monroe with Rosalee and Juliette drives around the container yard to get away from the zombies. While they manage to evade the zombie, they become stuck in a trench in a construction yard. As the car can't move, they exit the car and climb up a crane onto some containers, and fight off the zombies. They with Hank and Captain Renard race to the airport, but make it just in time to see Nick's plane take off.

At the spice shop Monroe is about to call some people that are willing to risk their lives for Nick to go to Austria to save him when Rosalee realizes that the antidote could be delivered as a gas. They all work to produce the cure.

They return to the container yard and explain to the skeptical police that they have a cure, but they need the container to be opened. Monroe borrows a baton from one of the officers and by banging on the side of the container leads the zombies away from the entrance while the others open the door and throw in the antidote. As the police open the door to a group of confused citizens, Monroe receives a call from Hank telling him that Nick's plane has crashed, giving him the location of the crash. Monroe, Juliette and Rosalee go there in Monroe's Volkswagen. At the site, they arrive just as Hank is informed of the 911 call from the bar, so they all go there.

At the bar, Monroe says that Nick was definitely there as he recognizes his scent. He goes into the bar with Hank and Renard, then follows the scent outside into the woods.


Monroe continues his attempt to sniff out Nick in the woods, with Hank following closely behind. He catches Nick's scent several times, only to lose it again. Sean Renard calls them and they inform him of their failure to find Nick before letting him know where they are. Yet again losing Nick's trail, Monroe and Hank grow exasperated. Just then, Nick begins his assault on a family that lives near the woods and the duo hear the family's screams. They manage to arrive just in time before either the husband or Nick can be seriously harmed. They briefly struggle with Nick, who is much stronger than both of them combined. At one point, Hank chucks a statue at the back of Nick's head, but Nick catches it without looking, amazing both Monroe and Hank. They come up with a plan to lead the disorientated and very angry Grimm out of the front door, but Monroe messes up the plan by knocking over a lamp by accident. They, however, eventually manage to lead Nick into an old barn, where the latter falls through the flimsy floor and is trapped temporarily.

Sean, Juliette, and Rosalee arrive. Monroe and Hank brief them on what is happening and together they convince the husband of the family not to shoot Nick. Nick has recovered and is banging about the barn trying to get free, and the team confronts him in apprehension.

Monroe and Sean woge (at which Hank expresses envy) and attack Nick together. They manage to get in several hits with a shovel and a wooden board, but Nick continues to have the upper hand. The battle is halted when Juliette distracts him and sticks the Piqure-Gigantesque into Nick's stomach. She is slapped out of the way, but Rosalee manages to inject Nick with the antidote. Nick turns on Rosalee, and Monroe tries to protect her. Nick collapses as the antidote takes effect. On the drive home, the team tries to keep Nick warm. Monroe expresses his anger with Sean's brother, telling Sean to "not let him get away with it." The team lets Nick rest in the spice shop, handcuffing him when he starts thrashing around unconsciously. 

When Nick wakes up, Monroe, along with everyone else present, attempt to answer his questions at the same time. They decide to let Juliette have the honors. Later on, when the team (sans Nick) finds out that someone had died under Nick's attack, Monroe agrees that it isn't Nick's fault because he didn't know what he was doing.

Monroe is later seen cleaning out the aftermath in the spice shop with Rosalee.

"A Dish Best Served Cold"[]

Monroe and Rosalee are having a lovely dinner date at the restaurant Raven & Rose. Monroe awkwardly tries to invite Rosalee to move in with him. Rosalee teases him, pretending not to understand his meaning, before agreeing. A waiter brings them some tartlets as compliments of the chef. Monroe wistfully stares as Rosalee eats his portion due to him being vegetarian. Just then, one of Monroe's old friends, Sam, walks past with his wife Kimber. They exchange friendly greetings and part ways.

Later, Monroe helps Nick pack his stuff as the latter is moving back in with Juliette. Nick inquires if Monroe has eaten at Raven & Rose before and explains that the restaurant is run by Bauerschwein. Despite the feud between the two species, Monroe seems indifferent to that fact. Monroe then blocks Nick's view with a large moving box, before removing it and exclaiming "surprise!" as Juliette, Hank, Rosalee, and Bud emerge from the kitchen to throw Nick a party to celebrate him moving out.

