Mia Gaudot
Actor: Alice Evans
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Sean Renard, former lover
Dead Arbok, employee
Status: Living
TV Show: "Over My Dead Body"

Mia Gaudot is a Royal who appeared in "Over My Dead Body". She came to Portland supposedly to see Captain Renard. She and Renard had a previous relationship for many years, notably in Vienna, Austria. Mia said she was concerned that Renard might still be angry about something that had happened between them in Vienna.


"Over My Dead Body"Edit

Although Mia told Renard that she was only stopping by to see him on her way back from Tokyo, Japan, her true purpose for coming to Portland was to hire a Königschlange named Arbok to kill Monroe because of Monroe's friendship with Nick Burkhardt. She wanted this to also serve as a warning to other Wesen who might be tempted to cooperate with a Grimm.

She had dinner with Renard, during which she told him that she visited Tokyo due to "family business" and that a "certain foreign minister had to be convinced that putting my family first was in his own best interest." She went on to tell Renard that she never approved of how his family had treated him and then asked him if he was coming back to Vienna, but Renard said he would only do so on his terms. Mia added that she heard Renard had killed his cousin and hoped that nothing like that would happen to her. ("Love Sick")

She later arrived at a location in the woods when Arbok told her that he'd confirmed Monroe was dead. She then ordered the Königschlange to pay Angelina Lasser the balance of her money. Angelina revived Monroe, however, and Mia fled the scene. When she arrived at her airplane, Renard was waiting for her. In response to her query in fearing for her life, he said he may or may not kill her; he demanded that she tell him the truth about her activities in Portland.


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