Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez
Actor: David Barrera
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Rafael Alvarez, son
Dead Wife
Pilar, neighbor
Javier, neighbor
Anita, neighbor
Status: Living
TV Show: "La Llorona"

Luis Alvarez is the father of Rafael Alvarez, the first of the three children kidnapped in Portland by La Llorona. Luis appeared in "La Llorona".


"La Llorona"Edit

Luis and his son, Rafael, were fishing when Luis saw a woman crying on the river bank starting to walk into the river. Believing she was about to commit suicide, Luis jumped into the river to save her. There was, however, no one in the water once Luis emerged, and he saw the woman walking away with his son. He panicked and ran after the woman, but she disappeared, and he was left shouting his son's name in vain.

When the police arrived to the scene, Wu had trouble understanding Luis as he hysterically yelled out Spanish. Nick and Hank understood the situation in which Rafael was abducted, and they managed to obtain a cell phone video taken by teenagers, who unwittingly captured the woman walking with Rafael.

Juliette was brought to the precinct as a translator for Luis. Juliette translated for Luis as he described the woman and his family situation.

Later, Wu informed Luis of the second abduction. Luis started smashing things, insisting that ghosts do not exist, and he retreated to Rafael's room.

After all the kidnapped kids were saved, Rafael was brought back to Luis, where they joyfully reunited.


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