Max Robbins


316-Max woged mad

Actor: Sam Witwer
Gender: Male
Type: Blutbad
Relationships: Genvieve, girlfriend
Damien, friend
Ivan, friend
Dead Hedig, former employer
Status: Living
Job: Carnival performer (formerly)
TV Show: "The Show Must Go On"

Max Robins is a Blutbad also formerly known as "Maximilian" or the "Wolfman" for Carnival Metamorphosia. He appeared in "The Show Must Go On".


"The Show Must Go On"Edit

Max was a carnival performer for Hedig in Carnival Metamorphosia, a carnival whose act revolved around Wesen showing themselves in full woge under the guise of magic. He played the part of the Wolfman, who broke free of his cage and was put down by Hedig as part of the show.

After the night's performance, his girlfriend, Genvieve, found him drinking in his tent. She urged him to walk away from the carnival like they had promised when they joined, but Max refused, saying that they needed the money. He then walked out of the tent. Outside of a trailer in the carnival grounds, Max briefly lost control of his woge, as his hand morphed into that of a Blutbad and scratched the side of the trailer. Seeing this, he forced himself to regain control and headed on. He was then stopped on the road by two women, Monica and Dolores, who attended the show, and despite his initial refusals, was dragged off by the women for drinks.

Max was later seen at their home, where the two women demanded that he show them how he did what he did for the carnival. After continuous urging from the women and being slapped into aggression, Max lost control and woged into a Blutbad, terrifying the women.

The next day, Max was being told off by Hedig when Nick and Hank visited the carnival after another one of the performances. When asked about the two women who had been found murdered, Max became nervous and stressed and woged his eyes.

When Nick and Hank brought up the carnival to Rosalee and Monroe, they deduced that one of the performers could be suffering from the Umkippen, a state of mind in which the Wesen side takes over and eclipses the human side, forcing the Wesen in question to succumb to their primal urges.

Before another performance, Genvieve and Max got into a fight over Max being pushed too hard by Hedig, resulting in Max losing control of his Wesen nature. In a blind Blutbad rage, Max pushed Genvieve to the ground, cutting her leg after she fell on broken glass.

When Rosalee was brought in to replace Genvieve during the performance, Max lost control in his cage and broke out before his cue. He then began to attack Hedig, creating hysteria among the crowd. Max then approached Rosalee but was pushed down and beaten by Monroe who had been in the audience.

After Hedig was killed by the other carnival performers, Max left with his friends to get the intervention he needed to overcome the Umkippen.


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