Larissa Komarov
309-Larissa Komarov
Actor: Angela Gots
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Relationships: Dead Sergei Komarov, father
Dead Alex Renko, brother
Dead Boris Myshkin, temporary lover
Status: Living
Job: Housekeeper
Languages known: Russian
TV Show: "Red Menace"

Larissa Komarov is the former housekeeper for the Myshkins who appeared in "Red Menace".


"Red Menace"Edit

Larissa entered a room with towels where Olga Myshkin was weeping, holding a phone. Olga confronted Larissa about Boris before ordering her to get out, wogeing into a Malin Fatal afterwards.

When Nick, Hank, and Renard arrived at the Myshkin's, Larissa answered the door and lets them in. After Nick, Hank, and Renard finish talking with Boris, they ran into Larissa on their way out. She and Sean exchanged friendly words in Russian. Sean revealed that he spent a few years in Moscow when he was younger, and then they left.

Later, Larissa entered a room while Boris and Olga argued, and Boris asked for vodka. Olga smiled and shoved a bottle into Larissa's hand. After Olga left, Boris and Larissa flirted and ran off to "make a scandal." They scampered up the stairs playfully, as Boris took a swig of the vodka. They rolled about the bed, Boris messily finishing the vodka that Larissa convinced him to finish drinking. He started wheezing but recovered and proceeded to make out with her. She pushed him off, wondering furiously why he wasn't dying. Drunk, Boris didn't understand until she snarled that he killed her father and brother. Boris looked up in horror before rolling off the bed and wheezing. Larissa declared that she had just poisoned him and asked, "Why won't you die?" He realized who she was after she told him when exactly his father died. He begged for her forgiveness and told her he wasn't the same person now as he was then. While he begged, Larissa discretely reached behind her back and grabbed a pair of scissors.

Just as Larissa stumbled out of the bedroom, Nick, Hank, and Renard had rushed into the house and were being told by Olga that Boris was upstairs in the bedroom with Larissa. Boris soon stumbled out of the room after Larissa, having been stabbed in the chest by her with the scissors. Larissa stumbled down the stairs into Olga, who swiftly woged and slit her throat with her tusks. Nick ordered Olga to get down and Renard tried to save the heaving Larissa by stopping the bleeding, but Boris staggered over and told him to move. Olga cried and pleaded to Boris that he was too weak and to not do what he was about to do, but he healed Larissa anyway and then immediately collapsed afterwards and died.


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