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Menschenjagd (MIHN-shihn-yokt; Ger. Menschen "people" or "human" + Jagd "hunt") is a word used by Wesen to describe the hunting of any person, be they human or Wesen.


Some Wesen, such as the female Spinnetod, must hunt and eat people in order to survive. Others, such as Wendigo, have an instinctual urge to consume human flesh.


Jägerbars traditionally practice a coming-of-age ritual known as Roh-hatz. This involves the murder of a person.


Menschenjagden seems to be a pastime for Blutbaden, just as drinking or smoking marijuana might be for a human. Blutbaden cooking in the home are known to kill whomever is around that day to make wurst to serve at meals. One Blutbad referred to Menschenjagd as "the darkness of the flesh-hunt." ("The Good Shepherd")


Wesen who make resistive efforts not to participate in Menschenjagden are known as Wieder Wesen and often will seek out professional help.

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