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  • i told you before, if you dont belive in god, it is your idea and i dont care really. beacuse people believs is none of other business, i am a muslem and i know why i am muslem, so i belive in god, prophet and other thing. and i respect all people to belive to anything, even it is ridiklus in my idea. it is their believs and only thing i can do is that i dont accept their mind. not any more. but i am not against them or convence them they are wrong.

    when i was at school, i thought there is no god and they just tell us this stupid things to we do what they  want to do.

    but when i become older i find out it can not be true, i am a techncal engineer and know a circuit board never created by it self, if you put all diod, transistor and resistor for long time, you never reach a circuit board. for example you need a 220Vac to 5Vdc convertor, you need gather all tools and pick all on pcb, but frist you should know how to make your pcb(circuit board) to it works. after that you put all stafs and weld, and than becuse your design, it works on order and for long time it will work correcty on the law and never do anything mistake.

    world is such a big circuit board. and designer is put all stafs to do what they need to do

    and he designed it. the designer of the world is my god, who i belive him. becusa i know he make stars not to fall on our head. or we dont hear the sound of their exploding

    trust me , if everything would by it self and time created, we were still in Dinasours age. even primare.

    i will listen to you idea , but dont expect me i change mine, and i dont expect you too.

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    • i told you my idea about why i believe in god. did you read all  holy books? did you read history of religions and reasone of why people believe in them? i read a little ( just 5 books not more) and not as a religious people, but of course not as a atheist eigther, for find your answers you should not choose a side, if you frist decided : no God or sure God, your reasearch is useless. you should forget what you think  and then investigate on subjects to find. it is sort a math problem if you know what is the answer you eve pay attention to solving. beacuse you made you decition before start.

      search by your own and forget about there is god or not. humans are people who listen to everyone and choose best by their mind.

      maybe you have no time to such thinks. it is understand able but make a shot if you have time, maybe you find somthing which i never thought about it... and let me know.

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    • hi LCD

      are you still upset beacuse the Avril lie and my react?

      you know when i got angry i cant stop my self. forget it man!

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    • A Grimmster
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