Opening Quote: "The Spirit you seek in the water is only a reflection of yourself." – Alan DiFiore

Scene: Two days in the future, Nick and Hank fight.

Nick: Oh! Hank, no! [Getting choked by Hank] Hank, it's me.
[A spirit, Mishipeshu, emerges from inside Hank and roars]

Scene: In the present day, Nick and Hank go to Monroe and Rosalee's house for dinner.

[Knocking at the door]
Rosalee: They're here.
Monroe: Okay, let's not talk about Juliette, okay? I'm sure he'd like to keep his mind off her for a while.
Rosalee: I know. [She opens the door] Hey.
Monroe: Guys, come on in.
Rosalee: Oh, Nick, come here. I'm so happy you could come over. [She hugs Nick] Hey, Hank.
Hank: Rosalee. Monroe.
Monroe: Got a nice bottle of wine breathing over here all by its lonesome.
Nick: You have anything a little stronger?
Monroe: Uh... sure.
Hank: Smells good. It's gonna be nice to have a home-cooked meal for a change.
Monroe: Then here's to a home-cooked meal. [He hands Nick a drink]
Rosalee: So... how are things?
Nick: [He sighs] Look, I don't want anybody to feel... awkward about me and Juliette.
Monroe: Yeah, no, why would we?
Rosalee: Not at all.
Nick: I know she tried to blame all of you.
Rosalee: We know that's not her talking.
Nick: No, it's not. I mean, I wish she was talking. She's not answering the phone. She's not showing up to work. She-I don't even know where she is.
Hank: You know, when something like this happens, it takes time to figure it out.
Nick: Yeah, well, I feel like I'm running out of time. I'm afraid of what she might do out there.
Rosalee: There must be something we can do.
Nick: Like what? Tell me, am I missing something? 'Cause I'm out there every night, driving the streets trying to find her, hoping that there's some way that I can help her or talk some sense into her.
Monroe: Dude, we totally get it.
Nick: I'm sorry; I can't... be here, pretending that she's not out there somewhere. I'm gonna have to take a rain check. I'm just... I'm really sorry. [He leaves]
Monroe: Who's hungry?
Rosalee: You know, just because this Henrietta, whom I've never met, says it's irreversible doesn't mean it is. We need to talk to Sean Renard. He's still got the book that Adalind used, and there might be something in there that could help Juliette.
Monroe: [He sighs] Then we're gonna have to get that hat too.
Rosalee: We're gonna go through that book, through every spell backwards and forwards till we find something that works.
Hank: You're forgetting the main ingredient.
Monroe: What's that?
Hank: Juliette.

Scene: Juliette arrives at a bar to have a drink.

Bartender: What can I get you?
Juliette: Vodka, rocks. You pick it.
Rick: [He goes over to Juliette] You meeting someone?
Juliette: No.
Rick: Why don't you let me buy you that drink?
Juliette: [She drinks her drink] Why don't I let you buy me the next one too?
Rick: [Chuckling] Bring her another. I'm Rick.
Juliette: You look like a Rick.
Rick: What's your name?
Juliette: What do I look like?
Rick: What, is this a game?
Juliette: Yeah.
Rick: You look like... a Jackie.
Juliette: Wow. You are really good.
Rick: Really? That's-that's your name.
Juliette: It is now. Who's your friend?
Rick: Hey, this is... between you and me.
Juliette: [She laughs] Yeah? You think you can handle me all by yourself?
Rick: You're kind of a... a wild girl?
Juliette: You really don't want to know.
Rick: Yeah. I do.
Juliette: Trust me. You don't. [She starts walking away]
Rick: Jackie, I just bought you two drinks.
Juliette: What do you expect for two drinks?
Rick: A little conversation, get to know each other. I-I want to find out who you are.
Juliette: You really mean that?
Rick: Yeah. I do. I find you very attractive.
Juliette: You like my eyes?
Rick: Yes.
Juliette: Do you like my lips?
Rick: Yeah, I do. I like everything about you.
Juliette: Everything? How about now? [She woges, causing all of the lights to explode]
Rick: [Backing away] Ah!
[Juliette retracts]
Rick: Did you see that? Did you see that? Hey! [He tries to grab Juliette]
[Juliette telekinetically throws him back into a table]
Bartender: I'm calling the cops.
[Juliette leaves]

Scene: In a school, Larry Killburn polishes the floors.

