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Martin Meisner
Actor: Damien Puckler
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Service of: Laufer
Second Service: Hadrian's Wall (Oregon leader)
Relationships: Dead.svg Father
Dead.svg Girlfriend
Sean Renard, former acquaintance
Nick Burkhardt, acquaintance
Dead.svg Sebastien, acquaintance
Adalind Schade, acquaintance
Dead.svg Katrina Chavez, acquaintance
Theresa Rubel, friend
Eve, associate
Hans Tavitian, co-belligerent
Claude Frenay, co-belligerent
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Renard
Languages known: German

Martin Meisner was a member of the Resistance and Hadrian's Wall from Berlin who was first mentioned in "Nameless" and first seen in "PTZD".


Spring 2013 - Spring 2014: Season 3

Spring 2015: Season 4

Spring 2015 - Spring 2016: Season 5

Spring 2016-Present: Season 6

Back From the Dead?

Seemingly wracked with guilt over Meisner's death, ("Set Up") Renard soon started experiencing flashbacks to the moment he shot Meisner, but these visions started becoming more and more vividly lucid. He momentarily saw blood on his hands and heard Meisner's voice come from Franco, ("Fugitive") and he imagined seeing the gun and bullet used to kill Meisner. ("Trust Me Knot") This all culminated to the point that Renard finally saw Meisner in his full physical form. ("Oh Captain, My Captain") Although no one else could see and hear what Renard was experiencing, Meisner was very real to Renard and refused to make things easy on Renard by just going away at his behest. Renard's vision of Meisner was quite amused with the tortuous effect he was having on Renard and relentlessly poked fun at Renard's desperate attempts to make him disappear or explain things away, even telling him that "Bonaparte says hi." ("El Cuegle")


Season 3


He talked to Captain Renard on the phone after Eric was killed. Meisner was on a train, and they both discussed it was best for Meisner to go on a "vacation."

"El Cucuy"

He and Sebastien were both spying on Adalind, and Meisner informed him that Adalind had been examined by an obstetrician, Doctor Hawelka. Sebastien told Meisner that he needed to discreetly obtain a copy of Adalind's ultrasound, which was later emailed to Sean Renard.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"

He met Renard at the Vienna airport and transported him to a safe house, which proved to have been compromised. After being attacked by two Verrat Hundjägers, Meisner fled with Renard through the sewer system.

"Cold Blooded"

Meisner was with Renard in a new safe house after their first one was compromised. ("Stories We Tell Our Young") He and Renard initially held Sebastien at gunpoint when he arrived until it was confirmed that he came alone. Later on, Meisner left with Renard and Sebastien to go to a Resistance meeting place.

They were greeted by Franz, who led them into a barn. There, they witnessed Breslau being interrogated over his betrayal. Afterwards, Meisner took Breslau outside and executed him.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"

Meisner was outside with Renard, Frenay, and other Resistance members to greet Tavitian.

Renard and Meisner later broke into Adalind's hotel room, with Renard finding hidden cameras and leaving Adalind a note.

"Red Menace"

He accompanied Renard to the cafe so Renard could speak with Adalind.

"The Good Soldier"

Meisner was surveilling Adalind Schade at a cafe when she experienced some pain and was able to exercise some telekinetic control over her coffee cup. She then had an attack which resembled the onset of labor, and light bulbs in the cafe blew out. Meisner followed Adalind back to her hotel and reported the events to Sean Renard by phone. Renard responded that Adalind was definitely getting her powers back.


Meisner was sent to Adalind's room with Sebastien in order to help her escape the Verrat. Hearing from Sebastien that two Verrat agents were already coming up to Adalind's room, Meisner took off his shirt and jumped into Adalind's bed with a gun to pretend that he was her "guest" while Adalind let the agents in. Meisner then shot one of the agents, who fell on him. He was saved from the other agent when a pen on a table launched into the eye of the agent. Meisner looked at Adalind, who said she wasn't sure if that was her who launched the pen. They then escaped to Sebastien's car.

After being let off on a secluded road by Sebastien, Meisner took Adalind to an old cabin in the woods, which had been in his family for many years. There, he got Adalind food and sheets. Later that night, Meisner heard Adalind screaming, and she said that her baby was coming.

"Mommy Dearest"

Meisner helped Adalind give birth to her child and, while trying to calm her down, was bitten in the hand by Adalind. Books were also flung at him from the bedside table, forcing him to duck. After Adalind's daughter was born, Meisner handed the baby over to her.

After Adalind fell asleep with her baby, he went outside to call Captain Renard to inform him that Adalind gave birth. He told Renard that no one knew where they were and that they should be fine at the cabin for a few days.

