aka گرگ دیوار

  • I live in Iran
  • My occupation is sort of Engineer
  • I am (:
A Grimmster
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  • You must like this week's Wesen!  It's about time I asked you for help with some translations  =]  At first, I thought Musasat Alsh-Shabab meant "eternal youth" from what I looked up online, but I think the translation that we have now is more accurate ("youth sucker").  What do you think, is the translation correct now? (مصاصة الشباب is the Arabic that was edited on the page)

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    • Hi Griminiac

      as you may know, our acces to wikias are limited, i hope it be temprorary like a hexenbiest Supressent

      but if it is not, i just want to thank you for everything you did, and all helps and guides. i never will forget your knidness to helping in translation.

      now i am here withe Anti_F_l+terin**g but ican not use it every day...

      hope see you again.

      be brave and heath always :)

      and have fun


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    • Yeah, technical issues usually clear up (if that's the problem), but no worries, it's my pleasure to help out.

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    • A Grimmster
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  • dudes, i think we all forgot how much we have talked :))))

    continue here ,

    @macabros: please bring the refrigior here. it is heavy you know :O

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