Megan Marston

Megan Marston

Megan Marston-morphed

Actor: Kristina Anapau
Gender: Female
Type: Seelengut
Relationships: Dead Lance Calvin, intimate relationship
Dead Frank Arnestos, husband
Status: Living
Job: Church Secretary
TV Show: "The Good Shepherd"

Megan Marston is a Seelengut that appeared in "The Good Shepherd".


"The Good Shepherd"Edit

She was a quiet secretary working at a Wesen church. Despite her reserved nature, Megan was the lover of the church’s Blutbad reverend, Lance Calvin, and his accomplice in his previous crimes, including the murder of her husband. Calvin later planned to kill Monroe and frame him to make it look like he had killed Norman Brewster. However, in the midst of his confrontation with Monroe, the Seelenguter flock intervened and stopped him after Megan told them that Lance had killed Norman. Megan disclosed this to the parishioners after she found that Lance had been cheating on her with Harmony and made her pregnant. The congregation proceeded to beat the reverend to death. Megan and Harmony then got away with the money and made their way to Curaçao. Once there, while both relaxing on the beach, Megan commented to the pregnant Harmony, "Who said the meek don't inherit the earth?" and the two toasted to their success.


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