Before they can celebrate however, Monroe gets a phone call. It's Kimber who is worried that Sam hasn't come home yet. Monroe confirms Nick's suspicions that Sam had eaten at Raven & Rose's, and that Sam is a Blutbad, as well as another of the victims who died after eating at the restaurant. Monroe, however, feels fine, breaking the pattern. Nick asks Monroe what he eats and Rosalee figures out it was the tartlets that everyone ate. She says she needs to get to the spice shop. At the shop, she figures out that a mushroom is responsible.

Monroe accompanies Nick and Hank in locating Sam, and watches helplessly as Sam explodes in a tree. Pained at his friend's gruesome demise, and alarmingly enraged, he swears to kill the Bauerschwein, even snapping at Nick's attempts to rationalize with him.

At the spice shop, Rosalee tries to calm the wrathful Monroe to no avail. Nick assures Monroe that he would handle it, but Monroe refuses, declaring it a fight between Blutbaden and Bauerschwein. He also states that it would be "open season on [the Blutbaden]" if he let Ostler get away with it. He woges in anger and storms out of the shop.

As Ostler leaves his restaurant, Monroe begins following him. Ostler notices him, but is backed into an alley where he is surrounded by multiple Blutbaden. Monroe closes in on Ostler, seemingly about to attack him. Nick and Hank arrive, and Nick attempts to talk Monroe out of it while Hank keeps an eye on Ostler. Monroe and Nick end up in a brief scuffle, in which Nick shoots Monroe, seemingly fatally. The remaining Blutbaden howl intimidatingly, and Nick threatens to leave Ostler in the alley until Ostler agrees to confess to killing the other Blutbaden. After the detectives arrest Ostler and pull away, Monroe opens his eyes and smiles. 

At the precinct, Monroe tells Nick that he actually did hit him during their "fight" and Nick comments that Monroe did too.

"One Night Stand"[]

Monroe helps Rosalee move into his house. Rosalee begins to have doubts on moving in, not wanting to fill Monroe's house with her junk. Monroe reassures her that he'll just get rid of some of his stuff, but has trouble deciding on what. He eventually picks up a glass ornament, but begins rambling on about its history. Rosalee smiles, puts the ornament back where it belonged, and they start kissing.

Nick and Hank later come over to ask about the Wesen they saw. Rosalee suggests that it sounds like they're dealing with a Naiad. Monroe is tempted to go and help on the case, but feels bad leaving Rosalee unpacking alone. She reassures him that it's alright, and he gladly leaves. 

At the trailer, Monroe finds an entry in one of the Grimm Diaries about an encounter with a Naiad in 1755. 

Later on, back at home, Monroe finds something that looks like a Chia Pet in one of Rosalee's boxes. Monroe pretends to like it, trying to appease Rosalee, but Rosalee hates the thing as much as he does and they stuff it back into the box.

"El Cucuy"[]

Monroe is exercising at home when the phone rings. Rosalee answers for him, finding to her surprise that it's Monroe's mother on the other end. Monroe's mother does not know about the two's relationship, and Monroe fills her in. She seems happy for Monroe.

Later on, the team discuss the brutal attacks over dinner. They rule out the possibility of it being either a dog, wolf, coyote, or Blutbad as Monroe says there is too much "general mangling." When Nick describes Ray Bolton's woge, Monroe and Rosalee suggest that it might be a Höllentier

"Stories We Tell Our Young"[]

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee are visited by Nick and Hank. They explain vaguely Wesen/Human genetics.

Later on, Monroe and Rosalee help Nick and Hank figure out that Daniel Keary is a Grausen. Rosalee wants to report Daniel to the Council, as per normal procedure, but Monroe argues that that means Daniel will be killed. Rosalee is firm about it because if they don't tell the council, then they would probably be killed.

In the middle of the night, Monroe answers a knocking at the door. He thinks it's Nick at first, and is frustrated until he sees that it is Alexander from the Council. Rosalee tells him about Daniel and his location, and he leaves gratefully. Monroe locks the door behind him and insists that they have to tell Nick. After doing so, Monroe wants to come with Nick to protect Daniel, but Nick refuses due to the danger that it could put Monroe and Rosalee in.

