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Mauvais Dentes

Actor: Mike Dopud
Gender: Male
Type: Mauvais Dentes
Service of: House of Kronenberg (bounty hunter)
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Stabbed by Kelly Burkhardt
Languages known: French
TV Show: "Bad Teeth"
"The Kiss"
Comics: Issue 0 (flashback)
Mentioned: "Season of the Hexenbiest"
"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

Marnassier was a Mauvais Dentes that appeared in "Bad Teeth" and "The Kiss".


"Bad Teeth"Edit

Marnassier arrived in Portland, Oregon in a shipping container loaded in Le Havre, France, on a ship owned by G.Q.R. Industries of Rotterdam, Netherlands. He killed at least two men in the container with him and at least two others after arriving in Portland, including Yates, a security guard, and stole the keys to a pickup truck from him. Later, he escaped from the pier as Nick Burkhardt arrived, using the stolen pickup truck. Afterward, he spoke with Eric Renard on the phone.

He lured two FBI agents to a lumber company. He killed Special Agent Durwell and used Special Agent Kanigher to set a trap for Nick. By the time Nick arrived, Special Agent Kanigher was also dead. Marnassier laid next to her body to make it look like he was dead, and when Nick had his back turned, Marnassier stood up, woged into his Mauvais Dentes form, and lunged at Nick.

"The Kiss"Edit

Marnassier attacked Nick and fought with him for a couple minutes before running off in the warehouse. He hid and eventually jumped down from above Nick and attacked him again. He continued fighting with Nick until Kelly Burkhardt came to help Nick fight him. Kelly grabbed Marnassier, and when he hit Kelly to get away, she put a knife in his neck, which killed him.

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