512-Ludwig woged

Actor: Jamie Pederson
Gender: Male
Type: Wettbewerbsgewinner
Relationships: Father Eickholt, associate
Gottlob, associate
Dolph, associate
Status: Living
Languages known: German

Ludwig is a Wettbewerbsgewinner who first appeared in "Key Move".


"Key Move"Edit

Ludwig was one of the men that Father Eickholt and Gottlob met up with to plan to kill Nick.

"Into the Schwarzwald"Edit

Ludwig and Dolph both guarded Nick and Monroe's rental car in the woods while Father Eickholt, Gottlob, and several others searched for Nick and Monroe. Suddenly, Monroe came out of the woods, woged in his Blutbad form, and yelled that the others needed help because of the Grimm. They then ran into the woods to try to help the others, but when Father Eickholt saw them, he asked what they were doing. Ludwig said they'd come to help and that he thought the Blutbad that had told them they needed help knew Father Eickholt. Father Eickholt angrily told them, "That was them!" and the group quickly headed back towards the cars. Dolph and Ludwig both woged after realizing what had happened and went with the others. When they got to their cars, however, they realized that each one had a flat tire due to Nick and Monroe having made sure they wouldn't be followed.

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