"Cold Blooded"[]

Nick and Hank visit Monroe to ask if he knows a wesen that could inflict the type of injuries suffered by Scott Himber. Nick suggests a Siegbarste, but Monroe says that they suffer from claustrophobia. He thinks that it is probably a Gelumcaedus, and suggest that they all come for dinner with some books from the Trailer.

When Nick calls to ask what "Dēcapitāre" means Rosalee answers as he is busy working on a clock.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"[]

"Red Menace"[]

"Eyes of the Beholder"[]

"The Good Soldier"[]

"The Wild Hunt"[]


"Mommy Dearest"[]

"Once We Were Gods"[]

Monroe and Rosalee are at Nick and Juliette's Home discussing what to do about Sgt. Wu with Nick, Juliette and Hank.

Monroe is with Rosalee at the spice shop when Nick, Hank and Juliette arrive to ask if the mummy could be an Anubis mummified whilst woged. Monroe and Rosalee explain that some of the Egyptian Gods were Wesen. When Nick and Hank explain about what happened at the University both of them suspect Beati Paoli, and explain about the group to the humans. After they leave Monore asks if they should inform the council, but Rosalee says that with the news coverage, they will already know what is happening. As they are leaving the shop Alexander arrives and tells them he needs to speak to "the grimm".

When Nick arrives at Monroe's home Alexander tells Nick that he needs Nick's help in dealing with Karl Herman, implying that Nick should kill him. After Alexander leaves Monroe and Rosalee think that is strange that the council would ask a grimm to kill a Wesen.

When Alexander's rented SUV is located near the University, Nick asks Monroe and Rosalee to watch the vehicle.

Monroe calls Nick when he sees Alexander loading the mummified Anubis into his vehicle.

Monroe, Rosalee and Alexander organize the cremation of the Anubis with Nick and Hank in attendance.

"The Show Must Go On"[]

When Nick and Hank visit Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop to ask about the performers at Carnival Metamorphosia, he and Rosalee explain about the circuses and their history. They explain that because the woging is presented as a trick, it does not break the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex. When Nick describes the murders, they tell them about the Umkippen. After the detectives leave, Rosalee suggests that they should go to the Carnival and investigate themselves. Monroe is skeptical until Rosalee points out it would be better for the Wesen in the Carnival if they investigate, rather than Nick as a Grimm.

At the Carnival when Rosalee is hired, Monroe stays close and when Rosalee learns about Max Robbins's behavior he calls Nick.

After Max has attacked Hedig and is moving threateningly towards Rosalee, Monroe woges and attacks him. Rosalee has to intervene to prevent Monroe from seriously injuring or killing Max, by reminding him that Max is sick.


Monroe and Rosalee are at home planning their wedding by discussing what their vegetarian dish will be when Nick arrives. Nick tells them that he thinks it is too dangerous for him to be best man at the wedding because of the risk of a fight if he is identified as a Grimm. Monroe and Rosalee tell him that the way they can tell that he is a Grimm is because his eyes turn very dark like an "infinite darkness" and reflect their Wesen nature back to them. They suggest to Nick that if he wears sunglasses this would hide his eyes. Nick puts on his sunglasses and they woge, and look at him. The experiment is successful, so Nick is happy to be best man.

"The Law of Sacrifice"[]

Monroe is at home in bed with Rosalee when Nick telephones to say that he is bringing Adalind and Diana to stay with them for a short time. Nick also tells them that his mother and Sean Renard (Diana's father) will be with them. While Rosalee is settling Adalind and the baby, Monroe asks Nick why he is helping Adalind and Nick explains that the Royals want the baby for her powers and heritage.

Nick and his friends pose as Resistance agents to abduct the child when they ambush Viktor and his men at the airport., Monroe helps with the deception by speaking in German demanding that Viktor von Konigsburg hand over Diana When Viktor says that they don't know who he is, Monroe responds by asking if he thinks the Resistance care.

