Matança Zumbido
411-Matança Zumbido
Other languages: Russian: Матанка Зумбидо
Farsi: ماتانگا زومبیدو
Notables: Dead Stetson Donovan

A Matança Zumbido (mah-TAHN-cuh zoom-BEE-doe; Por. "buzz kill") is an electric eel-like Wesen first seen in the Grimm diaries in "The Last Fight" and first physically seen in "Death Do Us Part".


When they woge, Matança Zumbido gain lime green skin with royal blue accents around their eyes, mouth, and temples. Their hair, along with their external ears and nose, disappears, giving their serpentine heads little resemblance of humanity.

Matança Zumbido are able to generate massive amounts of bio-electricity, with one known individual known to have generated over 200,000 amperes worth of electricity while murdering his wife and her lover. It is often seen dancing across their skin during times of aggravation or before an attack. Anyone killed by their discharge looks like they were struck by lighting, with scorched skin along with fractured skulls, teeth, and blown out eyes. They also have control over their discharge and can ensure that only their target is affected while everything else in the room is untouched. Electronic appliances tend to go on the fritz around Matança Zumbido if they are emotionally unstable, turning on and off, even if the appliances in question are not hooked up to a power grid. They also give off incredible levels of EMF. The only way for a person to be able to become immune to their shock is to pierce their own ear and rub in a paste made from the ground up skin of an Anura dendrobatidae, a species of poison dart frog.

When they die, Matança Zumbido will give off a large electric pulse. Anyone hit by it will be knocked back several feet, but otherwise unharmed, while any fragile object can be destroyed at a considerable distance.


Matança Zumbido appear to be somewhat possessive and do not like when their spouse cheats. It is also possible for them to go insane over traumatic events. On the other hand, they are noted to be a Wesen that is considered horrifying and extremely dangerous when provoked or confronted.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

Brazil, Village of Borba, 1921

After weeks of scouring the the jungle, I finally encountered the creature deep in the Amazon. I've been traveling with the Batisse, an indigenous tribe. Rumors haven't done justice to this horrifying creature, which the tribe members refer to as 'Matança Zumbido.' The power of this Wesen rivals the wrath of Zeus himself. Unfortunately, my fellow Grimm and compatriot Jonas faced that wrath head-on. One touch from this woged beast burned that mighty warrior to death, scorching his skin and shattering his skull.

I survived my encounter with Matança Zumbido thanks only to an ancient tribal ritual they use to hunt and eat the deadly Temblón, their term for electric eels, by using a paste made from the skin of the poison dart frog, Anura dendrobatidae.

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Season 4 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

A hideous electric-eel Wesen that can fry a person from the inside out. Its victims are often left burnt beyond recognition, with scorched skin, shattered skulls, and empty eye sockets. There is a way to defend against this powerful creature - an ancient ritual developed by an indigenous tribe from deep in the Amazon.



Grimm - Creature Profile Matança Zumbido (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Matança Zumbido (Digital Exclusive)


  • Matança Zumbido are the first Wesen to physically appear in an episode after only being seen in the diaries previously.
  • This is the first Wesen with a name in Portuguese.
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