Opening Quote: "The world is full of obvious things which nobody by chance ever observes." – The Hound of the Baskervilles

Scene: Two nights ago, Nick woke up in the middle of the night and took the box with the stick into the tunnels beneath the loft.

[Nick removes some bricks from a wall and puts the box into the open space]

Scene: In the present day, Doyle Baske drives to his mom's house just before sunset.

Doyle: [On the phone] All right, yeah, and go ahead and call Stapleton. Let him know that I gave until start of business on Monday to counter our offer on the Baker Street property.
Woman: Stapleton. Got it.
Doyle: Anything else that can't wait till Monday?
Woman: Um, oh, your friends Drew and Laura are celebrating their ten-year anniversary on Sunday.
Doyle: Wow, ten years. Uh... okay, I should get them something appropriate. I will-tell you what, let me know what you can find.
Woman: How much do you want to spend?
Doyle: [His phone chimes] Under $500. I got another call coming in.
Woman: Have a great weekend, Mr. Baske. See you Monday.
Doyle: Yeah. [He answers his other call] Hi, Mom.
Eliza: Are you on your way?
Doyle: Yeah, I got out of work a little later than I expected, but I should be there soon.
Eliza: Okay, I made a casserole. It's in the oven.
Doyle: Oh, great. Uh, sounds good. I'll see you in a bit.
Eliza: Okay, love you.
Doyle: Love you too, Ma. [He hangs up and turns the radio up, but one of his tires soon pops, causing him to lose control of his car and crash into a tree. He gets out of the car and sees that the sun is going down] Oh, no, no, no, no, no. [He starts running down the road]

Scene: Nick works on prying the door in the tunnels open.

[Nick finally manages to get the door unlocked and opens it. He finds more tunnel that goes down very far. He tosses a break into the tunnel to test how far down it goes, and is surprised at how long it takes for the brick to reach the bottom]

Scene: Doyle continues running as the sun sets.

James: [Nearby in the woods] Hey, how much further you want go to tonight?
Daphne: I don't know. We should probably stop.
[Doyle heads towards the voices]
Daphne: The sun's going down. Need to find a place to camp.
[Once the sun sets, a Lycanthrope kills James and Daphne]

Scene: Adalind gets a call from Renard.

Adalind: [She answers] Hello?
Renard: Is Nick home?
Adalind: Yeah, you want me to get him?
Renard: No. Can you talk?
Adalind: [She looks at the tunnel entrance] Yeah. Is this about Diana?
Renard: Look, I don't want to do this on the phone. Can you meet me tomorrow at The Bent Brick at 10:00 a.m.?
Adalind: I think so. I assume I'm not supposed to tell Nick about this.
Renard: I'd prefer it if you didn't. I'll see you in the morning.
Adalind: [She hangs up as Nick climbs out of the tunnel opening] Any luck?
Nick: Sort of.
Adalind: You got the door open?
Nick: Yeah.
Adalind: What'd you find?
Nick: More tunnel, I think. I'll have to check it out later. But I got to take a shower.

Scene: A trucker comes across Doyle passed out in the middle of the road.

Joe: [He checks on Doyle as Doyle gasps awake] Oh, man. You're alive!

Scene: Nick and Hank meet with Wu as Doyle gets medical attention.