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"[]

"My Fair Wesen"[]

"The Inheritance"[]

"Blond Ambition"[]

Season 4[]

"Thanks for the Memories"[]

"Octopus Head"[]

"The Last Fight"[]

"Dyin' on a Prayer"[]

"Cry Luison"[]

"Highway of Tears"[]

"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"[]




"Death Do Us Part"[]


"Trial by Fire"[]

"Bad Luck"[]

"Double Date"[]




"Iron Hans"[]

"You Don't Know Jack"[]


"Cry Havoc"[]

Season 5[]

"The Grimm Identity"[]

"Clear and Wesen Danger"[]

"Lost Boys"[]

"Maiden Quest"[]

"The Rat King"[]

"Wesen Nacht"[]

"Eve of Destruction"[]

"A Reptile Dysfunction"[]


"Map of the Seven Knights"[]

"Key Move"[]

"Into the Schwarzwald"[]

"Silence of the Slams"[]


"Skin Deep"[]

"The Believer"[]


"Good to the Bone"[]

"The Taming of the Wu"[]

"Bad Night"[]

"Set Up"[]

"The Beginning of the End"[]

Season 6[]


"Trust Me Knot"[]

"Oh Captain, My Captain"[]

"El Cuegle"[]

"The Seven Year Itch"[]

"Breakfast in Bed"[]

"Blind Love"[]

"The Son Also Rises"[]

"Tree People"[]

"Blood Magic"[]

"Where the Wild Things Were"[]

"Zerstörer Shrugged"[]

"The End"[]


"Bad Hair Day"[]

Part 1, "A Sore Subject"[]

Bud Wurstner shows up at the spice shop to meet Monroe and Rosalee, whom Nick Burkhardt recommended he see regarding his hair loss problem. Bud asks if Rosalee has a remedy for hair loss for his "friend", and satisfied with their answer, he excitedly leaves.

Part 2, "A Helping Hand"[]

Monroe helps Rosalee in making the hair regrowth formula, but does not exactly follow Rosalee's instructions

Part 3, "Friendly Neighborhood Eisbiber"[]

Bud returns to thank Monroe and Rosalee for preparing the formula "for his friend." Rosalee also tries Monroe's "creative" baking, which involved making a dandelion-seaweed cookie.

Part 4, "Late Night Crisis"[]

Bud comes into Rosalee's shop panicking because his hair (and his friend's hair) is growing out of control. Rosalee and Monroe say that they know that the cure was for Bud, and that his hair looks okay. Bud brings in John Oblinger who is also suffering from extreme hair growth. Rosalee and Monroe then have to wash the cure into both Bud and John's hair.


Growing up, Monroe was a (mostly) typical Blutbad. While dating Angelina Lasser, he accidentally killed Alvin Perkins, Sr., a forest park ranger. When she tried to convince him not to worry about it, he vowed to reform his way of life and signed up for a support program. Among his support program buddies were Angelina's brother Hap, Larry Mackenzie, and Lemuel "Smitty" Smith. As part of his new reformed lifestyle, he has kept a close eye on the now-needy Perkins family to make sure they are making ends meet; they are oblivious to his assistance. ("The Icy Touch")

Today, Monroe is a Wieder Blutbad, or a reformed Blutbad that no longer lives on the wild side. ("Bears Will Be Bears") He grew up in Half Moon Lake, New Hampshire, where his parents, who are non-Wieder Blutbaden, still live. ("Endangered") He has not always been this way, and in the past he, along with fellow Blutbaden Hap and Angelina, did live in a more dangerous fashion. While he still has feelings for Angelina, Monroe is no longer in a relationship with her, and is mostly happy with his current peaceful life. ("The Three Bad Wolves") Monroe's family line has had many run ins with Grimms, so it is likely they do not share his view point.

While Monroe doesn't know German very well, he is able to read it at a basic level, struggling with pronunciation, but generally close. High German was his grandfather's Muttersprache (native language), so he knows enough German to help Nick at a basic level in his research. ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau") Monroe is also able to read Spanish. ("Happily Ever Aftermath")

His great-great-great grandfather was a cartographer in Colmar, which is today part of Alsace, France. When his heirlooms were saved from a fire in the Franco-Prussian War, Monroe inherited a ton of things that were once his. ("Endangered")


At the beginning of the series, Monroe was shown to be somewhat an amoral character: he doesn't prey on humans, but at the same time, does nothing to prevent other Blutbaden from doing such. He claims this is because maintaining his own privacy and solitary existence from others of his kind encourages them to follow likewise. He was also very hostile towards Nick; in "The Three Bad Wolves", he yells at Nick about Angelina Lasser. He later develops high moral standards thanks to his interactions with Nick, as seen when Nick insisted on him helping to track down Holly Clark; Monroe was initially reluctant, until Nick showed him Holly's picture. By the time he was attacked by a pair of Reapers for helping Nick, Monroe had reached a point where he enjoyed working with Nick to shake up the status quo, rejecting Nick's attempt to assure Monroe that he would no longer ask him for help.