Later on, Meisner went over to brush Adalind's hair out of her face while she was sleeping, when her hair wrapped tightly around his hand. Adalind's daughter then woke up, revealing purple eyes, and had a stare-down with Meisner, after which Adalind's hair unwrapped and settled again on her head.

"Once We Were Gods"

Meisner was walking in the woods to look for firewood. While hearing a baby crying, Meisner was shocked to find Adalind's baby on the ground and all alone. He quickly picked her up and went back to the cabin.

When he arrived to the cabin, Meisner demanded to know what Adalind did to her baby, only to find Adalind holding her baby and wondering what he meant. Meisner then looked down to find that he was carrying a pile of logs instead of a baby. He told Adalind that he saw the baby outside on the ground and that he could hear her heartbeat.

Later at the cabin, Adalind thanked Meisner for saving her and her daughter's lives. She asked if he had anyone else, and he said he did until his girlfriend was killed by the Royals. Meisner received a call from Sean informing him of Sebastien's disappearance. Sean asked Meisner if Sebastien knew where they were, and Meisner said no, but he could point people in the right direction. Sean told Meisner that he, Adalind, and the baby should leave the cabin as soon as possible.

After they left the cabin, Meisner and Adalind, holding her baby, walked through the forest.

"The Show Must Go On"

Meisner was in the woods with Adalind and her daughter, watching Prince Viktor and the Verrat trying to find them. Adalind told Meisner that she could see Viktor. The baby started crying, and Adalind told Meisner that her daughter was hungry. Meisner told Adalind to feed the baby later.

A little while later, Meisner and Adalind with her baby approached the two cars in the highway, one of which Sebastien was in. As Meisner checked on him, he was ordered to put his gun down by one of the Verrat. Adalind used her powers to save Meisner's life by forcing the Verrat member to shoot himself. When they were about to leave, Sebastien made the decision to stay behind to make up for what he did, and Meisner gave him a gun. Meisner then drove off with Adalind and the baby.

Later on the road, Meisner thanked Adalind for saving his life. He received a call from Sean, who informed him that Tavitian had an airplane waiting to transport Adalind and the baby out of the country in Zurich. Adalind asked if Meisner was coming with them, but Meisner told her that he couldn't go with them because his fight was "here."


Meisner brought Adalind and the baby near the meeting place in Rafz, Switzerland. He told Adalind to stay in the car, and he got out to look around the area to make sure it was safe. He went into a forested area and was spied on by members of the Verrat. When they tried to attack, they lost sight him. As two of the Verrat looked around the area, Meisner jumped down from a tree and fought them both. After he defeated them, he saw the plane arriving for Adalind, so he ran back to the car. When he arrived, she and the baby were missing. He went to look for them once more, and when he found them, he saw multiple bodies on the ground. He asked Adalind if she killed them, and she shook her head. Kelly Burkhardt appeared and said she was the one who killed them and that she'd "take it from here."

They all quickly headed to the plane before more Verrat showed up. Kelly told them whoever set up the meeting did a terrible job because the Verrat arrived hours ago, but luckily she arrived before they did. Adalind told Meisner she didn't even know who the woman was, but Meisner said they could probably trust her because she saved their lives. Meisner and Adalind said their goodbyes. Adalind told him, "If it hadn't been for you, I would have been dead a long time ago," and kissed him on the cheek before getting on the plane. After the plane left, Meisner called Sean and told him Adalind was on her way out of the country. Meisner told Sean about the Verrat's attempted ambush and their "contact" being there first, fortunately. Meisner told Sean that after seeing what their contact did to the Verrat, Adalind and her baby were in good hands. Sean asked if he had heard from Sebastien, and Meisner said he saw what Prince Viktor did to him. Meisner told Sean that if it weren't for Sebastien, they wouldn't have gotten this far and doubted that he would still be alive. Sean told Meisner that it would probably be a good idea for him to disappear for awhile, and Meisner agreed.

Season 4

"Cry Havoc"

When Frederick Renard was attempting to escape with Diana Schade-Renard in a helicopter, the pilot climbed to the back, opened the helicopter door, and threw Frederick out. The pilot then removed his headgear and revealed he was none other than Martin Meisner. Diana smiled at him, and Meisner said, "Down with the King."

Season 5

"The Grimm Identity"

At what appeared to be a high-security prison of some sort, FBI Agent Katrina Chavez checked on an unknown person or entity of some kind through a slit in a cell door, and whatever was inside charged at her while screaming as she shut the slit. She asked if there had been any changes, and Meisner appeared from the shadows and said that there hadn't been any for the better. When Chavez responded that they were playing with fire, Meisner said that they needed fire.