Wu: Good morning, gentlemen... not that it's good. Guy being treated is Doyle Baske, 28. Told paramedics he was on his way to visit his mom when he blew a tire and drove his car into a tree.
Hank: Well, it didn't happen around here.
Wu: Mr. Baske said he was going to get help when he was attacked by a guy with a big dog, got away, fell down a hill, was found by a trucker, who nearly ran him over this morning. Paramedics did find scratches and bite marks when they treated Doyle but not dog bites, more like human, which is why I called you, since I'm not an expert on human bites. They also said Doyle had a lot of blood on him when they got here, but aside from the cut on his forehead, they found no major wounds.
Hank: So where did all that blood come from?
Wu: Exactly.
[All three of them walk over to Doyle]
Doyle: No, I said I'm fine.
Paramedic: We can't tell if there's any internal bleeding or head trauma unless we take you into the hospital.
Doyle: I'm not going in.
Nick: Doyle Baske? I'm Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin.
Doyle: Look, guys, I-I got attacked by a guy and his dog, okay? I didn't get a good look at them. I got away. I must've hit my head. I don't know. I'd just blown a tire and hit a tree.
Hank: Can we see some identification, please?
Doyle: Yeah, sure.
Nick: What kind of work do you do?
Doyle: Commercial real estate. My office is downtown. [He hands Hank his ID]
Hank: And you were on your way to visit your mom?
Doyle: Yeah, last night. Try to get out to see her, like, once a month. She lives alone. Dad died a couple years ago.
Nick: And where are you headed now?
Doyle: I was just going back to where I left my car.
Hank: We can give you a ride, if you don't mind us asking you a few questions on the way.
Doyle: Yeah, I can do that.
[Nick, Hank, and Doyle walk away as Wu speaks with a paramedic]
Wu: Just make that I get all the results of what was found.
Paramedic 2: Yeah.
[Nick, Hank, and Doyle arrive at Doyle's car]
Hank: You're lucky you walked away from this.
Nick: Is this where you were attacked?
Doyle: No, it's somewhere down there. I was trying to make a call but didn't have any signal. I don't remember where exactly. I just remember this dog coming at me, and everything after that's kind of a blur. I ran into the woods, and [He sighs] guess I just ended up where I ended up.
Nick: Unconscious in the middle of the road.
Doyle: Yeah. Look, it was dark. I don't know where I was going. I just know that I was trying to get the hell out of there. Not to mention the fact that I had just driven my car into a tree, so please, forgive me if I wasn't exactly thinking straight.
Nick: Well, you might have a concussion, you know.
Doyle: Yes. And I will get myself checked out, I swear, but right now, I just need to get to my mother. She's probably worried sick about me.
Hank: Do you remember what kind of dog it was?
Doyle: You know what? I don't. I'm not really a big dog guy. It was big, it was hairy, and it was a dog, okay?
Nick: We'll drive you to your mom's. You can call a tow truck from there.
Doyle: Thank you. Let me just get my briefcase.

Scene: Renard meets with Adalind.

Renard: Thanks for coming. So this is Kelly.
Adalind: What do you know about Diana?
Renard: You look good.
Adalind: So do you. Tell me about Diana.
Renard: You remember Meisner?
Adalind: I've seen him. I know he's here.
Renard: Wait, you've seen him, and he hasn't told you?
Adalind: Told me what?
Renard: He was in the helicopter that night. He killed the King and got Diana.
Adalind: Meisner has Diana?
Renard: I said he got her, not that he has her.
Adalind: Then who does?
Renard: I'm not exactly sure yet. But he told me that she was handed over to the Resistance. Meisner assured me that she was safe.
Adalind: Then you haven't seen her?
Renard: No, but what's important is that our daughter is alive and safe and not with the Royals.
Adalind: I want to see her.
Renard: Well, so do I, but we're gonna have to be patient.
Adalind: I've been patient. I want her back. [She accidentally telekinetically makes a glass slide on the table into her hand]
Renard: Well... that's interesting. Does Nick know?
Adalind: No.
Renard: You gonna tell him?
Adalind: I don't know. And you can't tell him.
Renard: Oh, this feels very familiar.
Adalind: I'm serious, Sean.
Renard: If Nick finds out that you're a Hexenbiest again, things may not turn out so well.
Adalind: We have a son together.
Renard: And we have a daughter together.
Adalind: Well, maybe I should live with both of you. Wouldn't that be fun?
Renard: Don't forget what happened to the last Hexenbiest he lived with.
Adalind: I'm not Juliette.
Renard: I know. I just... [He puts his hand on Adalind's] I just don't want anything to happen to you.
Adalind: [She puts her other hand on top of Renard's] And I don't want anything to happen to you. [She gets up and leaves]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Doyle arrive at Doyle's mom's house.