As an individual, Monroe possess a rather laid back personality and is usually calm and level-headed in most situations, although he can slip into a slight panic at times, such as asking questions which he then answers himself. To go with his laid back personality, Monroe possesses a somewhat dry sense of humor often making puns and sarcastic remarks. Monroe is also slow to anger although he does become slightly irked when someone or something prevents him from doing his daily Pilates. One of Monroe's strongest personality traits is his kindness and loyalty to those whom he considers to be his friends which he has demonstrated many times toward Nick and Rosalee, and has romantic feelings toward the latter. In "The Kiss" he was visibly angered when Catherine Schade came back at the Spice Shop to retrieve her orders from Rosalee, threatening her in the process; Monroe later appeared (he was working behind the counter) saying that 'cheapskate' came very close to getting her throat ripped out. He is shown to be protective of Rosalee and does not take kindly to anyone threatening her, such as when he woged and attacked Edgar Waltz  ("Cat and Mouse") and Barry Kellogg.  ("One Angry Fuchsbau")

Accordingly, he is often devastated or distraught when he learns that something terrible has happened to anyone he considers his friend, as seen when his Wildermann friend, Larry died  ("Big Feet") and when Angelina died. ("Over My Dead Body") Monroe also seems to be fond of decorating his house extensively. Monroe is very good with children who love to trick or treat at his house at Halloween due to his excessive and elaborate lawn decorations, and the large amount of candy he gives. Monroe even defended a girl against the neighborhood bullies who were trying to steal her candy. Not only did Monroe force the bullies to give the candy back to the girl, but he also yanked on the ear of leader bully until the group apologized to the girl for stealing her candy. ("La Llorona") Monroe is also very creative and takes pride in his creations. Of course, not everyone appreciates his creativity: Rosalee isn't very enthusiastic about his baking after trying his dandelion-seaweed scone.  ("Bad Hair Day")

Another defining trait of Monroe is the fact that he seems to believe in the inherent goodness of Wesen, not just his own kind. He consented to accompanying Nick in locating Holly Clark into the woods, ("Let Your Hair Down") and was shocked when two Blutbaden robbed a bank while in their Wesen forms, taking it as a personal insult for their species. ("Natural Born Wesen") He later went to a Wesen bar, hoping that someone there could provide some information, despite knowing that "less than legitimate" Wesen were the patrons. He was also very keen to accompany Nick and Rosalee to help the Glühenvolk couple.  ("Endangered")

Monroe has a tendency to go on long-winded tangents about subjects he is passionate about or well informed of. Frequently, the information he spouts out goes over the heads of those listening. The subjects generally vary, but the most common ones are the history of clocks and his family's history.

Thinking about injuries to a person's eyes makes Monroe lightheaded. ("Mr. Sandman")

Physical Description[]

Monroe is a noticeably tall man, standing several inches taller than Nick and an inch or two above Hank. As a result of his diet and daily pilates, Monroe has a lean and slightly muscular build; appearing slightly weedy. He has brown eyes when untransformed and brown hair which is lightly wavy. He sports a thin beard. In Wesen form his facial features become sharper and more pronounced taking on a somewhat chiseled appearance. His hair goes from wavy and hanging to standing up on ends, forming a widow's peak hair line; while his beard becomes thicker.


The part of Monroe was described as:

Monroe, offbeat and morphs into a wolf. Basically, more of a character actor.

(Grimm: Special Collector's Edition issue 2)