[Killburn hears a door open and, after grabbing a wrench, goes to investigate]
Killburn: Who's there? Anybody in here? I'm giving you clear warning. Anyone in here's gonna be sorry.
[The polisher whirs]
Killburn: Damn it. [He walks towards the polisher] Let's see how funny you find this.
[Killburn is suddenly attacked from behind and killed by Mishipeshu]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the school.

Wu: School custodian, Lawrence Killburn, 34, was working late last night polishing floors. Principal found him when she arrived around 6:00 a.m. Said the floor polisher was still running. She called 911.
Nick: Good morning.
Wu: And that too. County sheriff was the first to respond. We've worked with her before.
Hank: Deputy Farris?
Wu: Yup, she secured the scene.
[They go inside the school]
Farris: [To an officer] Thank you so much. [To Nick, Hank, and Wu] Morning.
Nick: Morning.
Hank: Good to see you.
Farris: Good to see you. I'm afraid this case is about as weird as the last one we did together.
Hank: Looks like he's been mauled.
Farris: I'd say it was an animal attack, but we're inside the school, which is odd unless someone's pit bull got in.
Hank: M.E. will tell us if it's an animal.
Nick: What about the kids? Has class been canceled?
Farris: First thing.
Nick: So what do we know about Larry?
Farris: I haven't done any background yet, but the principal said he did his job, wasn't very sociable, and he worked here seven years.
Hank: Where's the principal?
Wu: In her office.
Nick: Let's let CSU have it.
Wu: Yeah.

Scene: Renard brings the Witch's Hat and the Zaubertrank Recipe Book to the spice shop.

Monroe: Thanks for coming.
Renard: Yeah.
Rosalee: You brought them.
Renard: I did. I probably don't need to warn you, but I'm going to anyway. Be very careful with these.
Rosalee: Right, and we can't close the book.
Renard: No. Nick know you're doing this?
Rosalee: No. We don't want to give him false hope.
Renard: Well, you realize there may not be any hope.
Monroe: Yeah, well, we still got to try. I mean, we were all part of what happened to Juliette, so...
Rosalee: Have you talked to Juliette?
[Flashback of Juliette touching Renard's lip and asking if it hurts before they begin making out in "Hibernaculum"]
Renard: Yeah, she's... not the same.
Rosalee: We know.
Renard: Well, be careful. You may do more harm than good.
Monroe: [To Rosalee] Been there.
[Renard leaves]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Deputy Farris talk with Principal Wiley.

Principal Wiley: I don't understand how something like this could happen.
Hank: Did Mr. Killburn have any problems with anybody that you know of?
Principal Wiley: Look, I-I don't get into people's personal lives much. He wasn't exactly popular. Didn't engage much.
Nick: Married? Family?
Principal Wiley: I believe he was married once, and I think it ended in divorce.
Farris: What about problems here at school?
Principal Wiley: Well, we did have an incident at the beginning of the year. We have several minorities here at the school, and there's been some bullying. One of our seniors, a Native American boy, found some racial slurs on his locker. It was reported to janitorial staff, and it was cleaned up, but it appeared again two more times. We never did figure out who did it, but one morning I came in especially early and discovered the same graffiti on the boy's locker again.
Hank: What's the graffiti?
Principal Wiley: Stuff like, "Buffalo jockey," "watch your red-skinned back," "white pride, bitch," and some crude drawings.
Farris: Who had access to the school?
Principal Wiley: Just the custodial staff and myself.
Nick: Were students involved?
Principal Wiley: If they were, somebody had to have left them in.
Hank: What was the name of the student this was directed at?
Principal Wiley: Simon George. Unfortunately, when he turned 18, he dropped out just weeks before he was supposed to graduate.
Farris: Do you have an address on him?
Principal Wiley: He was living with his foster parent, but last I heard, he left home. I felt we had failed him, but I had no proof who had done this.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Deputy Farris walk out of the school and discuss the possibility of Simon being the one who killed Killburn.