Doyle: Hey, guys, I'd-I'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything to my mother about me getting attacked. I don't want her to get freaked out.
Hank: Okay, but we're gonna need your shirt.
Doyle: Excuse me?
Nick: Some of the blood on it might not be yours. We can use it to help identify whoever attacked you.
Doyle: Yeah, okay. Oh, that's my mom. [He gets out of the car and jogs up to the front door of the house] Mom.
Eliza: Oh, my God. Oh, I was so worried about you. What happened?
Doyle: I know. I—
Eliza: Your shirt!
Doyle: Yeah.
Eliza: Is that blood? Are you injured?
Doyle: It looks worse than it is, I swear.
Eliza: Oh, my God.
Doyle: My car had a flat tire. It went off the road, but I'm fine. These two police detectives, they gave me a ride. I'm sorry. I don't remember your names.
Nick: No problem. I'm Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin.
Eliza: You gave me quite a scare.
Doyle: I know, and I'm sorry. I-I tried to call, but my phone had no service.
Hank: I want to find out if you called the police last night when he didn't show up.
Eliza: No, I didn't; I thought he was late or just stuck at the office.
Doyle: Yeah. Well, thank you, guys, for the ride.
Nick: If we need to get ahold of you...
Doyle: Oh, yeah, of course. This is my card. Number's on it. Just give me a call.
Nick: Your shirt.
Doyle: Yeah, I'm just gonna get my mom in the house, and then I'll run it right back out, okay? [He and his mom go inside]
Hank: That strike you as a little weird?
Nick: What?
Hank: He didn't want his mom to know that he was attacked. If my mom lived out here by herself and I was attacked not far away, I'd want her to know so she could at least lock the doors.
Nick: Maybe he'll tell her later, after he gets off his bloody shirt.
Doyle: Here you go. [He tosses his shirt to Nick] Thanks again.

Scene: Nick and Hank do a background check on Doyle at the precinct.

Hank: No priors for Doyle.
Nick: The Doyle family is pretty old money for Portland. They've owned that property where his mother's living since the late 1800s. Looks like he's been at the same real estate firm for the last five years. He's single, no dependents.
Hank: And yet he winds up bloody on his way over the hills and through the woods to Mother's house.
Wu: [He walks up] Got the lab work back on the blood samples taken from your victim's shirt.
Nick: Any dog?
Wu: No dog, all human. But you were thinking there were two types-victim and attacker?
Hank: Yeah, according to him, he was attacked by an assailant and his dog.
Wu: Well, then it's kind of hard to explain the three different blood types when none of them are canine.
Nick: So he was attacked by two humans and no dog.
Hank: Doesn't mean he wasn't attacked by a dog, just that the dog didn't bleed.
Nick: Or the dog was Wesen.
Hank: So we got a man and his Wesen loose in the woods?
Nick: Maybe. [To Wu] Check area hospitals. See if anybody came in with bite wounds, uh, between sundown and this morning.
Wu: Yep. [He walks away]
Hank: You might want to call Monroe and Rosalee. I think we better go back out there and see if we can retrace Doyle's steps.

Scene: Nick and Hank bring Monroe and Rosalee to the area that Doyle crashed his car.

Nick: This is where he ran off the road, hit the tree.
Hank: Uh, he said he went off in this direction. His mother's house is about 3 miles down the road.
Monroe: Okay. Let me have it. [He smells Doyle's shirt]
Rosalee: I don't know how you do that. It would make me gag.
Monroe: All right, I got it. [He sniffs] And, yes, it would make you gag.
Hank: I'll follow in the car.
[Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee start walking down the road]

Scene: Rachel Wood gets a call.

[Rachel answers her phone]
Man: Rachel.
Rachel: Yes.
Man: Are you alone?
Rachel: I am.
Man: Have you gotten a commitment?
Rachel: Not yet. He's being very careful.
Man: Mm, as expected. But now you must persuade him that it is the right and only decision.
Rachel: I understand.
Man: Good.
[Rachel hangs up and texts Renard that she needs to see him, and asks if she can come by his office later]

Scene: Monroe continues to follow Doyle's scent.

Monroe: [He inhales deeply] Hold on. I think... [He sniffs] I think he went off the road.
Rosalee: You picking up on anything else, like the guy who attacked him? Or his dog?
Monroe: [He walks onto a trail and sniffs] Uh-uh. Just Doyle so far. [He sniffs and he and Rosalee start walking along the trail]
Hank: [He walks up to Nick] He still got Doyle?
Nick: He thinks this is where he went off the road.
Hank: I thought Doyle said he was attacked somewhere on the road.
Nick: Yeah. [He and Hank follow Monroe and Rosalee on the trail]

Scene: Eve watches as Rachel leaves her house.

[After Rachel drives away, Eve telekinetically unlocks Rachel's door and goes inside the house. She looks around and finds the campaign poster for Renard. She takes a picture of the poster and the shipping label of the tube the poster is in]

Scene: Monroe pauses on the trail.

