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La mort pour l'amour
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Purpose: Make two specific people fall in love
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La mort pour l'amour (lə MOR poor LA-mor; Fr. "death for love") or Zaubertrank 23 (TSOW-bər-trunk, ZOW-ber-tronk; Ger. "magic potion") is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies tainted with a love potion for two specific people (the "deceived" and the "deceiver") and a curse for anyone who consumes it besides the "deceived."


A partial list of ingredients for the recipe:

  • Salted butter
  • Sugar
  • 5 tsps sea salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • coeur diable (devil's heart)
  • rot inguen (red genitals)
  • Essigblasse (pale vinegar)

Excerpt from the recipe:

Add blood of the deceived and blood
of the deceiver. Stir until blood is
Add chocolate chips.
Divide dough into three large balls.


Upon oral ingestion, the deceived falls madly in love with the deceiver. Once the deceiver and deceived engage in sexual intercourse, the deceived falls into a coma and dies in less than 24 hours. It also causes heavy arterial damages to the human heart by softening the arteries. Blood seeps out from the heart from the tiny ruptures in the veins until the antidote is given for fast recovery.

Anyone other than the deceived who receives this potion orally falls victim to the spell's curse. The victims symptoms include a massive wart breakout and induces the impulsive ingestion of foreign bodies. The first of these symptoms is curable with Keim (germ) extract and a mixture of other herbs, but this does not break the spell.


Up to the point of sexual intercourse, the spell may be broken using an inhaled antidote which can be administered using a nez-soufflet.

The spell may also be broken in the traditional manner of eliminating its spellcaster.

To cure a traditional Zaubertrank XXIII curse, one must first gather the following ingredients:

Combine the first 5 ingredients in a pot over a hot flame until boiling. Carefully add 3 drops of the Eufiria to the mix. Not a drop more or less. Use caution as this extract is highly acidic.

Allow the antidote to boil for a minute more and then transfer to a nez-soufflet. Administer to the deceived posthaste in order to counteract the effects of the potion before it's too late.

Excerpts from Rosalee's bookEdit

A fragmented excerpt: ("Octopus Head")

...Hexenbiest variety. It can be a traditional way to force the enemy...and then dispose of them. It is also used to...yet another party with the promise that the...something desired by the deceiver. ...a Zaubertrank of this nature from a Hexenbiest using...

The next page is visible:

This curse causes heavy arterial damage to the human heart (Fig. 319). In the human heart the arteries will soften to the point of being pourous[sic]. This causes blood to actually seep out of the heart as it pumps through tiny ruptures in the veins. The blood pools in the body cavity causing widespread swelling. The lungs compress and breathing shortens. The loss of blood pressure in the brain causes the onset of a coma. Without the brain power to seek medical aid, the body shuts down until eventually all organs fail to perform their duty and the deceived human dies at rest. Cures for this are rarely administered in time to save the patient. However, if it is caught in time, the cure causes immediate and full recovery, though memories from the time period the deceived was under the spell will not be regained.


  • "Zaubertrank 23" may be a tribute to "Love Potion #9," a song by the Clovers. #9 causes the singer to fall in love with everything he sees, and he ultimately kisses a cop on a street corner who, in turn, crushes the bottle holding the potion.


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