Later than night, Meisner called to check in on Chavez, but Nick answered the phone. He asked who was speaking, and Nick only informed him that Chavez was dead and that the people they were supposed to meet were already dead when they arrived. Nick asked who he was speaking to, but Meisner told him to keep the phone and hung up.

"Clear and Wesen Danger"

He spied on Nick, Hank, Wu, and Monroe at the old Shaver Transportation Co. warehouse where Chavez had been killed when she brought Nick to meet four other agents who were also dead when they arrived. ("The Grimm Identity") He stepped out from behind where he was hiding after they drove off.

Back at the high-security prison, sounds of some fighting could be heard coming from one of the cells. Meisner emerged from inside after he knocked on the cell door and a guard opened it up for him. The guard asked him how things went, and he replied, "Better," as he walked away smiling with a bloody mouth and a cut above the corner of his left eye.

"Lost Boys"

He visited Renard at the precinct and told him that they needed to catch up. They both admitted to each other that they thought the other was dead, and Meisner mentioned how he'd heard that the Royals had sent Kenneth but that he was suspected as being some kind of Jack the Ripper serial killer. Renard asked him what he was doing there, and he told Renard that he had come to tell him that the King had been in an accident and fallen out of his helicopter while it was flying over the ocean. ("Cry Havoc") He told him that his body had not been recovered but that Diana was safe and "with friends." He went into more detail and told him that Viktor had struck a deal with the Resistance to kill the King because he was upset about being replaced by Kenneth. ("Double Date") The terms of the deal were that Diana was given to the Resistance in exchange for the King being dealt with, and Meisner admitted that he had been on the helicopter. Renard said that Viktor was now the King, and Meisner replied, "For now." He added that the helicopter had not been found, and Renard then pressed Meisner on Diana's whereabouts, but he said the Resistance had not told him where she was and that he just wanted to tell Renard what he had done. Before he left, he told Renard he'd contact him and that he needed to act like he had never been in his office and that he didn't know anything that he'd just been told.

Later, he opened a cell door in the high security prison where Trubel was being held and told her, "Let's go. It's time."

"The Rat King"

Meisner called Nick on Chavez's phone, presumably to talk about Trubel. Meisner was surprised to hear Adalind's voice and identified her by name. When she did the same, he hung up without confirming his identity. Meisner later used a tracker to locate Trubel's bike at Nick and Adalind's hideout and made sure that he was within sight of a security camera so Adalind could see him. She let him in and told him that Trubel was at the hospital. Realizing that she was in danger, Meisner called Nick, with Adalind on the line so she could vouch for him.

Meisner made it to the hospital in time to rescue a sedated Trubel from a trio of Wesen. He was joined by Nick a moment later; the pair acknowledged each other briefly during the encounter. Meisner had Nick go ahead with Trubel, while he took care of the final Wesen. When confronted, she said, "Occultatum Libera!" to which Meisner replied that he was getting sick of hearing that. He then killed her.

"Wesen Nacht"

Meisner went to Xavier Arivaca's bakery with a flashlight to inspect the spray painted claw mark left behind. Later, he released a woman from one of the cells and told her, "Let's go. You're going outside the wire."

"Eve of Destruction"

Nick called Meisner using Chavez' former phone to talk about seeing Juliette, but Meisner cautioned him that the woman he knew no longer existed. Nick insisted on talking to her still, so Meisner told him he needed more time and hung up.

Later, Trubel showed up on her motorcycle at the Hadrian's Wall building where Meisner was waiting, already having anticipated her arrival. He told Trubel that she shouldn't have come, but Trubel was furious that he hadn't told her Juliette was alive. She demanded to know where she was and tried to get past Meisner, but he stopped her and said he'd contact Nick when the time was right. Trubel, not satisfied with that answer, started fighting Meisner, who tried to get her to stop by telling her she was still hurt and would only make it worse. Eventually, he ended up pinning her arm behind her back, and when Trubel demanded to know what he did to Juliette, Meisner answered back, "What we had to!"

Later that night, Meisner laid on the bed in his room thinking about when he'd helped deliver Diana and when Adalind kissed him on the cheek goodbye for all his help getting her safely out of Vienna. ("Mommy Dearest") ("Synchronicity") There was then a knock on his door, and a H.W. soldier entered and told Meisner that they knew where someone would be. He handed Meisner a tablet that had a picture of the person he was referring to and "Prosecco's Restaurant" pinpointed. Meisner then said they had one hour and left.