Nick: If this kid Simon thinks the janitor was involved, it could be revenge.
Hank: Let's go to the precinct and run a background on the janitor.
Farris: Do you guys mind if I tag along with you? I think I know this kid Simon's story.
Nick: How?
Farris: My ex-husband's Native American. Same tribe.

Scene: Simon wakes up in the middle of a forest with blood around his mouth.

[Simon looks around before going to get a drink of water. He then licks his hand before going to take another drink of water, but he sees Mishipeshu's reflection instead of his, which scares him]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Deputy Farris do background checks on Larry Killburn and Simon George at the precinct.

Hank: Looks like our victim, Lawrence Killburn, has a bit of a history. Drunk and disorderly, couple of assault charges, nothing too outrageous, at least not on his record. Last few years, he's been pretty clean. Anything on the kid?
Nick: Simon George, entered foster care at age five when his father was murdered. Mother died in childbirth. He was in the system for a lot of years.
Farris: I remember hearing something about his father's murder. His father's name was Gus George. Very formidable man, did a lot for the tribe.
Hank: What happened?
Farris: Some kind of road rage. Gus was in his trunk with his son, driving down Highway 26. He was pulled from the truck and beaten to death. His son Simon was five, witnessed the whole thing. He was so traumatized that he was never able to talk about it.
Hank: Did they ever catch who did it?
Farris: No. They figure it was more than one man. It was a real tragedy.
Nick: And this is the same kid who had graffiti on his locker?
Farris: I think it is.
Hank: So we need to find Simon George. You got a last known on him?
Nick: Not on the record.
Farris: Maybe the tribe knows where he is.
Hank: We have no jurisdiction with the tribes.
Farris: I know you don't. They know me over there. I'll make a call. [She goes to make the call]
Wu: [He walks over to Nick] Nick. Just got a call from central precinct. They've got a Juliette Silverton in custody.
Nick: What?
Wu: I didn't want to get into it without letting you know.
Nick: Well, has she been charged?
Wu: They're holding her on assault.
Nick: [He sighs] I got to go.
Hank: Yeah, don't worry. Farris and I can handle this.
Nick: At least now I know where she is. [He leaves]
Farris: [On the phone] No, no, we'll come to you. [She hangs up] Simon George moved out to the reservation six months ago.
Hank: All right, so they know where we can find him?
Farris: Not exactly. We need to go out there.
Hank: All right.

Scene: At an auto repair shop, Declan Henry Burke is working on a car when he hears a door squeak.

Declan: Somebody there? Hold on. I'll be out in a minute. I'm almost done. [He is suddenly pulled out from under the car as he screams]

Scene: Nick goes to see Juliette in jail.

