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A Minotaur (MIN-ə-ta(w)r; Eng. minotaur, from Anc.Gr. Μινώταυρος "Minos's bull") is a Wesen which woges into a bull-headed man, similar to Taureus-Armenta and Mordstier.

Characteristics Edit

When woged, their body becomes large and rippling with powerful muscles, as well as covered with brown fur. Their head develops a short snout with a large bovine nose and a mouth filled with sharp fangs. Their ears become large and pointed and a pair of curved horns grow just above the ears. Also, their eyes constantly glow.

A Minotaur's strength is extremely high; they can punch right through a man's abdomen with ease.

A Minotaur's horns are similar to those of a Dickfellig in that both have blood flowing through the center of the horn.


Minotaurs are a rather aggressive and brutal species. It would seem that they take pleasure in causing others pain and it can be inferred that "torturer" is a common position for Minotaurs. It should also be noted that this species has no qualms about murder.

The god [Delphoi oracle] told them [the Athenians] to give Minos whatever retribution he should chose . . . He ordered them to send seven young men and seven girls, unarmed, to be served as food to the Minotauros. The Minotauros was kept in a labyrinth, from which there was no escape after one entered, for it closed off its imperceivable exit with convoluted flexions. It had been constructed by Daidalos.


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