After Eve killed the target at Prosecco's Restaurant and Nick killed the target's two bodyguards, Meisner called Nick and informed him that the man Eve killed was Samuel Rankin, an organizer for Black Claw, and that this was their one chance to kill him. Nick said that a lot of innocent people could have been injured, and Meisner said that's why they wanted Nick to be there. Nick asked Meisner if it was all some kind of test, and Meisner confirmed it was. He then said he'd be in touch and apologized for the mess.

"A Reptile Dysfunction"

Nick and Trubel arrived at the Hadrian's Wall facility to meet Meisner. Meisner greeted them and informed Nick that he had proved himself to Eve when he killed Rankin's bodyguards. ("Eve of Destruction") Trubel first showed Nick her room, which was heavily stocked with firearms. Meisner told Nick that's this is where they put everyone, and Nick asked who "they" was. Meisner replied that it was a branch of the federal government, adding, "Don't try to find it. It doesn't exist." Nick then asked where Eve was, and Meisner led him to her room. As they walked down the hallway, Nick told Meisner that he'd heard from Renard that he used to work for the Resistance, which Meisner confirmed. He then said that Hadrian's Wall was much bigger than that but that he didn't know how high it went, nor where their funding came from. He then left to let Nick and Eve talk for a few minutes.

Nick was brought into the H.W. command center by Eve, and Meisner informed Nick that there were many more centers like it and that they were at war with Black Claw. He then showed Nick a monitor showing a map of the world and all the Black Claw attack hot spots.

Later, Meisner went to Eve's room with some dinner in hand, though he wasn't sure what it was. Eve told him she thought that Nick wasn't ready and was too emotional, but Meisner assured her that he'd come around and that he just didn't understand yet how important Eve was to them. He said that he would be ready once he realized what they were up against. Eve then tried some of his dinner and told him it was chicken.


Trubel showed him that an unidentified man who had been involved in several Black Claw attacks in various countries had been spotted the previous night in Portland. Meisner asked her if she knew what flight he had arrived on, but Trubel said they didn't know yet and that they still had not been able to identify him. Meisner said that they could not wait any longer and that they needed to know where Nick and his friends stood on joining Hadrian's Wall.

Later, Meisner, Trubel, and Eve raided a Black Claw building, and Eve was able to capture one member alive, who was taken back to the Hadrian's Wall base in Oregon and put in an interrogation room. There, Meisner took a bag off the man's head and said to the man, "I'm going to ask you a few questions. If you don't cooperate, someone else will ask you questions." The man responded by woging his eyes and stating, "Occultatum Libera." With that, Meisner left the room to go get coffee and let Eve handle him. When he returned, Eve had used her powers to seal the man's mouth, ears, and eyes, and Meisner asked Eve how long it would take for him to talk. Eve said it depended on how much information Meisner wanted, and Meisner said he wanted to know everything, so they left and let the man be in his current state for some time.

When they returned to the interrogation room, Eve returned the man's senses as he agreed to talk. First, Meisner held up a picture of the unidentified man that was now in Portland and tried to get the captive Black Claw member to identify who he was, but the captive did not know his name, only that he was a courier that delivered messages that Black Claw wanted delivered. When informed that the courier was in Portland, the captive said that he didn't know that, but Eve intimidated him into confessing that the person he'd be delivering a message to was Lucien Petrovitch, who was the only one that could talk to the other Black Claw cells. The fact that Lucien was in Portland was news to Meisner, who recognized his name, and he asked the captive where Lucien was exactly. The man responded that nobody knew because he never stayed in the same location for more than one night. Meisner then told Eve to make sure the captive told them everything he knew and left the room.

"Map of the Seven Knights"

Meisner and Trubel looked at pictures of the Black Claw mark that were left at the scene of Andrea Stroh's murder inside the house of Josef Nebojsa. Andrea was an antiques dealer, so Trubel surmised that whoever killed her was looking for something that they didn't find. Eve entered the room and asked if they knew who Nebojsa was, and Meisner said they were going to find out.

Later, Trubel introduced Monroe to Meisner at the command center, who had brought an old Grimm diary with him. Nick asked Meisner if he knew about the diaries, and Meisner said he had seen a few. Monroe then showed Meisner the book, and Meisner said that Black Claw must have considered the books to be dangerous if they were willing to kill for them. Eve commented that Black Claw wanted "to eradicate all things Grimm," and Nick asked Meisner if he could get them the $100,000 that Monroe's uncle wanted in return for the diaries, and Meisner answered, "I'll see what I can do. But this is government money from a fund that doesn't exist, so I can't make any promises."