  • Rosalee Calvert - Rosalee Calvert is Monroe's Fuchsbau wife. Monroe is very protective of Rosalee. He has woged and attacked at least two Wesen who threatened her.
  • Nick Burkhardt - Nick Burkhardt is Monroe's Grimm friend. Monroe and Nick got off on the wrong foot at first and Monroe was hostile towards him because he was a Grimm, but eventually realized that Nick was not like the Grimms that he had heard about from his parents. The two later became very close friends, always helping out each other. Monroe stated after his wedding that had he not met Nick, he would not have a life (compared to the quiet solitary life he had).
  • Juliette Silverton - Juliette Silverton has become a good friend of Monroe ever since Monroe met Nick. Juliette often joins Nick for dinners with Monroe and Rosalee and is often helping Nick with some Wesen cases with Monroe.
  • Hank Griffin - Hank Griffin has become a good friend of Monroe's as they are both often around each other helping Nick deal with Wesen.
  • Bart and Alice - Bart and Alice are Monroe's parents. They are traditional Blutbaden and were initially very hostile to his relationship with Rosalee, and could not understand his friendship with Nick. Once they realized that their animosity towards Rosalee and Nick would lead to their estrangement from Monroe they softened their attitude.
  • Felix Dietrich - Felix Dietrich was Alice's brother and Monroe's uncle. Monroe greatly cared for and respected Felix, calling him a good man. It is also likely that Monroe saw aspects of Felix in himself, and he commented to Rosalee that had he not met her, he would have likely led a similar life as Felix. Monroe was devastated when Felix was murdered by Black Claw Anubi, and he came to terms with his death soon after when he got to avenge his uncle by personally killing the two Anubi responsible. ("Map of the Seven Knights")
  • Angelina Lasser - Angelina Lasser was a Blutbad and Monroe's girlfriend before he adopted the Wieder Blutbad lifestyle. The relationship appears to have been both wild and deeply felt. The couple once spent a month together naked in the woods, and Angelina admitted to still loving Monroe in "The Three Bad Wolves". When she returned to Portland, the two were still friends, and after she was killed, Monroe killed her murderer before burying her in the traditional Blutbad manner.
  • Gloria Calvert - Monroe has a good relationship with his mother-in-law and has gotten along with her since they met.
  • DeEtta Calvert - Monroe's relationship with his sister-in-law got off to a rough start, but has since become a lot better after getting to know her better.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Blutbad, Monroe has all the standard capabilities of his race. Strength, speed, resilience, acute senses all these attributes present while in human form are enhanced even further when he woges into his Wesen form. He has demonstrated sufficient control over his woge, and has shown being able to partially enter it, selectively wogeing parts of his body at will, as seen in Danse Macabre, where he summoned claws from his right hand to intimidate Roddy Geiger, or in Let Your Hair Down, where his eyes turned a fierce red color.

During confrontations, Monroe usually fights unarmed, preferring to use his Wesen abilities and attributes to his advantage by using his claws and fangs as weapons. Though at some cases, he was seen being able to best other fully-transformed Wesen without having to woge himself. However, he has shown some aptitude at wielding actual weapons, as seen in Game Ogre, where he quickly figured out how to use a Siegbarste Gewehr in time to save Hank from Oleg Stark, and where he taught Nick the proper way of handling a Doppelarmbrust. ("Leave It to Beavers") In "Last Grimm Standing", Monroe states that he took up boxing at some point.

Monroe is a highly intelligent man, and is a jack of many trades. Most notably, Monroe is highly knowledgeable when it comes to other Wesen; likely stemming from Portland's diverse Wesen population. While he claims that what he knows about the various Wesen out there is incomplete, the knowledge he provides is none-the-less a valuable asset to Nick and is usually enough for Nick to cope on his own. He also displays a degree of expertise in translating foreign languages, namely Spanish and German. Since helping and taking over the spice shop for Rosalee, Monroe has become a highly skilled apothecary. Furthermore, Monroe has very large collection of antiquities passed down to him from various ancestors from a variety of professions. Many of these antiquities have led Monroe to understand things that most others, including other Wesen, wouldn't understand in today's modern world.



Monroe doesn't seem to fear the Grimms as much as other Wesen. He starts the relationship with Nick by attacking him, and then asking him in for a beer. When Monroe was a kid he heard scary stories about Grimms and all the ways they have killed and dismembered his ancestors. In particular he has heard many frightening things about Marie Kessler, Nick's aunt, who seems to have a bloody reputation in the supernatural creature world. His great-grandma's head was cut off and placed on a lamppost by Marie. His grandfather was mutilated by the Grimms and his farm was burned down. He does admit that his grandfather may have deserved the treatment for some of the things he had done. Monroe also mentions that his parents are alive, and are apparently highly traditional Blutbaden, for that reason Monroe didn't want them visiting, while Nick was living with him. He tells Marie that if they knew he was this close to a Grimm without avenging his family he would not be invited to any more Thanksgivings. ("Bears Will Be Bears")

On his mother's side, he states he has a great-uncle Olaf, who was a newsreel cameraman in 1920's Berlin. When Olaf died, his camera equipment was transferred to Monroe's mother. Monroe mentions to Nick that he'd be rummaging through his attic for the camera equipment later, implying that his mother passed the equipment down to him.

