Maagd Zoektocht
504-Picking a feather
Participants: Dead Isaac Proctor
Dead Eli Kemper
Weten Ogen
Location: Portland

Maagd Zoektocht (MAKCHT ZOOK-tocht; Dutch: "virgin" + "search or quest") is a Weten Ogen tradition that requires a Weten Ogen to prove his worthiness by completing a quest to win the hand of a female Weten Ogen in marriage. Essentially, it is a way for Weten Ogen to facilitate arranged marriages. It is an ancient ritual that goes back two thousand years.

Three Weten Ogen bachelors come forward for the challenge. The quest itself is set by the father of the bride-to-be. They then pick one golden feather each from a ceremonial Griffin. The one who picks the largest feather gets the first chance to complete the quest, and the one with next largest feather will have a chance if they fail. The Maagd Zoektocht is considered sacred among Weten Ogen, and it continues on until the quest is completed or all the participants are dead. Trying to back out of the Maagd Zoektocht is punishable by death. Normally, however, the quest does not result in the death of one or more of the participants, though if the stakes of the quest are quite high or the Weten Ogen involved in the quest have criminal ties, it certainly becomes more likely that the participants may not survive.

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