Monroe: Guys... I got something new. I mean, in addition to Doyle.
Rosalee: Ugh. I smell it too.
Nick: What is it?
Monroe: Death.
[They find two bodies]
Hank: Doyle definitely wasn't lying about there being an attack.
Nick: Yeah. But who attacked whom?
Rosalee: Maybe these two were attacked by the guy and his dog too?
Monroe: No. No dog did this. [He sniffs] It smells somewhat Blutbad-ian but not quite.
Nick: Doyle said he was attacked by a dog, so either he saw a Wesen, or he's lying.
Monroe: [He sniffs] Scent's in this direction. [He follows the scent and Rosalee follows him]
Hank: If they match, these two bodies would explain the three different blood types.
Nick: Looks like they were cross-country hiking. I got James Kriminski from Tillamook. Looks like his credit cards and cash are still here.
Hank: Same here. Also from Tillamook. 514 North Adams.
Nick: Yeah, that's what I've got.
Hank: Must be his wife. Daphne Kriminski. I'll call it in.
[Monroe and Rosalee continue following the scent]
Monroe: Wait a minute.
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: This is the trail. Right? I mean, they would have been on the trail, if you're walking in the woods at night.
Rosalee: Yeah, people do that.
Monroe: Especially when there's a full moon.
Rosalee: Well, there was a full moon last night.
Monroe: That's what I'm saying. This wasn't a Blutbad. [He and Rosalee walk back towards Nick and Hank]
Nick: Looks like there's blood on his teeth.
Hank: Might explain the human bite marks Doyle had.
Monroe: Nick. Hank. Look, this is just a hunch, but last night was a full moon. Technically, it was the first night of the full moon, 'cause there's three nights of full moon. We could be dealing with-and I don't want anybody to panic-a Lycanthrope.
Rosalee: Oh, my God.
Hank: Is that a Wesen?
Monroe: Yes and no.

Scene: Monroe shows everyone a Lycanthrope from one of his books.

Monroe: That's a Lycanthrope.
Nick: Is it a disease?
Monroe: Yeah, it's a Wesen disease. Specific to Blutbaden.
Rosalee: "Lycanthropia is a genetic mutation which presents itself on rare occasion in Blutbaden. It's transmitted as a recessive trait which rarely affects the offspring. When Lycanthropia manifests physically, it's only during the three nights of the full moon."
Hank: Are we talking werewolves?
Monroe: In a way. It's a condition that makes Blutbaden temporarily insane.
Rosalee: And if anybody was to encounter one during a full moon, they would've definitely thought they were dealing with one.
Monroe: I heard stories growing up about Blutbaden families that would kill their own children if they developed symptoms. So I thought this disease had been wiped out, like, 100 years ago.
Nick: And do we think Doyle is the Lycanthrope?
Monroe: I'll tell you one thing-it ain't the two bodies we found, because nobody is taking down two Lycanthropes under a full moon without, like, a bazooka.
Nick: Well, is there a cure?
Rosalee: I don't think so, but I'll check.
Nick: Well, whoever this Lycanthrope is, if they're affected during the full moon—
Hank: Then we've got two more nights of this. And if it is Doyle, he'll kill again tonight.

Scene: Nick and Hank update Renard on the case.

Nick: Doyle said he was attacked by a man and his dog.
Hank: But we found the body of a man and a woman. No dog.
Renard: How'd you find them?
Nick: We followed their scent.
Renard: Did you use dogs?
Hank: No.
Nick: We used Monroe.
Renard: We're not gonna tell that to the DA, are we?
Nick: Monroe's convinced that we're dealing with a Lycanthrope. You heard of them?
Renard: Yeah, it's the basis for the werewolf myth.
Hank: And tonight will be the second of three nights of the full moon.
Nick: So we're thinking, if Doyle is a Lycanthrope, we bring him in and lock him up. See what happens.
Renard: And what if it's not him? He's from an old family. They're well-connected. You might open yourselves up to false arrest or worse.
Nick: Well, what if we're right?
Renard: Then you'll be dealing with a raving Lycanthrope in a jail cell.
Hank: Better than on the street.
Nick: We can isolate.
Renard: If he's what you think he is, his mother would know about it.
Hank: Could be why he was out there last night-to deal with this.
Nick: Probably why he didn't stick around to deal with the car.
Renard: All right, go ahead. Just don't charge him. Hold him overnight. I guess you'll know in a few hours.
[Wu knocks]
Renard: Yeah?
Wu: [He walks in] Got the lab report back on the Kriminskis. Blood types match those found on Doyle's shirt.
Hank: We've got three hours until it gets dark.
Renard: Okay, bring him in.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu leave Renard's office]
Wu: So this is Wesen?
Nick: Yeah.
Wu: What are we dealing with?
Nick: A Lycanthrope.
Wu: What is that?
Hank: Like a Blutbad on steroids.
Nick: Make sure the isolation cell is available. We're gonna use it.
[Wu walks away]
Hank: Uh, question. What happens when we lock him up and he turns into a Lycanthrope and raises hell for 12 hours? Might draw a little attention to himself, don't you think?
Nick: Well, as soon as we know he's a Lycanthrope, we knock him out.
Hank: "We"? With what?