Monroe's maternal uncle Felix Dietrich was apparently moderate enough for his sister Alice to inform him about Monroe and Nick's friendship. An antiquarian bookseller, this led him to trust Nick enough to give him the first exclusive opportunity to purchase the 20 Nebojsa Grimm Diaries.

Monroe has a cousin Naydler, who lives in Antwerp. Naydler called Monroe and informed him that a Grimm had been beheaded near where he lived. ("The Thing with Feathers")

Monroe mentions that after a couple of beers his grandfather would start speaking High German. Whether this grandfather is the one who'd been mutilated by the Grimms is unknown.


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  • Monroe has a very strict regimen to avoid any relapse of losing control with his innate Blutbad instincts. "How do I stay good? Through a strict regimen of diet, drugs, and pilates." ("Pilot") He's very strict on his pilates schedule and finds great annoyance with any interference with it, shown when Nick came over Monroe's home at 6:30am asking for Monroe's help. ("Bears Will Be Bears")
  • While Monroe has maintained a strong control of his Blutbad instincts, he said it could be dangerous for him to associate himself with a "wild" Blutbad as he could relapse because Blutbaden are dangerous in a pack, especially when they see red. One such example is when he housed Angelina, who reminded him of the "old days" and convinced him to accompany her to the woods, where they proceeded to kill a rabbit and eat it, which completely goes against Monroe's principles, as he is vegetarian. ("The Three Bad Wolves")
  • Monroe was born and raised in the New Moon Lake area of Barnstead, New Hampshire. ("Endangered")
  • Monroe's favorite color is red. ("Organ Grinder")
  • Monroe enjoys collecting model trains and stamps. ("Let Your Hair Down") ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau")
  • Monroe's surname has never been said nor has it been seen in props. The house number on Monroe's mail box is 418; the box does not bear a name. ("Pilot") His parents, likewise, are known simply as Alice and Bart. ("The Wild Hunt")
  • Monroe loves the Christmas Holiday. He enjoys decorating his home in all manner of Christmas decorations, including a valuable antique train set. He has a Santa suit and says he makes a good Santa, even though Santa Claus is not a Blutbad, but a Gefrierengeber, a different sort of creature, one that can easily survive in arctic conditions. ("Let Your Hair Down")
  • Monroe drives a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle that has the license plate 465-DOT.
  • Monroe lives at 418 Ravensview Dr, Portland, 97210. ("Over My Dead Body")
  • Monroe attended Brown University for graduate school (unknown major or undergrad). He told Hap this when he let him borrow his alma mater shirt. ("The Three Bad Wolves")
  • Monroe wears plaid-patterned clothing frequently.
  • Monroe is an accomplished cellist.
  • Monroe's front door sports a stained glass window featuring a coat of arms surrounded by a forest. The coat of arms can be described as "azure, a wolf rampant gules" (blue, with a red wolf walking upright with its forepaws extended) and also has red squares in the top corners and a red line across the bottom. The red-on-blue design violates the rule of tincture and is most likely not a genuine historical coat of arms.
  • He has a nickel allergy. ("Maiden Quest")
  • Felix Dietrich dialed 00-31-080-42209 to call Monroe's cell phone from Leipzig, Germany. ("Map of the Seven Knights")


