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Larry Mackenzie



Actor: Kenneth Mitchell
Gender: Male
Type: Wildermann
Relationships: Monroe, friend
Reynaldo, friend
Dead.svg Alan Evercroft, friend
Dead.svg Dan Murray, friend
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Ripping a drug pump out of his neck
TV Show: "Big Feet"
Mentioned: "Quill"

Laurence "Larry" Charles Mackenzie was a Wildermann and a friend of Monroe who appeared in "Big Feet".

Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Big Feet"[edit | edit source]

He opted to be a test subject for Konstantin Brinkerhoff's new therapeutic drug to help with his struggles to control his Wildermann impulses, but he suffered from an unfortunate side-effect that inhibited his ability to woge back to his human form. He did not discover this in time to save himself, and he injured himself tragically by removing the implanted drug pump while in his Wesen form. A serious wound from Thom Carson contributed to his death as well.

During Mackenzie's rampage, he attacked three cryptozoologists, David Gimlin, Michael Patterson, and Vera Saldona, killing the first two and hospitalizing the third. Immediately afterward, he attacked the horses kept by Thom Carson and was shot in the leg.

He went to Monroe's home for help with the wound. He later collapsed and died there in front of Monroe and Nick after he pulled out the drug pump with his bare hands.

Monroe took his body to the woods and left it where it would be soon found by the search parties, with the drug delivery implant in his hand.

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