Nick: [To a cop] Thank you. [To Juliette] What happened?
Juliette: Didn't you read my arrest report?
Nick: I did. Wanna hear it from you.
Juliette: What do you want to hear, Nick? That I didn't do it? That it was all a mistake? That I'm still the same sweet gal you fell in love with?
Nick: Why are you doing this?
Juliette: I guess I'm just trying to be the best Hexenbiest I can.
Nick: You don't have to prove to me that this is my fault.
Juliette: That's what you think I'm doing?
Nick: Juliette, you're not even giving us a chance to figure this out.
Juliette: What do you want to figure out, Nick? How a Grimm and a Hexenbiest are just gonna live happily ever after?
Nick: You don't scare me. And I'm not letting go.
Juliette: Aren't you scared of what you might do to me?
Nick: I could never hurt you, Juliette.
Juliette: I wish I could say the same. But I just don't know anymore, because deep down, I do blame you for what's happened to me, and part of me loves you for it, because I have never felt like this before. It's ironic, isn't it? You've been the special one for so long. You're connected to a world that most people will never know or understand. And now I know and I understand, and I don't want to give it up, just like you didn't want to give it up. And now I know why. Once you're in it and you've... seen it and tasted it and... lived it, you can't go back. Everyone else just seems blind. I like this power, Nick, and I know you do too.
Nick: Stop it!
Juliette: I can't. You really think that you can just... take off your clothes and crawl into bed with me again? [She woges] And close your eyes? [She retracts] You know, I didn't need to let them arrest me. I just wanted to see if you'd come rescue me.
Nick: I'm not letting you out, if that's what you mean by "rescue you." It's safer for you in here.
Juliette: And safer for you.

Scene: Hank and Deputy Farris arrive at the reservation.

Hank: You know what this is?
Farris: Bear mother. Bears are believed to be men that had taken on animal shape.
Hector: Janelle.
Farris: Hector. Thank you so much for seeing us. This is Detective Hank Griffin.
Hector: Nice to meet you.
Hank: You too.
Hector: Right this way. Can you tell me why you're looking for Simon George?
Hank: Uh, we're investigating the murder of a high school maintenance man, Larry Killburn. Happened sometime last night.
Hector: I know the name. This have anything to do with the racist graffiti they left on Simon's locker?
Farris: Uh, we don't know yet, but we're hoping to talk to Simon about it.
Hector: Might have a little difficulty finding him. He's on a Power Quest.
Hank: That like a Vision Quest?
Hector: Basically. Simon had not been, really, a part of the tribe since he was five. After the incidents at the school, he wanted to become more involved with his heritage. This kid had a hard time growing up, and he wanted to come to terms with it. He came to live with a family here, and he came looking for me when he was ready to find his guardian spirit. I'm one of the tribe's spiritual guides. I helped Simon prepare for his journey.
Farris: Hector is a dream reader, just like his father and his grandfather.
Hank: Then Simon should be somewhere in the woods.
Hector: I left Simon on Spirit Mountain. He's on his third day. He might be back anytime, but he could be gone for another couple days. He's been fasting and without sleep since he left.
Hank: So, he'd be pretty out of it by now.
Hector: Hopefully, he's connecting with his guardian spirit.
Farris: Which is usually an animal of some kind.
Hector: But we believe spirit can inhabit all nature. Animals, trees, rocks, mountains, lakes. The search for one's spirit guide can be the source of a person's special power, spiritual and physical. So Simon could be anywhere on that mountain, and he didn't take a cell phone with him. That would kind of defeat the purpose. But it doesn't mean we can't try finding him.
Hank: Do you know anything about the death of his father?
Hector: I know a lot about it. Gus was a friend of mine. He was beat to death on the side of the road right in front of Simon. What they did was an act of hatred. No money was taken.
Farris: And they never identified any suspects.
Hector: They never even tried. Gus was an activist, pushed a lot of tribal issues. They weren't too sad when he walked on. That's why I'm glad that Simon came back and is on a quest. I think it'll help him come to some sort of peace with his past.
Hank: [His phone rings] Oh, excuse me. [He steps aside to answer his phone] Nick, you saw Juliette?
Nick: Yeah.
Hank: How'd it go?
Nick: Well, she's definitely pushing it to the limit. She doesn't give a damn what I think.
Hank: What are you gonna do?
Nick: [He sighs] I'm gonna keep her locked up as long as I can. That way, at least I know where she is and I can keep talking to her.
Hank: Well, that's sort of a plan.
Nick: [He sighs] Anyway, got another victim. Same M.O., Highway 26. Declan's Auto Repair Shop.
Hank: All right, we'll meet you there.