  • (To Nick): "How do I stay good? Through a strict regimen of diet, drugs, and Pilates." ("Pilot")
  • (To Nick): "I wasn't pissing on my fence for kicks." ("Pilot")
  • (To Nick): "What am I, your personal Grimmopedia?" ("Bears Will Be Bears")
  • (To himself after ripping a man's arm off): "Okay, that went a little too far." ("Bears Will Be Bears")
  • (To Roddy Geiger): "You were kicking some butt on that Brahms concerto, man." ("Danse Macabre")
  • (To Hap): "My aim is to keep the toilet clean. Your aim will help." ("The Three Bad Wolves")
  • (To Nick after he tells Monroe he's not going to ask him for anymore help): "Screw that. I'm not running. You ask me for all the help you need. I've never been much of a status quo kind of guy." ("Of Mouse and Man")
  • (To Nick): "Oh oh, here we go, he caught up to the Schakal and, of course, cut off his head." ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau")
  • (To Nick): "Look out, they ate a baby. That's rude." ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau")
  • (To Nick, referring to Schakals): "They're baby-eating bad-asses, man. What more do you need to know?" ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau")
  • (To Nick and Rosalee): "Oh god, that always complicates things, doesn't it?" ("Love Sick")
  • (To Ian Harmon): "I care about all my friends. Even those you don't like!" ("Cat and Mouse")
  • (To Nick): "I got it! I got the device! Am I too late? Oh, no, I can't be too late. You're still alive. That's a good thing." ("Happily Ever Aftermath")
  • (To Nick): "Do you know what people do to things they can't explain? I don't want my house torched, man. And I don't want crosses burned at my front yard. I'm just saying this is how legends end up killing innocent people!" ("Big Feet")
  • (To Nick): "Dude, I gotta be honest: your mother scares the crap outta me, man!" ("Bad Teeth")
  • (To Nick and Rosalee): "Yeah. No. Totally, I mean, family reunions can be brutal. Our last one, we lost two cousins and a sheepdog. Okay. I mean, no one missed the cousins, you know." ("Bad Teeth")
  • (To Nick): "Okay, I guess we're okay to go then. You go take care of the dead, and we three will just... all go on living." (referring to Kelly Burkhardt) ("The Kiss")
  • (To Rosalee, referring to Catherine Schade): "Cheapskate doesn't know how close she came to getting her throat ripped out." ("The Kiss")
  • (To Nick): "Uh, well Nick, when a mommy Coyotl and a daddy Coyotl love each other very much..." ("Bad Moon Rising")
  • (To Sean Renard): "Now, are these feelings for a person, or an animal?" ("The Other Side")
  • (To the neighborhood bullies, after wogeing in front of them): "Trick-or-treat!" ("La Llorona")
  • (To Nick): "There's an old Wesen tradition of an All Hallow's Eve midnight woge! They would run around the woods, scaring the crap out of villagers! Literally, sometimes." ("La Llorona")
  • (Seeing Renard and Juliette kissing): "Oh boy." ("To Protect and Serve Man")
  • (To Nick): "So, you want to arrest them or what?" Nick: "Or what..." ("Season of the Hexenbiest")
  • (To Nick): "Oh, THAT quadruple homicide..." ("Face Off")
  • (About Barry Kellogg): "He dropped a toad." ("One Angry Fuchsbau")
  • (To Renard): "To save Portland? Hell yeah!" ("Volcanalis")
  • (About Volcanalis): "Keeping Portland weird." ("Volcanalis")
  • (To Juliette): "A Grimm is someone who can see into the heart of darkness. Someone who sees things other people don't understand." ("Endangered")
  • (To Rosalee): "So, what, it's the proverbial kiss of death?" ("Kiss of the Muse")
  • (To Nick): "Nick, it's us, man! Don't do it... Don't do it, Nick! ..... He's doing it." ("PTZD")
  • (To Rosalee): "Life is the scale upon which is measured the depth of a man's soul." ("The Good Soldier")
  • (About Varme Tyv) Nick: "Wait a minute, if this is the hibernaculum, what are they doing down there?" Monroe: "Hibernaculating?" ("Hibernaculum")
  • (To Rosalee): "Nick thinks the killer who did the killing wasn't actually the killer who did the killing because the killing was done by a killer who'd been dead a long time." ("You Don't Know Jack")
  • (Talking to Trubel) Trubel: "What kind of weapon are you going to use?" Monroe: (woges) "I'm good." ("Cry Havoc")
  • (Talking about the loft): "I think it's kind of homey, you know, in a, like, post-apocalyptic, neo-industrial, steampunk chic kind of way." ("Map of the Seven Knights")
  • (To Nick regarding the Treasure of the Knights Templar): "We came this far, we found it, after all the others have searched throughout the centuries!" ("Into the Schwarzwald")
  • (To Nick disguised as Renard): "Yeah, yeah, you need to be a little more... Renard-y." ("Oh Captain, My Captain")