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A Luison (lwee-SOH(n); Guarani "wolf-man") is a wolf-like Wesen that appeared in "Cry Luison".


When woged, their ears migrate to the tops of their heads and become large and fluffy. It is these ears that are a key distinguishing feature between them and their cousin, the Blutbad. The skin around their face becomes pale orange, and pale fur grows from the sides of their faces. Their noses become dog-like, and sharp teeth protrude slightly out of their mouths. They have a heightened sense of smell, similar to Blutbaden. They aren't as physically strong as Blutbaden, however, seeing as Hank could knock one out with a single punch. They are South American in origin.


Luison can come off as being suave and polite, but they're typically greedy and out to make a fortune. They are not above betraying and manipulating loved ones for monetary gains. On the other hand, they aren't as prone to resorting to violence as Blutbaden are, and they rely more on deception and psychological fear to achieve their goals.

Season 4 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

Similar in appearance and nature to Blutbaden, Luison are of a different branch in the same canid Wesen family tree. Luison are South American in origin, and can be identified by their ears, reddish hair, and a very distinct body odor.



Grimm - Creature Profile Luison (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Luison (Digital Exclusive)


  • Luison in Guarani mythology was the hideous lord of the dead. His job was to scare people who visited cemeteries at night on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. It was said he became afflicted with the curse of the werewolf.
  • The Luison bares a striking resemblance to the Maned wolf, the largest canid in South America. Interestingly, the Maned wolf is actually not a wolf at all and is most closely related to the bush dog and forest fox. The genus Chrysocyon, which means "golden dog," is unique to this animal.

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