Scene: Wu tells Nick, Hank, and Deputy Farris about Declan.

Wu: Declan Henry Burke. Sole owner and employee of Declan's Auto Repair. Mailman found him.
Hank: Pretty much the same as our first vic.
Wu: Yup. Did a background on him, and he, uh, did have a record. Arrested for assault, drunk and disorderly, but he's been pretty clean for the last several years.
Hank: We need to see if there's a connection between the other two vics.
Wu: Well, he's got a computer over there. I'll run Killburn's name through, see if he knows him. [He walks away]
Farris: Do you think whoever's doing this is using dogs?
Hank: Possibly.
Nick: Well, it is hard to trace a bullet if he's not using a gun.
Farris: It's a nasty way to go.
Wu: Found it! Killburn's in his contacts.
Nick: So they know each other.
Wu: Yup, he's even got Killburn's birthday on here.
Farris: They have similar records.
Hank: All right, let's run every name on these contacts and every name on Killburn's contacts, see if we get a match. And run background checks on them.
Wu: Yep, on it.

Scene: Simon is by a fire and shaking a maraca, singing.

Simon: [He sings] Hey, hey-ey. Hey-ey-ey. Hey, hey-ey. Hey, hey, hey-ey-ey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey-ey, hey-ey-ey. Hey, hey-ey, hey-ey-ey. Hey, hey-ey.
[Mishipeshu rises from the ground on the other side of the fire across from Simon and possesses him]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Deputy Farris go through the names of Killburn and Declan's contacts.

Hank: Anybody got a Hodge, Frederick Hodge?
Nick: No.
Farris: No.
Nick: How about a Brad Scott?
Hank: Eh... no.
Farris: And no. Max McClay?
Nick: Nope.
Hank: Yeah. Got one.
Wu: McClay with two "C"s?
Hank: Right.
Wu: Think it's Maximilian, Maximus, or Maxwell?
Nick: Why don't we go with Maxwell?
Farris: What of William Colvig?
Nick: No.
Hank: No.
Wu: Got a match on Maxwell McClay, best one yet. He's about the same age as both Killburn and Declan, and get this, Killburn was arrested once with Declan, and Declan was arrested once with McClay.
Hank: They're running in the same crowd.
Nick: So McClay could have killed the other two, or he's the next victim.
Wu: Got a last known in Troutdale.

Scene: McClay returns home with firewood and sets it down. As he then takes a swig of whiskey, he hears the floor creak, so he grabs his gun and looks around.

[A possessed Simon opens a closet door as Nick, Hank, and Deputy Farris pull up outside. McClay hears their car doors, and when he goes to look, Simon attacks him from behind, causing his gun to go off]
Hank: McClay! McClay! Police! McClay!
[McClay comes flying through a window]
Hank: I'm going in.
Nick: I'll cover the back.
Hank: [To Farris] Stay with McClay. [He goes inside the house. He hears a door open and goes to check it out]
[Simon, now with Mishipeshu emerging out of him, runs out of the back of the house]
Nick: Stop! I'm a Grimm. I know you're Wesen. Get down on the ground. Put your hands behind your head.
[Hank comes out of the house]
Nick: Hank, I got him! He's Wesen, I think. He looked at me. He didn't react.
Hank: I can see it, but...
[Mishipeshu leaps onto the roof of the house, and Nick starts running around to the front of the house]
Hank: What the hell?
[Deputy Farris hears footsteps on the roof and looks up as Mishipeshu jumps down, twisting Simon's ankle when it lands, before running into the forest. Deputy Farris starts running after Mishipeshu but stops as Nick and Hank run up]
Hank: Did you see where he went?
Farris: Yeah, that way, into the woods.
Nick: Whatever it was, it's gone now.
Hank: How's McClay?
Farris: He's passed out. I called the paramedics. Something jumped off the roof.
Hank: What did you see?
Farris: I'm not sure. Looked like something I'd only heard about in stories. I don't want to sound crazy.
Hank: You won't. We saw it too.
Farris: I think we should talk to Hector again.

