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The subject of the article is involved with season 1
Lab Tech
117-Lab tech.png
Actor: Jennifer Lanier
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Status: Living
Job: Lab Tech
TV Show: "Organ Grinder"
"Love Sick"

The Lab Tech works as a liaison between the various crime laboratories and the detectives. She first appeared in "Organ Grinder".


Season 1[]

"Organ Grinder"[]

After Nick Burkhardt had Monroe purchase some Gallenblase from Freddy Calvert, Nick sent it to the lab for analysis. The Lab Tech told Nick that the powder was human gallbladder.

"Love Sick"[]

She hand delivered the cell phone Nick and Hank found at the scene of a double homicide because the SIM card was empty. She found it odd and a bit suspicious that someone would put in a new and blank SIM card in a used phone. This was the doing of Captain Renard so that they wouldn't trace him to the murders of Anton Krug and Thomas Woolsey.