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Gender: Female
Type: Grimm
Relationships: Dead Drauz, employer
Dead Laszlo Dietrich, employer
Status: Living
Job: Bounty Hunter

Maya is a Grimm and bounty hunter, seeking thrills and payment. She has no concept of friendship and does what she pleases.

Early lifeEdit

Maya was born to two Grimms and had a happy life supported by loving parents. They were nomads, traveling the world and surviving day to day.

Maya was making Wesen kills at an early age with the supervision of her parents, who were both Grimms. She was allowed to bait Blutbaden for her parents to kill and was encouraged to castrate a Mauvais Dentes held down by her parents as "Family Game Night" activities, followed by mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Maya's father brought her up on the notion that "all things truly wicked start from innocence," meaning that no Wesen is born evil; rather, it becomes evil.

Drauz killed both her parents one winter day while they were in Budapest, Hungary. Her mother's dying wish was that she run for safety. Not recognizing him, she befriended Drauz soon after, and he brought her up as a no-nonsense killing machine.

Since her parents died when she was young, her merciful view of Wesen was radically redefined with her upbringing under the guidance of Drauz. She altered her view, now believing that wickedness is not only born into the world, but it's born into the world quite often. She believes now that the only way to resist wickedness is with more wickedness.

Volume 1: The Coins of ZakynthosEdit

Under the direction of Drauz, Maya spied on the Resistance and slew their leader, Laszlo Dietrich.

Aside from her father, she had never encountered a male Grimm prior to meeting Nick Burkhardt. She made physical advances on him against his will multiple times and seemingly fell in love with him, calling him a "good kisser." Nonetheless, this never kept her from betraying him just as often.

After avenging her parents' death by killing Drauz, she tricked Nick and his mother, Kelly, into destroying counterfeits of the Coins of Zakynthos. Then, she made off with the real coins and bought a one way ticket to Cairo.

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