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Template:Infobox episode "Leave It to Beavers" is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of Grimm and the nineteenth episode overall. It first aired on April 27, 2012 on NBC.



Nick using the crossbow.

The episode opens with Nick looking through the weapons in the trailer. Later, he is shown carrying some of them, when Monroe (in his Blutbad form) runs by and playfully knocks him down. After they both get up off the ground, Nick shows Monroe the weapons. Nick says he needs to learn how to use the weapons like his ancestors did; Nick pepper sprayed an unruly student who was actually a Skalengeck. Monroe says he probably enjoyed the pepper spray. First he shows the crossbow, Nick says that the arrows you insert are filled with poison. Nick then practices firing arrows at water balloon targets, he hits all the targets. Nick then does the same with a baseball bat-like weapon that contains spikes.

From Press Release: (with added spoiler)

As Nick delves into the trailer’s weapons cabinet and his inner Grimm, the investigation of a dead construction worker leads him into a long standing conflict in the creature world. Sensing an unfamiliar threat, the suspect takes it upon himself to summon reapers to town to eliminate the Grimm once and for all. Meanwhile, Juliette insists that Nick invite Monroe over for dinner, making for quite the interesting evening.

The Eisbiber 'lodge' comes together with Nick to vote on whether the one among them who witnessed the murder should come forward, despite the risk. They are too afrarid of Hasslich retribution, and so vote against compelling the witness to come forward. They then vote to thank the Grimm for not cutting off their heads for denying him his wish.

The witness (Arnold Rosarot) voluntarily comes forward and names Sal Butrell as the killer. Nick then drives him to the Lodge where is going to hide out for a while.

At the lodge Nick is ambushed by the 2 reapers, during the fight one cuts the head off the other (Nick ducked) and Nick shoots the remaining reaper with his crossbow. Nick calls Munroe and asks him to come and held and to bring a shovel! Nick says that he needs to send a message, to which Munroe says "Two heads are better than one" and cuts the head off the other reaper. Nick air freights the heads to Germany.

The episodes ends with Juliette wondering what Nick has done as their house is full of gifts presumably from the grateful Eisbibers.


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Production Notes

  • Action occurs in Mannheim, Germany, although the participants speak French.
  • Footage from "Tarantella" (flashback) is reused.
  • Juliette sees a note about Eisbibers and asks about them.
  • Is the first time that Nick is called by his entire name: Nicholas Burkhardt



  • The video of the German city shown as Mannheim is actually Hannover.

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