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Leroy Estes


207-Leroy morphed

Actor: Jim Crino
Gender: Male
Type: Mauzhertz
Status: Living

Leroy Estes is a Mauzhertz who first appeared in "The Bottle Imp".


Season 2Edit

"The Bottle Imp"Edit

He was suffering from some type of inner ear affliction that was causing him to lose his balance, and Monroe, temporarily running the spice shop in Rosalee's place, gave him an assourdissant and prepared a concoction for him, but he accidentally used an incorrect ingredient. The result was that Leroy acted manically and began cutting up furniture, including a grandfather clock. After realizing his mistake later, Monroe administered the correct potion and restored Leroy's health.

"Natural Born Wesen"Edit

He appeared as a member of the concerned Wesen crowd in the spice shop.

Season 3Edit

"The Wild Hunt"Edit

He went to the spice shop to buy something that Rosalee told him he had to steep for 15 minutes before and after every meal for a week.

"Blond Ambition"Edit

He was one of the wedding guests at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding.

Season 5Edit

"Wesen Nacht"Edit

He was one of the people at the spice shop concerned about the Wesen Uprising. He was particularly disturbed by the Wesen-on-Wesen crime.



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