Scene: Renard stands in line at a coffee cart and gets a call from Monroe and Rosalee.

Renard: Hello?
Rosalee: Sean, Monroe and I are at the shop. We need a little help.
Renard: What kind?
Rosalee: We need to know the percentage of gypsum extract your mother used in relation to the ferula tingitana and combprecta.
Renard: Have you got something?
Rosalee: Yeah, altering the percentages of the potion in a retrograde inversion may cause a betäubende wirkung.
Monroe: Which translates to "numbing effect."
Renard: I know what it means.
Rosalee: And there's nothing in the book on how to do that.
Renard: You were with my mother when she mixed the first batch. Don't you remember what she did?
Rosalee: She didn't tell us how much she used.
Monroe: Yeah, she just... She just kind of did it.
Renard: That's why this could be so dangerous. Only a skilled Hexenbiest should be attempting it. I can't get a hold of my mother, I've tried. But there is somebody who might be able to help us. Don't do anything until I get back to you. [He hangs up. He watches the customer in front of him as the man flips through the money in his wallet until he pays for his coffee]
Barista: Thanks. What would you like, sir?
[Renard follows the customer to his car and knocks him out with a single punch to the face]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Deputy Farris go talk to Hector about what they saw.

Hector: [Looking at a book] Well... I must say, I never expected to hear this from any of you. But from what you're describing, it sounds like this is what you saw. [He shows them images in the book]
Farris: Yes.
Hank: Me too.
Nick: Yeah.
Hector: Well, this isn't something I hear every day. What you're saying you saw is a Mishipeshu, also known as a Gichi-anami'e-bizhiw, or horned water serpent-panther.
Farris: How is it possible that we all think we saw something that doesn't exist?
Hank: Really hard to believe.
Nick: Yeah.
Hector: Reality is open to interpretation. A Mishipeshu is a being that supposedly lives in the depths of the Gitchigumi or Lake Superior. The stories are related to the Anishinaabe tribes; the Odawa, Potawatomi, and Ojibwe.
Nick: McClay was attacked last night. He's still alive. We were able to connect him to Declan and Killburn.
Hank: All three victims knew each other and had criminal records.
Nick: And we can connect Killburn to Simon.
Hank: Is this something that could have happened to Simon on his quest?
Hector: You're suggesting Simon has been possessed.
Nick: We all saw the same thing. Can you explain that?
Farris: If the Mishipeshu originated in Lake Superior, how does that connect to Simon?
Hector: Because the legend is related to his mother. She was Ojibwe.
Farris: So you think this is possible?
Hector: It's a Power Quest. He's entering another world. Anything is possible. If you want to find him, you have to know where he's going.
Hank: How do we do that?
Hector: By understanding where he's been. To do that, you must enter the dream world.

Scene: Renard arrives at his office and is surprised to find the wallet of the customer he knocked out in his pocket.

[Wu knocks on the door]
Renard: Yeah.
Wu: Just want to bring you up to speed, sir. We were able to connect the three victims. All had records, all knew it each other, and it looks to me like we've got ourselves a Wesen crime.
Renard: Mmm-hmm. That's good. Um, this isn't mine. I just found it in my coat.
Wu: Oh.
Renard: Yeah, not sure how it got there.
Wu: Uh, well, maybe someone thought your coat was their coat and put it in.
Renard: Yeah, that's probably how it happened. Um... Do me a favor, make sure the owner gets that back.
Wu: [He takes the wallet from Renard and sees the cash in it] You just made somebody's day.
Renard: Let's keep it anonymous, please. Mmm-hmm.
Wu: Captain?
Renard: Yeah.
Wu: Can I ask you something?
Renard: Mmm-hmm.
Wu: What percentage of crime in Portland do you think is Wesen-related? Like, 20%, 30%?
Renard: Well, one way or another, most crime in most places is Wesen-related.
Wu: Wow. Okay.
Renard: Mmm-hmm.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Deputy Farris, and Hector sit in a tent, and Hector makes a liquid for the others to drink to enter the dream world.

