Agent lofthouse1
Actor: Ryan Sands
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Special Agent Kosloski, colleague
Status: Living
Job: FBI Agent
TV Show: "The Kiss"

Special Agent Lofthouse is an FBI agent who appeared in "The Kiss".


"The Kiss"Edit

Lofthouse was one of two FBI agents who responded to the scene of the murder of Agents Kanigher and Durwell by Marnassier in "Bad Teeth". He was dismissive of the work done by the Portland Police Bureau. He later requested a DNA sample from Nick Burkhardt and still later returned to arrest Nick for withholding evidence. The FBI was unable to make a case against Nick, however, and after Nick told Lofthouse that they already had the killer of Kanigher and Durwell and should give them the credit for killing the John Doe, he was released.

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