Lani Tomas



Actor: Freda Foh Shen
Gender: Female
Type: Aswang
Relationships: Sam Tomas, son
Unnamed son
Dana Tomas, daughter-in-law
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Nick Burkhardt
Languages known: English
TV Show: "Mommy Dearest"

Lani Tomas was an Aswang who appeared in "Mommy Dearest".


"Mommy Dearest"Edit

After Dana Tomas went to bed, and while Sam Tomas had gone to pick up Dana's prenatal medication, Lani woged in her Aswang form and climbed the tree outside Dana's bedroom window. She opened the window slightly and extended her long tongue out to Dana, where she stabbed it into Dana's belly button. She injected valerian root and sucked out most of the amniotic fluid in Dana's stomach. After Dana fell to the ground, Lani climbed through the window and made her way to the ceiling. Dana tried to fight back while in severe pain and grabbed an object off the ground to cut Lani's tongue, forcing Lani to leave in a hurry just before a neighbor ran to Dana's aid after hearing her screams.

Later, Sam confronted his mother at the Viking Motel after his brother told him where Lani was staying at while in Portland. Sam told her he wouldn't let her hurt Dana. Lani reminded him that if he didn't let her consume Dana's baby, she would die in a month. She also reminded him that it was an ancient Aswang tradition for the eldest son to sacrifice their first conceived child so that the mother could live a longer life. Sam continued to refuse to help her with her pleas. He handed her a plane ticket back to Manila and left. After he left, Lani woged in anger and ripped up the ticket.

That night, Lani took a taxi to Sam and Dana's house. She once again climbed the tree to enter the house as Wu, who was sitting in his car across the street to make sure Dana was safe, watched in disbelief. Once inside, she pushed Sam down the stairs and knocked him out before she went into the bedroom to see Dana, who woke up from the sound of Sam falling down the stairs. Lani told Dana that Sam wanted her to come to Portland immediately after her "accident" and that he was downstairs making her something to eat. She told Dana to go back to sleep as she hummed and stared at Dana's stomach. After Dana fell asleep, Lani unbuttoned her pajamas around her stomach, woged, and stuck her tongue into Dana's belly button once again. She was interrupted when Wu came into the room, gun drawn. Lani attacked him and slashed his face with her long claws before being shot by Nick, killing her.


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