After Monroe's uncle was murdered, Nick and Monroe returned to the compound to get information on the attackers. According to a Wesen database that HW had, the attackers, Krisztian Ajandok and Oscar Vasicek, were Anubi with ties to Black Claw; additionally, an HW center in Berlin had connected the men to the murder of Andrea Stroh. After Meisner told Trubel to find out when the men arrived in Portland, she found out they had arrived the previous night. After Trubel and Eve determined that the men were on their way to get the Grimm diaries at a cargo company, Nick and Monroe left to go deal with the situation, and Meisner told Nick he'd be asking for his help soon. Trubel then went to go with them, but Meisner stopped her and said that HW wasn't going to risk her over the Grimm diaries.

"Key Move"

As Meisner and Eve worked on trying to track down the whereabouts of Marwan Hanano, the previously unidentified courier for Black Claw, ("Star-Crossed") Trubel entered the command center and asked what was going on. Meisner told Trubel they were having trouble locating him, and Trubel proposed the idea that he might be in Portland to go after Eve.

Later, Eve found that an APB had been put out on Marwan and that he was spotted near Lovejoy Fountain Park. Eve told Meisner that Marwan had attacked a cop but did not kill him, and Meisner said to bring up all the surveillance footage from the area to try to find where he went.

After some time, Marwan was finally spotted on security footage riding his bike, though he had dyed his hair. Eve and Trubel were able to conclude that he was headed back to the same area where he had attacked the cop previously, so Meisner told them to find out what was going on in the area.

Trubel was able to find out about Andrew Dixon's political rally that was happening, and Eve declared, "There will be a crowd. I'm going," and left, though not before Meisner told her to do what she had to do to stop him from killing a bunch of people if he had a bomb and to try to capture him alive because Hadrian's Wall needed the people he was connected to. Trubel went to go with Eve, but Meisner stopped her and told her she had another job and was needed more in Santiago, Chile.

"Into the Schwarzwald"

Meisner was still at the Hadrian's Wall command center when Eve came back with Marwan Hanano's cell phone. Eve told him Marwan "dropped it when he was hit by a bike" and that he didn't know Eve had it. Eve added that Marwan wouldn't be awake for awhile and that he was taken to Overton Medical Center. Meisner was pleased that the names and numbers on the phone would help fill in some blanks, but he told Eve that the phone had to be returned to him so that he wouldn't suspect it had been out of his control. Meisner then directed Eve to make a copy of the SIM card and put it back in and make sure the phone and card were clean of prints. Their plan was to see who Marwan would call and to whom the call would lead them.

Sure enough, when Marwan woke up in the hospital, he called Lucien Petrovitch. Meisner told Eve to track the call, and Marwan's movements were soon being tracked as he walked out of the hospital. When Marwan left the hospital and stopped moving outside, Meisner figured out he was waiting to be picked up, but Marwan's next movements soon made them aware that something wasn't right; they saw Marwan start to run away from the hospital and then engage in a fight, and Meisner angrily asked who was screwing up their plan. His lack of movement alerted Eve that he could be dead, but she tried to find the silver lining in the situation by pointing out that they had Marwan's contacts, to which Meisner replied, "And once they've realized he's been compromised, they're going to change it all. Tell me if he moves." He then left the command center and headed to his room, where Eve later found him and told him that Marwan's cell, still being tracked, was moving towards Renard's precinct.

With this new information, Meisner headed to the precinct and confronted Renard in the garage as Renard was leaving. He told Renard that he had messed up, informing Renard that HW had put Marwan in the hospital and were planning to find out his contacts by tracking the phone they had obtained. Meisner told Renard that they needed Marwan alive, and Renard countered that he should have told him. Meisner said he didn't know that Renard was going to kill Marwan and then asked him how he had found out where Marwan was anyways. Renard told him that he had been tipped off, and Meisner exclaimed, "Who could give you that kind of tip? You were set up." When Renard asked who set him up, Meisner told him he was set up by Black Claw, who had brought Marwan to Portland, and Renard again told Meisner that he should have said something to him. Before leaving, Meisner said, "Oh, this was bad... for all of us."

