Mason Wilcox
610-Mason Wilcox
Actor: Regi Davis
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Nurse Barton, co-worker
Dead Mrs. Margaret Cutler, friend
Status: Living
Job: Orderly

Mason Wilcox is an orderly who appeared in "Blood Magic".


"Blood Magic"Edit

Mason walked a nursing home patient, Mrs. Margaret Cutler, back to her room as she talked about how she used to run fast through the woods. Mason played along with her comments, not taking them seriously, even after he sat her down on her bed and she momentarily forgot who Mason was, additionally making a comment about how she remembered the taste of blood in her mouth. When Mason went to get Mrs. Cutler a blanket, Mrs. Cutler woged and attacked him. Mason was shocked but able to defend himself, and he pinned Mrs. Cutler up against a wall. Mrs. Cutler then retracted, and Nurse Barton entered the room at that moment, believing Mason was attacking Mrs. Cutler since he still had her up against the wall. She yelled at him to get out, but Mason asked her if she had seen "it." When Mrs. Cutler reached out towards Mason and told him she was hurt, he told her to stay away from him and left the room. He was later arrested, but during the arrest, he said that Mrs. Cutler was a monster and that she had attacked him.

When Nick and Hank arrived at his residence to speak to him, Mason was leaving with a packed duffel bag. They said they were with Portland Police, and Mason immediately dropped his bag and started running. Nick and Hank caught up to him after he ran himself into a dead end, and Mason tackled both of them to try to get away, but he was restrained and brought back to the precinct for further questioning. They tried to get him to tell them what happened, and Mason resisted at first, telling the detectives that they wouldn't believe him. When Nick asked Mason to confirm what he had said, which was that Mrs. Cutler was a monster and had attacked him, he told them how he was walking her back to her room as she spoke about running through the woods and tasting blood in her mouth. He said he was attacked by some kind of monster when he went to get Mrs. Cutler a blanket and that he was sure of what he saw, which he described as "some kind of wild dog" covered in hair that came at him with teeth and had yellow eyes. He recounted how it turned back into Mrs. Cutler after he had pinned it up against a wall and that he had no logical reason to hurt her since she was a friend that he'd been taking care of for three years previously. Hank told Mason that he believed him and that they'd see what they could do, and Mason was in disbelief as the detectives left the interrogation room.

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