A Grimmster
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  • Please stop changing the categories on pages and creating new categories. They are unnecessary

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    • I did not repeat my first attempts.

      The later changes, however, appear useful to me:

      1. The seasons images categories, except season 1 and 2, were sorted alphabetically instead of numerically, I sorted them all numerically

      2. One category existed in duplicate: with "Image" and "image", I moved the images and put a deletion request

      3. All "season n xyz images" categories were categorised under "season n images", which in turn was categorised under "season n" and "images", only some "season n xyz images" were directly categorised under "season n" and "images", and not under "season n images". I corrected this.

      4. Some of the "Season n xyz images" categories were sorted by their content "xyz", some merely under "s" for season. I corrected this.

      Which of those four do you not regard as useful?

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    • Please do not undo all my edits without checking. You now deleted the wrong spelled category (see item 2 above), but put the images back into the no longer existing category!

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    • A Grimmster
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