"The Taming of the Wu"

Meisner returned to Portland with Trubel to inspect the safe house where Hadrian's Wall had been keeping Diana, finding both guardians dead and the house showing numerous signs of a struggle having taken place. He suddenly heard the front door open and slowly went to check out who had entered, but a man turned on the lights and asked Meisner if he'd found what he was looking for. Meisner told the man to tell him where Diana was, adding that it could save a lot of bloodshed, but the man replied, "Not yours," and woged into a Hundjäger. The two started fighting, but the man started to overpower Meisner and threw him to the ground. He picked up a piece of broken furniture and was about to strike Meisner with it, but Trubel entered just in time and finished the man off, first cutting off his hand and then stabbing him in the abdomen with her machete. Trubel apologized for being late and told Meisner that there were two more men she had to take care of. Meisner told Trubel that Black Claw had taken Diana and that they would need the fingerprints of the agents they had killed. After finding a crumpled up picture of Diana on the floor, he said, "This is gonna get ugly," before he left.

Meisner and Trubel returned to the Hadrian's Wall compound to talk to Eve, who was a bit surprised to see they were back at the facility. They told Eve that Black Claw had Diana, and Eve replied that they had taken her for Adalind, saying she knew this because she had just "connected" with Diana. She showed them the skull that Diana had created by cracking the glass of the mirror in her room, and Eve surmised she had been able to connect with Diana because of how Adalind had previously turned into Juliette, and vice versa. Eve added she sensed that Diana was extremely powerful, and Meisner asked Eve if she thought Diana was reaching out to Adalind, to which Eve answered, "More like demanding." Trubel then said that they had to tell Nick.

After Trubel called Nick and told him they needed to speak with him, he arrived at the compound with Hank. Meisner told them that Black Claw had Diana, and Eve warned Nick that they did so to get to Adalind and him. Meisner said that Adalind was vulnerable, but Nick didn't think Adalind would leave Kelly, and Eve pointed out that Adalind could still take Kelly with her. Meisner told Nick that if they found Diana, they could stop things from progressing any further, but they would have to move on this new information very fast. Nick then gave Hadrian Wall his blessing to do whatever they had to do.

"Bad Night"

Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, and Trubel all met with Meisner at the compound, where he showed them a rough depiction of the corporate structure of Black Claw, pointing out that Renard ranked near the top of the hierarchy. Nick informed him that Adalind had left him and taken Kelly with her, ("The Taming of the Wu") and Meisner asked him if he knew where they were, and he guessed that they were with Renard. Meisner cautioned them that going after Renard to get Kelly wouldn't work, and Eve told Nick that Black Claw would count on Nick getting emotion and capitalizing on that. When Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee left, Trubel said that they had to do something to help Nick, and Meisner told her, "Well, not by doing something stupid. Keep an eye on him."

Trubel returned later while he and Eve were watching the news coverage of the mayoral election. Meisner asked her how everything went, and Trubel informed them that Renard had called Nick last night for them to meet, where he tried to recruit him to Black Claw.

Later at the compound, Zuri Ellis was brought there after being captured by Nick and Hank, and when she regained consciousness, Meisner stressed the importance of what she was to do next, but she refused to talk, so Meisner left to go get coffee while Eve and Trubel dealt with her.

He joined Nick and Hank in the command center, where they watched Renard be declared as the winner of the election on the news. Renard then gave a victory speech and called up Adalind, Diana, and Kelly to celebrate with him when he was finished.

"Set Up"

Nick told Meisner that Renard wanted him to join Black Claw, but this was no surprise to Meisner. He commented that Black Claw would benefit from having either Nick or Trubel on their side, and he told Nick and Trubel that Black Claw wanted to recruit them primarily to control Wesen who didn't agree with their agenda. He described Black Claw's plans, saying they'd first gain a presence in the political system and use that to their advantage to start making changes, working their way up from the police and firefighters to council members, commissioners, assistant district attorneys, and heads of department. Hank pointed out that Zuri hadn't tried to recruit him, and Meisner told him that her job had been to figure out what information he had because they were going to try to take everyone down around Nick, noting that Nick's friends were a vulnerability for him. Eve then entered and told everyone that she had gotten as much information out of Zuri that she could, confirming what Meisner had just told Hank about her having been recruited to go after Hank. Meisner asked if Zuri had given up any contacts, and Eve told him she had given up one name: Conrad Bonaparte. Meisner was surprised to learn Bonaparte was in Portland, and he told Nick that he was one of the co-founders of Black Claw and was running their current operation if he was indeed in the area.

