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Opening Quote: "Her future husband awaits her on the top of the mountain. He is a monster whom neither Gods nor men can resist." – Cupid and Psyche

Part 1
Scene: Juliette and Rosalee put out food and drinks to get ready for a spa party.

Rosalee: You know, I've never been to one of these things before.
Juliette: Really? Elegant Endeavors' parties are the best. All you have to do is eat, drink, and maybe buy a few things.
Rosalee: I think I can handle that. You really went all out, huh?
Juliette: Well, I'm such a sucker for Valentine's Day and obviously not ashamed to admit it.
[The doorbell rings and Juliette answers the door]
Juliette: Roni!
Roni: Hey.
Juliette: Hey, come in.
[After a couple more guests arrive, everyone chats with each other]
Kelsey: That way it never gets boring.
Roni: You're so bad.
Juliette: Oh, please. This is coming from the girl who breaks up with another guy every two weeks.
Rosalee: What's wrong?
Juliette: No, just the saleswoman or rep or whatever was supposed to be here, like, a half an hour ago.
Rosalee: I'm sure she's on her way.
Juliette: I hope so.
[The doorbell rings]
Juliette: Oh! That must be her. [She answers the door]
Madison: Juliette Silverton?
Kelsey: A man? He's hot.
Madison: Hi, I'm Madison with Elegant Endeavors. Sorry I'm late. I do have several more items in the car. Can anyone give me a hand?
Everyone: Yes.
Juliette: Sure. Go to it.

Part 2
Scene: Madison shows the girls the items he brought that are for sale.

Madison: And this is fully-loaded with a forced oxygen aromatherapy module for the absolute best personal footbath experience.
Guest: [She scoffs] I'll take one.
Kelsey: I'll take two.
[Both girls laugh]
Madison: Roni. Interested?
Roni: Oh. You know, I think I'm a little bit more than interested.
Juliette: Ooh!
[A timer rings]
Rosalee: Is there something in the oven?
Juliette: Probably.
Rosalee: Do you think that you should...
Juliette: Right. [She goes to the kitchen]
Madison: All right, ladies. Who likes to scrub their feet?
Guest: I like my feet scrubbed.
Juliette: Ooh! Perfect. [She takes the food out of the oven and sees a frog on the ground] That's a strange looking little fella. I don't remember you from my zoology classes. [She grabs a wine glass]
Madison: [From the living room] Who here would like to have their feet sing?
[Juliette traps the frog with the wine glass]
Madison: If I could promise you your feet would sing would you buy some pink sugar scrub from us?
Rosalee: [Coming into the kitchen] What are you doing? [Looking at the frog] Where'd that guy come from?
Juliette: I'm not sure. I just spotted him on the floor but I don't recognize the species.
Rosalee: Oh, no.
Juliette: What's wrong?
Rosalee: Looks like a South African Wandering Lotus Frog. Typically ingested by Ziegevolks.
Juliette: Ah, Wesen, I presume?
Rosalee: Ziegevolks have a unique gland in their brain which gives them the ability to produce intoxicating pheromones which allows them to, basically, make people do whatever they want. When ingested, certain amphibians super-stimulate the effect. And I've dealt with one before, so—
Juliette: Wait. You don't think Madison is a Ziegevolk?
Rosalee: He has to be.
Juliette: That would explain why we each just bought four pairs of goose down slippers and why Roni is flirting with Madison like crazy. What do we do?
Rosalee: [She sighs] Well, there is a way to neutralize the Ziegevolk's effects. But it's not easy. I think I have everything I need for the mixture in my car. Except for the key ingredient.
Juliette: Which is?
Rosalee: His sweat.
Juliette: Of course it is. How are we supposed to get his sweat?
Rosalee: Oh.
[Juliette turns the temperature up on the thermostat, and she and Rosalee peek into the living room]

Part 3
Scene: The guests start to notice the rise in temperature.

Roni: Am I making you flustered?
Madison: You are making me blush.
Guest: Why is it so hot in here?
Kelsey: I don't know.
Rosalee: [She clears her throat] Wow! [She picks up a sleep mask that Madison brought] Ooh! What is this?
Madison: That is a eucalyptus sleep mask.
Rosalee: Oh. Wow. [She sits next to him on the couch] I've never seen one before? So... sensual. How does it work?
Madison: You've never seen a sleep mask before?
Rosalee: Mm-mmm.
Juliette: [She takes the sleep mask from Rosalee] You know, neither have I. It's just... would you... you know, maybe put it on and you should show us how it works.
Madison: Well, basically, you just put it on over your eyes and [He puts it on] it blocks out any light so that you can sleep.
Juliette: [She presses it against Madison's skin] Fascinating. It's so... interesting.
Rosalee: It's so... modern.
Juliette: [She takes the mask off Madison] It's just... oh, cool. [She and Rosalee take the mask to the kitchen]
Madison: Roni, where were we?
[In the kitchen, the mask is put into a pan on the stove top as the rest of the ingredients for the neutralizing potion are added]
Rosalee: All right. Now we have to get that into this and this into him.
Juliette: Wait. You mean he has to eat it?
Rosalee: Right.
Juliette: Ew.

Part 4
Scene: Madison and Roni continue flirting, while Juliette and Rosalee finish the potion.

Rosalee: Sorry, little guy. [She puts the frog into the blender before adding the rest of the ingredients]
[After the potion is finished, Juliette and Rosalee bring smoothies to everyone]
Juliette: One last Valentine's Day treat. I made this blue one, Madison. Madison. Especially for you, it's passion fruit blueberry.
Madison: Ah. [He takes the smoothie and tastes it] Mmm-mm. It's really good.
[Everyone else grabs a smoothie]
Guest: Thank you so much.
Juliette: Do you not like it?
Madison: Oh, uh... [He drinks more] Mmm. Mm-hmm. Mm. So good. Tropical.
[Later, everyone is saying goodbye as the spa party comes to an end]
Guest: Juliette, thank you.
Guest: Thank you. Great party.
Kelsey: Thank you so much. So much fun.
Guest: We should do this again.
Kelsey: Thanks, you guys.
Madison: Thank you.
Kelsey: Bye.
Madison: Bye. Now, Roni, tell me what exotic part of the world you are from.
Juliette: [Whispering] What's going on?
Rosalee: [Whispering] I don't know. It should be working by now.
Juliette: Roni, where are you going?
Roni: Oh, Madison and I are going to go grab a drink.
Juliette: Oh, cool. Um... [She jogs up to Roni and pulls her aside] Can I talk to you for a second?
Roni: Juliette, what has gotten into you?
Juliette: Listen to me. There is something about Madison that you don't know. He is bad news and you can't go out with him.
Roni: What are you talking about?
Juliette: I can't explain. You're just going to have to trust me on this one.
Roni: [She scoffs] I think I'll be okay.
Juliette: [She grabs her arm] No. You don't understand.
Roni: [She woges into a Ziegevolk] No. You don't understand. [She retracts and walks back over to Madison] Okay. I'm ready.
Juliette: What do we do? What?
Rosalee: It's her.
Juliette: What?
[Madison and Roni leave]
Rosalee: Your friend Roni, she's the Ziegevolk.
Juliette: What?
Rosalee: Wow! A female Ziegevolk.
[Rosalee and Juliette look at each other]
Both: Madison!


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