Martin Burgess

Martin Burgess


Actor: Fred Koehler
Gender: Male
Type: Mauzhertz
Relationships: Dead Mr. Burgess, father
Status: Living
Job: Junk shop owner
TV Show: "Of Mouse and Man"

Martin Burgess is a delusional Mauzhertz who appeared in "Of Mouse and Man".


"Of Mouse and Man"Edit

Martin was a meek and apparently gentle man. However, whenever he witnessed people behaving like his late abusive father, he literally saw them as his father and killed them. He lived in an apartment building managed by Forest McLeary. One evening, Martin heard an argument between Leonard Drake and Natalie Haverstraw, his neighbors. He knocked on their apartment door to try to stop them, but he lost his nerve at the last second. Soon thereafter, Drake pursued Burgess to the apartment garage, calling him a maggot and threatening to hurt him. Burgess turned the tables on Drake and killed him. In Burgess' eyes, Drake was his father. Burgess deposited Drake's body in a dumpster. He did the same to Andy Salazar and Mason Snyder when they verbally abused him. He was finally captured by Hank and Nick in his junk shop, where he had kidnapped Natalie. He saw in a mirror an image of himself turning into his father and began to despair, allowing the police to catch him.



  • Roderick Burgess and Alex Burgess were two characters that appeared in The Sandman comic book and were father and son, respectively. Similar to Martin Burgess, Alex Burgess had a poor relationship with his father and had obsessions about him. Roderick Burgess was a self-centered man who pushed his son to spend his life pursuing the same dreams as him.
  • The late Latin word "burgus," meaning "fortress" or "wall," also refers to a European medieval and renaissance merchant class; these people had a tendency to set up their storefronts along city walls, which gave them easy access to safety through the gates, similar to how Mauzhertz make use of their "safety zones."
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