Later at the compound, he and Eve spoke about Bonaparte, with Meisner acknowledging that they had very little information about him in their database, though they did know that "he's a very bad man." Trubel, who had been analyzing Tony Talamonti's laptop, then came up to them and showed them how Tony had shared pictures of Hank and the rest of Nick's friends over the Internet. Meisner realized, upon seeing the photos, that Black Claw was doing more than just surveillance on everyone. Trubel then got a call from Monroe, and Meisner told her to answer it. Monroe was put on speaker, and he told them how he had confronted and driven away the Black Claw agents that were watching him and Rosalee outside their house. He gave them their license plate that Rosalee had written down, which Eve ran through their system. Shortly thereafter, she found that the license plate of the vehicle was registered to 521 Skyline Drive, which Meisner said was the same address they had obtained from the Black Claw operatives he and Trubel had previously killed in Nevada. He told Eve and Trubel to find out everything they could about the residence at that address.

Nick later returned to the compound, and Trubel told him the address that they believed Black Claw was holding Hank, who had been taken in by North Precinct cops working for Black Claw. Meisner told Nick to be careful and approved of Eve and Trubel going with him to the residence to rescue Hank.

However, after Eve and Trubel left, everyone eventually realized that Black Claw had set them up and tricked them into leaving the HW compound vulnerable. Several Black Claw members infiltrated the compound, having found out its location from when Zuri had been taken there. With Eve in particular not at the compound, the Black Claw agents took advantage, killing the HW members that were there and destroying all of their equipment. Meisner was able to kill a couple of Black Claw members before they left, but the damage had already been done. He somberly entered the command center and surveyed the damage, before walking over to a dead HW member. Suddenly, his phone started ringing, and he heard Renard's voice: "Go ahead. Answer it. You might want to tell them what happened." Meisner turned around to see Renard, who had entered the room, and he answered his phone to talk to Eve. She asked him if it was too late, and Meisner told her it was and to not come back. When Eve asked him if he was safe, he told her, "No. I'm with Sean Renard. I think he wants to kill me," before hanging up. He started walking towards Renard and told him he had chosen the wrong side. Renard responded that he never chose sides, before implying that Meisner could still join Black Claw. Meisner countered with a slight smirk, saying, "Black Claw's Wesen only." Renard then told him that Black Claw might make make an exception for him, and Bonaparte suddenly interjected, saying there were no exceptions. Meisner turned to see Bonaparte, in his fully woged form as a Zauberbiest, and Bonaparte immediately started using his powers to choke Meisner, who immediately clutched at his own neck. Gagging and gasping for air, Meisner collapsed to his knees as blood started coming from his eyes, nose, and mouth. Having a difficult time watching this, Renard tried to get Bonaparte to stop, but Bonaparte showed no mercy, seemingly determined to induce as slow and as painful a death for Meisner as he could. Renard eventually saw as much as he could stand, however, and he quickly took out his gun and shot Meisner, putting him out of his misery, prompting Bonaparte to tell Renard that his compassion was dangerous for all of Black Claw.

Season 6

"Oh Captain, My Captain"

Renard saw Meisner in his bedroom and quickly turned around when he heard Meisner speak, asking Renard how things went with Nick earlier. He then said to Renard, "I tried to tell you. You chose the wrong side, Sean."

"El Cuegle"

Still shocked at what he was seeing, Renard seemed to both speak in fact, yet also try to help convince himself of those facts ("You're not real... You're dead."). Meisner refused to leave, saying he wasn't going to "make it that easy." Renard reached out to see if Meisner was actually there and was able to physically touch him, but before things could continue, Renard got a call from Black Claw, who was upset with him for abdicating the mayorship. When Renard hung up, Meisner was gone.

Renard's vision of Meisner returned again in his own office at the precinct after he had bluntly dismissed Nick, Hank, and Wu. Renard told him to leave as well, but Meisner counter, "I would, if I was here." Nick, Hank, and Wu saw Renard in his office appearing to talk to himself, as Renard started to raise his voice. Renard then threw hot coffee at Meisner, which apparently went straight through him. With Meisner still standing before him, Renard desperately tried to find out why he was there, but Meisner only suggested that he'd be seeing him for a lot longer since, being dead, he now had all the time in the world. Renard tried to justify his actions, saying he shot Meisner so that he could die mercifully, but Meisner sarcastically shot that down and told Renard that he betrayed everyone. Renard countered that he gave Meisner the opportunity to join him, but he was met with the point that he hadn't talked that over with Bonaparte. Renard then left in frustration, while Meisner continued to taunt him, telling him, "And, by the way, Bonaparte says hi."