Hector: Grandfather, thank you for this good red road that we travel. [He pours some of the liquid into a bowl and tries handing the bowl to Hank, but he is hesitant to take it]
Farris: Don't worry, it won't kill you.
Hector: We ask that you grant us the strength to enter the dream world, that we may find our brother that has been lost there.
[Hank takes the bowl and takes a drink, and he hands it to Deputy Farris. She takes a drink and hands the bowl to Nick, who starts to bring the bowl to his mouth]
Hector: No. Something about you. I didn't see it before, but I feel it now. You're different. This could be dangerous for you.
Hank: Probably better that one of us keeps his feet on the ground.
Hector: This belongs to Simon. It was given to him by his father. [He hands Hank a necklace] This belonged to Simon's mother. [He hands Farris a necklace] These possessions will help you find Simon. [He begins singing and tapping a drum]

Scene: Simon runs through the forest until he falls to the ground because of his injured ankle.

[Simon pulls down his sock, looks at the damage to his right ankle, and then realizes he is by a Mishipeshu totem. He then sees the totem's eyes glow yellow]

Scene: Hector contunues singing until Hank begins softly groaning and shuddering.

Hector: Where are you?
Hank: [He sees Simon's point of view from the night his dad was killed] I'm in a truck. My dad's truck.
Hector: How old are you?
Hank: [He sees Simon's face] I'm five and a half. [He sees the moment, from Simon's point of view, that his dad was pulled from his truck and beaten to death by Declan, Killburn, and McClay]
[Simon's dad screams, and Declan punches him in the stomach]
McClay: [To Simon's dad] Shouldn't have come off the res, Chief!
Declan: No pow wows here!
Young Simon: Stop it! Stop it!
[Men yelling]
Larry: Need a haircut. Braids...
Young Simon: No, dad! Hey!
Declan: [To Simon] Is that your daddy?
Young Simon: Stop hitting...
Hank: They're killing my dad! [His vision of the murder of Simon's father ends] They're killing my dad! There's three of them! [He whimpers]
Hector: He's entered into Simon's past. Three men killed Simon's father.
[Hank cries]
Nick: That's the connection between Declan, Killburn, and McClay.
Farris: [She exhales] I don't feel so good.
Hector: She's getting too hot. Take her out.
[Nick helps Deputy Farris out of the tent]
Hector: It's all right. I want you to come out.
Hank: They killed him! They killed my dad! They killed my dad! [He runs out of the tent and knocks Nick over before running deeper into the forest]
Nick: Hank!
[Hector comes out of the tent]
Nick: What happened?
Hector: He's still with Simon.
Nick: Well, we need to find him.
[Hank continues sprinting through the forest]

Scene: Hank continues to sporadically see visions of Simon's father being killed as he runs through the forest.

Young Simon: Stop it!
[Simon's father gets pulled out of his truck by McClay]
[The scene shifts back to Nick and Deputy Farris as Hector returns to them after searching for Hank]
Nick: Did you find him?
Hector: No. But I think I know where he's going. This is all about Simon's father. There's only one place Simon would be. Where his father is buried. It's on the mountain. You can't drive there.
Nick: We gotta go after him. Is he gonna get out of this?
Hector: Eventually.
Farris: I'm coming with you.
Nick: No, you should stay—
Farris: I'm coming with you.
[They all start running. Elsewhere in the forest, Hank is still sprinting when he comes to a stop at a tree, and flashes of the murder of Simon's dad are seen]
Young Simon: Stop it! Stop hurting my dad!
Declan: No pow wows here.
[Man screaming]
Declan: That's a dead Indian, boys.
[Hank arrives at the Mishipeshu totem and looks at a totem next to it, and soft grumbling is heard. Simon comes out of the woods, and Mishipeshu leaves him and possesses Hank. Hank then runs away just before Nick, Deputy Farris, and Hector arrive to the totems]
Hector: Simon is here!
Nick: Where's Hank?
Hector: Simon, it's me.
Simon: Hector, what happened? I- [He grunts in pain] I-I hurt it somehow.
Hector: If it was in him, it's gone now.
Nick: So where is Hank?
Farris: Look at the totem.
Hector: Mishipeshu. Simon is injured. If Hank got here before we did, it must be using him.
Farris: To do what?
Hector: Sometimes Mishipeshu can be a protective creature. [He sighs] And sometimes it can be a vengeful beast, and it won't stop until they're all dead.
Nick: McClay is still alive. He helped murder Simon's father. It's gonna go finish what it started.

