Leporem Venator
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A Leporem Venator (leh-POHR-uhm VEH-nuh-tur; Lat. "rabbit hunter") is someone who hunts Willahara for their feet, which are believed to be tokens of good fortune and, more specifically, to increase fertility in couples struggling to reproduce. The feet are used during the illegal practice known as Spedigberendess.


Wesen that excel as Leporem Venators often possess great speed, such as Vulpesmyrcas. Historically, they have been excellent trackers and able to track Willaharas for hundreds of miles, though they will also utilize modern technology as well, such as tracking bugs. They will also sometimes use unusual methods to lure their victims to them, such as playing an accordion when out of sight. They typically use a Labrys to both fight with and sever the foot of a Willahara.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

I have observed that there are Wesen that make a living hunting the Willahara called Leporem Venators. These clever devils can track a Willahara for hundreds of miles.

The Leporem Venator was a black fox-like creature with a keen sense of smell and an innate desire to hunt and kill.

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