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee search through books, trying to find a Lycanthropia cure.

Rosalee: I got nothing. You?
Monroe: Nope.
Rosalee: I don't think there's a cure.
Monroe: Oh, no, there's a cure. It's called the parents taking any child suspected of being a Lycanthrope and burying them alive. [His phone rings] It's Nick.
Rosalee: I hope he's not calling for the cure.
Monroe: [He answers] Hey, dude, there's no cure.
Nick: Okay. We're gonna arrest him, put him in a cell, hold him until morning.
Monroe: That'll be a fun night.
Nick: Once we know he's a Lycanthrope, we're gonna need to sedate him.
Rosalee: Oh, that I could do. Dose of Schlaftrunk should do it.
Monroe: Double dose. This is a Lycanthrope.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to Doyle's mom's house.

Nick: Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Baske, but we need to talk to your son.
Eliza: Does this have to do with the accident?
Hank: Yes, ma'am, we need to ask Doyle a few questions.
Nick: May we come in?
Eliza: I'll get him for you. [She closes the door]
Hank: You don't think she's warning him, do you?
Nick: I doubt it. We're not supposed to know about Lycanthropes.
Hank: Well, if the sun goes down, I don't think it matters what they think we know... I think.
Doyle: [He opens the door] Hello.
Nick: Hi.
Doyle: Did you find something out about the guy who attacked me?
Nick: We did. But we need you to come down to the precinct with us. There are some photos we need you to take a look at.
Doyle: I'm sorry. It'll have to wait until tomorrow. I have dinner plans tonight.
Hank: Mr. Baske, this can't wait.
Doyle: Okay, I don't think you understand. I-I can't leave here tonight.
Nick: I'm afraid we're gonna have to insist.
Eliza: Okay, what is this all about?
Nick: We're investigating a double homicide, and we think the same individual responsible for attacking your son attacked them.
Eliza: But didn't you hear him? He can't go.
Hank: Don't worry, ma'am. We'll have him back by 7:00.
Eliza: That's too late.
Doyle: It's okay, Mom. Let me just grab my jacket. [He walks away]
Hank: You need to leave the door open, ma'am.
Eliza: Okay, this is ridiculous. I'm calling my lawyer. Where is he going? What is he doing?
Nick: [He sees Doyle running out the back door] He's running! [He goes around the house]
[Hank goes through the house]
Eliza: This is private property!
[Nick chases Doyle over a wall, but Hank manages to tackle Doyle before he can get far]
Doyle: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
[Nick puts handcuffs on Doyle]
Doyle: Come on, guys! You cannot take me in!
Nick: Why?
Doyle: Because my mother is out here all alone!
Hank: Why'd you run?
Doyle: Because I got attacked! You had just told me that two people got murdered. Please, I have to be here!
[Nick and Hank walk Doyle to their car]
Eliza: Stop it! He didn't do anything!
Hank: Ma'am, stay out of this, and don't make it worse than it already is.
[Doyle is put into the back of the car and they drive away]

Scene: Renard gets a call that Rachel is there to see him.

Renard: Yeah? Send her in. [He opens his office door] Thanks, Wu.
Wu: Yes, sir. [He walks away]
Renard: Hi.
Rachel: Hi. Hope I'm not interrupting too much.
Renard: No, that's okay.
Rachel: There's something I want to show you. [She shows Renard a news article on her laptop] Gallagher's poll numbers are down 25% because of this, thanks to you.
Renard: Let me make this clear. He did it, and it was covered up.
Rachel: Yes, I understand, but we wouldn't have known about it if it hadn't been for you.
Renard: You didn't really come here to thank me.
Rachel: Sean, we're running out of time. You need to commit. You're either in, or you're out. You can win this... and a whole lot more.
Renard: Maybe I'm happy where I am.
Rachel: You need to be on the right side of history.