Scene: Hank arrives at McClay's house and walks inside.

[Mishipeshu emerges out of Hank and starts walking towards a person sitting in a chair, who stands up and turns around. Mishipeshu stops once it realizes that it is Simon]
Hector: You're no longer needed here. We know who killed Simon's father.
[The scene shifts to outside as Deputy Farris waits with McClay]
McClay: What the hell's going on in there?
Farris: Shut up.
McClay: Hey, it's my house.
[The scene shifts back inside the house]
Nick: [From behind] Hank!
[Mishipeshu snarls and turns around. It goes back inside Hank]
Nick: It's okay. We need to get you home.
[Hank attacks Nick]
Nick: Hank! No, Hank! It's me!
[Nick is slammed against a wall. Nick gets Hank off of him, but Hank kicks Nick back against the wall. He then lifts Nick up]
Nick: Hank!
[Hank pins Nick to the wall]
Nick: Hank, no!
[Hank starts choking Nick with his forearm pressed against Nick's neck]
Nick: Hank. It's me.
[Mishipeshu re-emerges and growls. Hector blows a red powder in Mishipeshu's face, and it leaves Hank as Nick catches his breath]
Hank: Nick, what happened?
Nick: The Mishipeshu sort of borrowed you.
Hank: What?
Nick: It's okay. You're all right now. [He coughs]
Hank: Nick. I saw it. It's hard to explain. It-it's like I was Simon when he was five. I saw the three men that murdered Simon's father. Killburn... Declan, McClay, they beat him to death.
[As Simon struggles to control his emotions, a flashback is shown of Simon's father, in his truck, speaking to Simon before he was beaten to death]
Simon's Father: It'll be okay.
[Simon whimpers as his eyes start to well up]
[They all go outside to Deputy Farris and McClay]
Farris: What happened?
Hector: It's gone.
Farris: You okay?
Hank: No. [He goes over to McClay, grabs him out of the car, and pins him against it] I know what you did. You and your two buddies, Declan and Killburn, beat Simon George's father to death.
McClay: How the hell would you know that?
Hank: 'Cause I saw it.
McClay: Sure, you did. Good luck proving it. I don't know what you think you're doing here. Get the hell out. All of you, get the hell out. [He goes back inside his house]
[Simon struggles to control his emotions after McClay walks by him]
Farris: Was that one of the men that killed your father?
Simon: Yeah.
Hector: Let's get you out of here.
Hank: We should arrest that son of a bitch.
Nick: We have no physical evidence tying him to the crime. No jury's gonna believe the testimony of an 18-year-old who witnessed the murder when he was five.
Hector: If you take this to court, they could connect Simon to the other two murders.
Farris: It's not fair.
[They all leave]

Scene: Nick watches as Juliette sleeps in her cell, thinking about their conversation.

Scene: McClay is sleeping in a chair, when he is attacked and killed by Mishipeshu.

[Mishipeshu runs into the forest and gets a drink of water. It then goes back inside its latest possessed individual, revealing it to be Deputy Farris, who appears confused upon seeing blood on her hands and where she is]


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