"The Seven Year Itch"

After tucking Diana into bed at his new home, Renard asked Meisner if he was going to follow him everywhere. Meisner corrected him and said he was haunting him, not following him. He then started reminiscing about Diana and how it had been a long time since he had seen her, adding that he was there when she was born. ("Mommy Dearest") Renard, thinking Meisner was haunting him because of Diana, started facetiously thanking Meisner for everything he did to get him to go away, but Meisner responded, "I'm not sure I can commit to a half-assed haunting, Sean. I mean, you wouldn't respect me if I were to take a cheap thank you and drifted off into whatever awaits me. I think we have some real issues to work through." Renard dismissed this though and told him he needed his sleep, to which Meisner continued toying with Renard, asking him if he was even there or just in his mind. Renard then left to go have a drink downstairs, and Renard heard Meisner's voice say, "Now we're getting somewhere. I've heard the only way to battle your demons is to take a trip to their hell." Renard started seeing multiple visions of Meisner's dead body strewn about the floor, causing him to freak out momentarily and woge.

Determined to get rid of Meisner once and for all or find out whether or not everything was all in his head, Renard went to see an old acquaintance of his, Steiger, to perform a spirit extraction using an Aspirateur d'Esprits. The extraction went haywire, however, as Steiger was shocked trying to operate the machine, sending him falling to the floor. At that moment, Renard saw Meisner instead of Steiger. Meisner got up and then manipulated the machine, increasing the pressure inside to the point that the glass on the door of the device exploded. When Renard came to, Steiger's pawn shop was completely cleaned out, and he saw Meisner standing before him, who said to Renard, "A mind is a terrible thing to lose."

"Breakfast in Bed"

As Renard was leaving the precinct, he spotted Meisner sitting on a bench. Meisner was quick this time to tell Renard that he wasn't there to haunt him. After advising Renard to stop talking to someone that nobody else could see, he warned Renard that two Black Claw agents waiting by his car were there to kill him. When Renard asked why he was telling him this, Meisner simply asked back, "You trust me?"

Renard's next actions reflected that he did still trust Meisner after all. Meisner waved his hand in front of the face of one of the men waiting to kill Renard, obscuring his vision, as Renard killed the other man, Anselmo Baledin. Meisner then restored the second agent's vision, though not until Renard stood before him with his gun drawn at pointblank range. Renard quickly shot and killed him, and he asked why Meisner had saved his life. He answered, "This time, you chose the right side, Sean." Renard asked if they were done as Meisner walked away, and Meisner, his back turned, waved goodbye to Renard and disappeared soon after.


Despite being just a human, Meisner was heavily trained in hand-to-hand combat, often able to take on multiple opponents at a time and casually overpower and kill Wesen, such as Hundjägers and Murciélagos, with his bare hands. ("The Rat King") He was even able to fight evenly with and eventually overpower Trubel on one occasion, but it should be noted that she was injured and still healing at the time. ("Eve of Destruction") However, he was overpowered when fighting one Hundjäger, requiring Trubel to come in to kill the Wesen. ("The Taming of the Wu") He had high endurance, coming out of heavy fights with little sign of exhaustion. He preferred to use his own hands, even if armed with a gun.

Meisner was very stealthy, as when he went to check an area for Verrat agents, he managed to quickly disappear, before dropping onto one of them when he ambushed. ("Synchronicity") Meisner also was able to quickly assess dangerous situations and devise whatever plan was necessary in order to survive.

In spirit form, succeeding his death, Meisner had the ability to obscure the vision of people by simply waving his hand in front of their face. He could subsequently restore their vision by doing the same thing. Renard was the only one who could see or physically touch Meisner, who could seemingly appear anywhere Renard was and make him see various visions and hallucinations.


Meisner was calm during intense situations and was very authoritative. As the leader for the Oregon branch of Hadrian's Wall, he commanded those lower than him in rankings and wasn't afraid to face much stronger opponents, such as Eve, when going through her training. ("Eve of Destruction") He took his work very seriously and got angry when his plans were interrupted, such as when Marwan Hanano was killed by Renard in a setup by Black Claw. ("Into the Schwarzwald") He did whatever it took to get the upper hand against Black Claw, including lying to Nick and Trubel about turning Juliette into the weapon that was Eve.

Though lighthearted moments weren't too common for Meisner, he had a bit of a dry sense of humor, which came out much more when he was in his spirit form trying to break Renard and guide him back towards the right path away from Black Claw. He worked efficiently and extremely well on his own and could be a bit of a lone wolf at times, but when it came to choosing sides, he was extremely loyal to the Resistance and Hadrian's Wall and showed he could be fully trusted by his allies. Aside from his renown combat skills, he was very brave and courageous, even in situations that were very dangerous or looked bleak.


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  • Although Meisner was from Berlin, the surname Meisner, a variant of "Meissner," originally indicated that someone was from Meissen, Germany.
  • The name Martin means "of or like Mars, warlike" in Latin (Mars was the god of war in ancient Rome).