Scene: Doyle is put into a holding cell.

Doyle: What are you doing? Why are you putting me in here?
Nick: You ran. Now we got to write up a report.
Doyle: Are you charging me?
Hank: [He takes the cuffs off Doyle] We don't know yet.
Doyle: I thought you wanted me to look at some photographs.
Nick: We'll get there. [He and Hank meet with Monroe and Rosalee by their desks] We should know in about 15 minutes.
Hank: You got the tranquilizer?
Monroe: Right here.
Rosalee: Yeah, but it's gonna take about five minutes to really take effect.
Nick: How are we gonna get it into him?
[Monroe opens a case]
Rosalee: Crossbow.
Monroe: Four darts.
Nick: Yeah, that'll work.
[Monroe closes the case as Nick's phone rings]
Nick: [He answers] Yeah?
Eve: I need to talk to you.
Nick: Eve.
Eve: I'm in the parking garage. Bring Hank. I won't be here long. [She hangs up]
Hank: That was Eve?
Nick: Yeah.
Rosalee: What does she want?
Nick: I don't know. She said she wanted to talk.
Monroe: You sure you want to do this alone?
Hank: Considering what happened at the restaurant?
Nick: Well, she wants to talk to you too.
Hank: Okay. [He and Nick go to the parking garage]
Nick: What do you want?
Eve: Did you know about this? [She shows them the picture she took of Renard's campaign poster]
Nick: What the hell is that?
Eve: Campaign poster.
Hank: Captain running for mayor? Is that real?
Eve: It's real.
Nick: Where'd you get that?
Eve: You don't need to know that. [She shows them the shipping label picture]
Nick: It's a shipping label, so what?
Eve: Look at the date.
Hank: The 15th. Is that supposed to mean something?
Eve: It was shipped four days before Andrew Dixon was assassinated, which means it was printed sometime before that.
Nick: Are you saying that the Captain knew about this?
Eve: I don't know, but somebody involved in Dixon's campaign did.
Nick: Who?
Eve: Rachel Wood.
Hank: Dixon's media relations director.
Nick: She can't be the only one.
Eve: We need to find out whether Renard knew. [She walks away]
Hank: Renard couldn't have known. He was standing right next to the guy. I've seen the tapes. I saw his reaction. There's no way he could've seen this coming.
Nick: No. But does he know now? [He and Hank return to Monroe and Rosalee]
Rosalee: What did Eve want?
Nick: HW thinks that someone inside Dixon's campaign knew he was gonna be assassinated.
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: Oh, my God. So we're talking conspiracy.
Hank: Maybe.
Monroe: Not that I'm not interested in, you know, conspiracy, but it's night now. So we should be doing this.
Nick: Let's go.
[They head to the holding cells]
Monroe: [He takes the crossbow out and whispers] I think we can start with one.
Rosalee: [Whispering] That should be enough.
Monroe: [Whispering] Okay.
[They walk around the corner to Doyle's cell]
Hank: What the hell?
[Nick's phone rings]
Rosalee: What?
Nick: [He answers] Wu.
Wu: Hey, where are you? I just found out they bailed out Doyle.
Nick: Yeah, I know. We're at his cell. How long ago?
Wu: Just a few minutes ago.
Nick: He could still be in the building.
Wu: That's what I'm thinking. [He hangs up]
Nick: [To Monroe] Put that back. [He and Hank go find Doyle] Doyle!
Doyle: I've been bailed out. I don't know what the hell you're doing.
Hank: [He grabs Doyle's arm] Exit interview.
Doyle: Hey, get your hands off of me. I said I've been bailed out!
Hank: In here. [He puts Doyle into an interrogation room]
Doyle: You don't understand. I have to leave!
[Nick, Wu, Monroe, and Rosalee all go into the room and close the door]
Rosalee: We're not too late. He hasn't woged yet.
[Monroe takes out the crossbow and points it at Doyle]
Doyle: Oh, my God. What the hell is that? [He woges into a Blutbad]
Nick: Take him down. Take him down now!
Rosalee: [She pushes the crossbow down] He's not a Lycanthrope.
Doyle: [He retracts] You know?
Rosalee: Yeah, we do. But you are not what we thought you were.
Wu: Okay, if he's not the Lycanthrope, then who the hell is?
Hank: Are you sure we're looking for a Lycanthrope?
Monroe: I'm sure.
Rosalee: Yeah, but he's not it.
Doyle: You don't understand.
Nick: It's his mother.

Scene: Doyle's mom locks herself into a padded room.

[Eliza tapes her ankles and wrists together just before her eyes glow red]

Scene: The gang gets more information from Doyle.

Hank: You said it was a dog that attacked you.
Doyle: I said that to protect her. What else could I say? I knew exactly what was gonna happen. I ran as fast as I could, and then I heard the screams, but I got there too late. She was attacking those two people, and I tried to stop her, but I couldn't. That is how I got so bloody. But then she came after me. So I ran towards the highway. I-I fell down an embankment. I must've hit my head. I don't remember anything that happened after that. But listen. If you guys know what a Lycanthrope is, then you know what I am talking about. My mother cannot stop herself. She doesn't know what she's doing. And I've got to get back out there, or she will kill again.

Scene: Doyle's mom pounds on the locked door, trying to escape as she growls.

Scene: The gang and Doyle arrive at Doyle's mom's house.

Doyle: There's a room downstairs that she will have tried to lock herself in.
Hank: It didn't work so good last night.
Doyle: She didn't know that I wasn't gonna be here last night.
Nick: Have your crossbow? [Monroe hands it to him]
Doyle: Hey, you can't shoot my mother with that.
Nick: It's a tranquilizer.
Rosalee: It'll just knock her out. I hope.
Doyle: Fine.
Nick: [To Monroe, Rosalee, and Wu] Stay out here, just in case. [He, Hank, and Doyle go inside the house]
Doyle: No, no, no, no, no! We're too late. Without the door being barred from the outside, there was no way that this room was gonna contain her.
[They hear howling in the distance. Monroe, Rosalee, and Wu also hear the howling]
Monroe: I don't think she's in the house anymore.
Rosalee: You heard it too?
Nick: Yeah.
Monroe: It came from that direction.
Wu: Are we going out there?
Doyle: You guys... look, please, this is my mother. You cannot shoot her.
Rosalee: She's hunting again.
Doyle: What do you not understand? She can't help it.
Hank: Tell that to the two people she killed last night.
Nick: I'll try to tranquilize her, but if that doesn't work...
[They hear more howling]
Nick: Let's go.
[Everyone heads into the forest and Monroe tracks Eliza's scent]
Monroe: Wait, wait, wait, wait! We just crossed her path. [He woges and sniffs] This way. [He retracts] Oh, yeah. She is really strong here.
Rosalee: Doyle's not here. He's gone.
Wu: He's gonna warn his mom.
Monroe: You don't warn a Lycanthrope.
Wu: Want me to go back after him?
Hank: I'll go with you. [He and Wu walk away]
Nick: Here. [He hands Monroe the crossbow] Let's go.
[Hank and Wu search for Doyle]
Wu: At least we've got a full moon.
Hank: Yeah, well, that's the problem.
[Branches snap]
Hank: Wait. I hear something. [He walks away]
Wu: [He looks around and Doyle walks up behind him, scaring him] Where the hell did you go?
Doyle: Run.
Hank: Wu, over here!
[Wu, Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee hear gunshots]
Wu: Hank!
Nick: She must have circled back. [He, Monroe, and Rosalee go back]
Hank: Wu, watch out! Coming your way!
[Wu is tackled to the ground by Eliza, knocking his gun out of his hand, and causing it to shoot. Wu tries to keep Eliza away from him as he backs away on the ground and she snarls. Doyle comes up, woged, and gets his mom away from Wu. He and his mom then look at each other and walk in a circle]
Hank: Tranquilize her now!
Monroe: No, it doesn't take immediate effect. It'll just provoke her.
Doyle: [He retracts] Mom! Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's me. It's Doyle. It's your son. It's okay. I-I need you to listen to me, okay? [He turns to the others] I've got this. Mom, you're not gonna hurt me.
[Eliza growls and lunges at Doyle, so Nick, Hank, and Wu shoot her]
Doyle: No, no, no! Oh, God.
Eliza: [She retracts] I'm sorry. [She dies]
Doyle: [He woges and howls. He then retracts and starts sobbing] Mom...

Scene: Wu arrives home and notices a scratch on his leg.

[In the middle of the night, Wu moans and sweats as he sleeps, and the full moon shines in through his window]


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